Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday October 30, 2014 - Part 2 Fall in Asheville

Devote yourselves to prayer,
 being watchful and thankful.
Colossians 4:2

Greetings and Happy Thursday
 Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good and
 productive week, full of 
God's blessings.

Our's has been all of the above, although a bit
 tiring, due to all the running and my allergies.
Think that just might be my theme song for a
while unfortunately.  lol  But it is what it is!!

Thought I would show you the rest of the pics
from our 1st day out adventure In Asheville
.  Have more to come in future posts,but they
 are from the 2nd and last day there.

We still have Rosie with us, and keep hoping
 to be able to go and meet Dee and Jerry in 
Savannah for an overnighter to give her back,
but so far, that is just not working out, so am
guessing she will have to be with us until
Thanksgiving.  They are really missing her,
but thankfully they are coming for Thanks-
giving, and we are very excited about that
since we haven't seen our girl since the
end of August.

Well, gotta go feed the animals............the
rest of the post is already done, just had
to do the opening and the closing.
So guess I had better get moving, if we
don't want to get carried away by the
Mo skeets while we are waiting on the
dogs to do there thing.....


I am thankful

that we got to stay in Asheville for at least 2 of the 16
days we were suppose to be there,  that we were able
 to get these and other pics we got, and there are
more to come.......... 
Certainly better than nothing.........

for the progress we have made in Susan's home,
readying it for her homecoming......
lots more to go tho.......

that we have started exercising again this week, as
we definitely needed to get back to it,  and are hoping
it helps us with our energy level, while all this is going
on with my Sister-in-law.  We can use all the energy
we can get!  lol

that we found this neat Bed and Breakfast up on a
 mountain called Bent creek Lodge,  here is the
entrance road to it below.  I love to just get in the
car and go exploring and see what we find.
This was in Arden, which is a couple of blocks
outside of Asheville.

for restaurants that have take out, as we have been
getting quit a bit of take out lately.

Here is Bent Creek Lodges front porch all done up for Fall

that Susan is feeling so much better,  they have
been icing her knee, and think the problem is that
she sprang her knee when she fell and broke her
hip.  So the putting the ice on her knee has really
helped a lot.

Coming back down the mountain, notice the fencing on the sides of 
the road.  All the rest of these pics below were all taken thru the window
of the car..............

that they had Susan up walking with the walker on Tues.
 for the first time.........she took 4 steps, but only using her 
good leg, but that was progress, so we were thrilled to
 hear that because we were concerned that she was at
a stand still until she went to the Dr. next week, and
until the Dr. says she can put more weight on her leg
that had the surgery,  and also maybe he will
 prescribe a brace for her knee.  

she did 5 steps today!!

that we are back to watching our lil darling on Wed.
It seems like forever since we watched her......I did
 have her for a few hours last Friday, and have seen
 her a few times, but not for a long period of time......
we have just been so busy and so tired.

She was so funny today,  think because she has
 missed being here the last 2 weeks, that we did
everything we usually do in a day..... in 3 hrs.
  She just went from one thing to another...............

Entrance to a neighborhood

that hubby found my wedding ring on Wed., on Tuesday
night on the way to the rehab center I took it off in the
 car to put on some hand lotion and then it just
 disappeared and we looked with the flashlight but never
in the daylight this afternoon hubby found it easily.

Praise the Lord!! 

that hubby has been able to get a leash on one of 
Susan's dogs.  She has not been around other people 
and is absolutely terrified,  and we have a dickens of a
 time trying to get her out of the house.  So he has been
able to do that 2 times now, and it has certainly made
 life easier. If you feel so led please pray it continues
 because some times she will do something one time 
and then the next time no deal................

Update:  she did it again this morning, and it is way
less stressful for her and us.

That I got to have a long phone conversation with Dee
yesterday and today.  Neither of us have had much
time for that lately.  So that was a joy.

for a movie we rented from Netflix,  called
"Mom's Night Out",  it is one of the funniest movies
I have seen in a long time,  that also has a great
message that all Mom's need to hear at one time
or another.................
Highly recommend it............

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Thanks for stopping by......always
 nice to hear from you...........

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Love, Hugs,  and
Blessings Abundant,


  1. Hi Nellie!
    It has been awhile since I have stopped by. I am trying to catch up:) We have had a lot going on. It's so seems like every time you head to the Asheville area I head to the Flordia area...

    I hope you are doing well:) Your sweet post are always a blessing and inspiration to me. ESPECIALLY the thankful ones!

  2. Well, wifi dumped my post! :-(
    #1. Pictures are always great to have to go back and look at.
    #2. Thank you so much! I'm thinking this is why the LORD have me go the "broken hip" route!
    #3. Thank you for your strength, stamina, and endurance!
    #4. What nice places for coupes to visit!
    #5. Yes! (For me too!)
    #6. I'm wanting to get some to take home as well!
    #7. Taking more steps each day!
    #8. What a joy she is!
    #9. Praise the LORD, He has had you find them!
    #10. I hope Dolly continues!
    #11. Another great joy in your life!
    #12. I'll have to add it to my list!
    I love you all, Susan


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