Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beauty of Fall in Asheville - Part 3

Howdy Sweet Friends,

How are ya???
Doing well,  I hope!

                      We are doing well, think we are getting more adjusted 
to our new routine and since we tried to rest as much as 
possible yesterday,  that helped a lot.  We are finding
 ways of tweaking as we go along, that are helping us
work smarter, not   and we can also
feel all those prayers going up for us too.

Thought I would show you some pics from the town
park where the kids live, since it was all we had time
to take pics of................

 These are some of the 
townhouse units like the kids live in,  they 
are like row housing in New York, I would guess,
 and they are really neat.  It is 4 stories.
The bottom floor is a garage and a computer
room or bedroom,  then there is the first level
where you walk up the stairs to the front door,
that level is the living area, livingroom dining room
kitchen and half bath, and a front and back porch
  Third floor is bedrooms and bathrooms and laundry
 area. Not everyone has a 4th floor but they do and
it is a roof top sun deck, and it has some mountain
 views,  and of course, the view
of these pics below.

 The next 2 pics are the view off their
back porch.

All the pics below are of the town park itself, where they
 have all sorts of shops, restaurants and businesses,
 on the bottom level, and there are apts. on all the above
 levels,  where the kids use to live...............
  We love it, and think it is just such a neat area...........
and very pretty place...............and the kids have
and are still enoying it.

Aren't  these trees just so amazing!  and they had not
turned all the way yet,  hate we didn't get to see them
change all the way!  Maybe next year!

The next 4 pics below are right in the center with
traffic going on both sides.

Guess who??

My better half

Such a sweet lil birdie

 These pics below are all of the entrance into the
 town square

These orange and yellow trees were already
shedding there leaves, I guess from the
early freeze they had before we got there.
and we arrived on Oct. that
was pretty early for a freeze.

On Thursday I will show you some of our
pretty Fall Foggy pictures.........
they are really neat too!!

Thanks for stoppin come again!

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Have a lovely week!

Love, Hugs, and
lovely leaf Blessings,

Update on Susan:  She has been doing great but
 Went to see her today and she is having problems 
with her knee again, am sure praying the Dr. decides
 to prescribe a knee brace for her on Wednesday.
This seems like a roller coaster ride at times.

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Donna Heber said...

Beautiful foliage Nellie! I'm so glad you are having a good time. Sending hugs and prayers to Susan. Hope all goes well with her knee brace.