Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - July 10, 2014

The LORD's unfailing love surrounds the man
(or woman)  who trusts in him.
Psalm 32:10

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

So what have you been up to this week???
Having a fun summer???  Hope so......

I have had a good week but a very busy
week, that's why I am late again.........this is 
getting to be my norm it seems.   lol

I am just gonna dive right in again................

I am thankful

for a really  fun 4th of July get together
with my son and daughter in love and lil
darling, and some great lasagna..........

that our church raised almost $35,000 to
send our missionary family who was home
on furlough and are getting ready to return,
back to Africa. The money is to build wells in
 Africa, for people who have no clean water.
 The goal was $20,000,  but as always, God
did exceeding abundantly above all we can
 think hope or ask.


 for Anne Graham Lotz,  Billy Graham's

daughter who iniatied 7 days of prayer
from July 1-7 for our nation.  I only got
in on the last day of it,  but I did all 7 days
worth, most of the day on Monday..............
cause I feel so passionate about this being
the only thing that is gonna change things
for our country and.if our country ever
 needed is definitely now!

for the fun and rejuvenation of playing..........

We don't stop playing, because we grow old:

We grow old because we stop playing.
by George Bernard Shaw

I believe that quote is so true, cause I know I
am my happiest when I am creating something
pretty, no matter what it is.............and just feel
the need to play sometimes.
That is my story and I am sticking to it!!   lol

Hence, the pictures you see.......I had bought these
paper plates and we used them for pizza one night

and I happened to have plastic glasses that matched

and thought I should see what I can do with this to
dress it up............just for fun of it...........

Had been wanting to emboss some napkins on
my cuddlebug cause I had seen it on utube some
where,  so decided to try it.  Thought this could
be very cute and inexpensive for a child's party.

I tried the waffle affect on the napkin and the first
time It didn't like where it was on the napkin so
was thinking what could I do with it,  and thought
the waffling looked like an ice cream cone, so
got the cotton balls out.......

Didn't have any candy to add,  but found the
perfect color gum instead...............


for a fun morning out at Walmart of all places.....
we have one in our town but it is sort of in a

more isolated area, and is just not anywhere

 near as busy as the other 2 in neighboring towns,

 so it is like a breathe of fresh air when we go
 there, and we don't go there very often, cause
 the others are in areas we just tend to go to
 more often....and I was by myself which doesn't
 happen very often either, so it was fun to just
 take my time and look around at whatever I
wanted to look at............ah simple pleasures!

for a great Tuesday evening visiting with a friend
of many years, have only seen her for a few
moments at a time in the last year, so was
wonderful to have some hours to spend catching 
up with one another.
The time just goes by too fast tho. lol


that Dee and Jerry are finally getting their new

town home back in order.  Think I told yall about

a month ago that their dishwasher flooded their

kitchen, just about a week after they moved in,

and were just starting to feel settled in..........

So it has been like they are living in a hotel for
weeks now, cause the contractors took all their
furniture out and ripped up all the wood floors,
and gutted the kitchen. So they couldn't even
use the first floor at all, so they have been pretty
 much living in their bedroom or in the office area, 
for weeks now, so talked to her last night and 
they are half way through with the downstairs
 area, and hopefully will finish today or tomorrow.
Then they have to do the garage ceiling yet.
But at least they will have the inside all done.
They haven't even gotten a chance to park
in their garage
So they are in for some happy moments
this weekend to say the least............

for a new snack we discovered called "snapea 
crisps",  they are made from ground snap peas,  
and are quite tasty. Actually had them once
before but it was a long time ago.

that we finally got new neighbors,and happy
our old neighbors were finally able to sell the
 house as it has been up for sale a long time.
Hope these neighbors are as nice as the old
 ones, cause they were really sweethearts, and 
we have really missed them.
 we just met the new lady momentarily the other 
day as we were trying to help catch her dog 
that got out, and  She seems very pleasant.  
Think they have 3 children, and they had a
big 4th of July party and were very quiet at
least by the time we got home around 10.
They also seem very patriotic as they had
American flags everywhere!

for some cute lil brown bunnies we have coming
 to graze in our backyard often this year,  and for
 lots of beautiful cardinals, bluejays and Doves
 as well.  They are all just a visual delight and
make my heart happy.

for something fun we have coming up soon, that
 I can't tell you about quite yet.........
wish I could tho!!  Hopefully I can tell you next

for starkist brand canned chicken,  it makes the
most yummy chicken salad.  I put scallions, spinach,
(this time, that is new...usually I just put onions, but
have to say I really liked it this way, then added) sour
pickles, celery, mayo, pepper,  and just a smidge of
 mustard (which all of that is my normal way).
The scallions and spinach really made it good.

Well, that's all folks....................

Happy you could come by and hope you have
a Super Duper Weekend...........

Love, Hugs,  and 
Playful Blessings,



Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Beautiful flowers Nellie! And I love your napkins, sooooo cute! Our country so needs prayer, watched an interview with Anne Graham Lotz and she is such an amazing lady who truly loves the Lord and our country.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend...

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. I just know the highlight was the sweetest baby ever, ha!
#2. 2 Cor. 9:7, "GOD Loves a cheerful giver." I think that goes for a whole church too!
#3. I Thess. 5:17, "Pray without ceasing!" That's the only thing that will save America!
#4. Making work fun, gets the job done! Ha! (Mowing the grass!)
#5. It's funny how habits are hard to break. The Ft. Smith store is the same distance as MLK store, but I still go to the older store.
#6. For no reason, it seems as though the time is going faster now days! It doesn't matter if my day is busy or not!
#7. It's like shock when these things happen. You know when you had the "flood" in your house as well as I know when I had the one in mine! It's so good when it's all over!
#8. Your oatmeal cookies are great too! Thanks for sharing with me!
#9. Family get together's are always a great sign!
#10. The Sandhill cranes and their baby loves eating in the fresh cut grass! It doesn't take them long to get into it, ha!
#11. I can hardly wait to know!!!
#12. Sounds great. Publix has that on sell sometimes (2 for 1)
You have a great weekend too. I love you all, Susan

Rebecca said...

Hi, Nellie!
The week flew by for me. Our son and one of HIS sons spent a few days with us at the beginning of the week....we had an overnight visitor Wed.--an old college friend whom we haven't seen since then. I spent today with my mother at the nursing home (found out she fell just before I got there). I did the 7 days of prayer, too. Anne's prayers of repentance were particularly convicting to me...Great news about the $$ raised for Africa and that your children will soon be re-settled in their townhouse.

BECKY said...

Love your little cones, gal! And all of your pretty pics! Sure have been missin our time! Hopefully after reunion we can find some before pumpkins take up all of my time!!