Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Oct. 2, 2014 and Fall Decor Part 6 The Foyer

 I will praise You, for I am fearfully
 and wonderfully made;
 Marvelous are Your works,
 And that my soul knows very well.
Psalm 139:14

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what are you up to today??
  Anything Fun??

Actually, I am having fun,  but it wouldn't
be what some people would call fun.  I have
been tying up a bunch of lose ends, like:
getting a package ready to mail back,  I
ordered a blouse I loved from Chadwick's
catalog and then it was too big. (my first
and last order cause I had to pay the ship-
ping fees both ways). Then trying a shower 
curtain that I ordered that I really loved,
 but the color wasn't what it seemed like online,
  but thought well, before I take it back maybe
 I should just put it up and see, just in case.....
That was a waste of time......still didn't like it,
  but at least my decision is made, 
so now I can return it. 
 Cleaned some plastic ware out of my cabinet,
 and also packaged up leftover diapers that lil 
darling can no longer wear, to take to our
 church, for Mon. night community dinners and
the nursery.  Also got some cat food together
 for my SIL, cause our cat can no longer eat it,
 cause of food allergies, and hopefully one or
all of her 3 kitties can.

So it is fun for me....... a nice feeling of
 accomplishment to have all that out of the
 way,  just stuff that has needed doing but
never made it to my to do list, but love that
 I can now mark it off my mental list.  lol
Such a great feeling...........

well better hush and get on with my 
Thankful Post..............

Added some more Fall decor pics for
your enjoyment.............

With posterized affect

I am thankful

for a lovely Friday last week that was purely
 relational.  First my SIL came for breakfast, 
 then later I had a very long talk with an old 
and dear friend of 27+ years, that we have sort
 of lost touch with each other in the last years, 
 just due to circumstances and life situations,
 altho we do see each other at church
 occasionally and talk, but not the same as a
 long catch up conversation for sure.
 Then Megan and the baby came over late in
 the afternoon,  so it was a Terrific day as
 far as I was concerned.

for a christian comedian we saw on TV on Sat.
evening, he was hysterical,  but we don't know
 his name.........but hoping to find out who he we can see him again.  lol

These first 6 pics are of the foyer area

for a nice time with Scott, Megan and the baby
on Sunday afternoon............and simple yet
good food of course........Hamburger, hotdogs,
pasta salad and fruit salad with brownies and
frozen yogurt for dessert.

Here is a great pasta salad recipe in case you
are interested.  I posted it years ago, 
just click here

for a long phone chat with Dee on Monday
 and Tuesday, and today always great
 catching up.......

With poster edges affect

for a new discipline that hubby and I set for
 Monday evenings...........that we are really

for a chocolate covered donut I bought at
 Publix this morning, it was yummy.....
haven't had one in ages.

that hubby got to come home from work early
 this morning since the power was out,  so he
 got to work at home today (Tuesday)

that hubby had to go to Sam's for gas, and
 ran in real quick to pick up a few things .......
one being the yummy goodness of a fresh
 baked Pumpkin Pie........that I mentioned

Last 3 pics are of Living room Table

for getting to watch a beautiful bright red
 cardinal taking a bath in our bird bath, for 
about 10 mins.......he was a happy guy 
really enjoying his bath and was throwing
 water everywhere.........
so funny to watch!

for hedge trimmers,  they make such quick
 work out of trimming bushes.  Yeah, for that.

for rain, as it helps sustain our water acquifers,
 and helps keep our grass and plants alive, 
 as well as us, and it is just a cozy, snuggly
 sheltered feeling if you are at home and don't
have to be out in it...............and it is great
napping or sleeping weather too.

that our lil darling is gonna spend the night with 
us Friday night, and we get to see her first 
thing in the morning when she wakes up.
Should be a fun time........

Colored pencil affect

Here is to another week of Blessings.....
for God is sooo good to us!

Hope you have lots of things to be thankful
 for too.............

So glad you could stop by,  and hope
to hear from you.

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Love,  Hugs
Joyful Blessings,


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part Part 5,  Just click here


  1. #1. I surely enjoyed it too and I am eagerly awaiting for our share time again in the morning! In my younger years I didn't realize the importance of such relationships. As I get older, I am energized with the love of family and friends!
    #2. I just sent back a Netflix about polar bears in the wild. It was really good to see a mom with her two babies on the ice in the wild. They followed her wherever she went, but knew to split in different directions if a male polar bear approached (deadly to the cubs!) I was surprised how powerful the mom was. The male backed down after her stand to defend her cubs.
    #3. Praise the LORD for them and you. I know you truly enjoyed your day!
    #4. I'm so glad phones can keep us close with our loved ones when they are far away.
    #5. Glory to GOD for His Love in your midst.
    #6. I was looking at those last time, but behaved myself not to get any...then suffered the rest of the day, ha!
    #7. Yea, don't you just love those days, ha!
    #8. Yum, I get to taste it tomorrow!!
    #9. Blissful moments the LORD gives us with His creation! Right now my back oak trees are getting "loaded" with scrub jays! I haven't seen them in several years do to the ferel cat population. But, the county trapping has caught them. I haven't seen any in a year or so.
    #10. I wish they would make hedge trimmers that were on a handle that would be ground level! I could keep the weeds "hacked" back. I can't get my weed whacker to work right.
    #11. Don't I know it, as I got caught mowing in the back "40" yesterday! I moved the speed to 4 on the tractor and finished just as it began to puddle in the downpour, not to mention I was dripping sop and wet, ha!
    #12. Oh how wonderful! I know she is going to enjoy herself getting spoiled by grandpa and grandma, ha!
    (She spoils you too with her love!)
    I love you all very much, Susan

  2. Nellie, I'm sorry I have so many entries on your live traffic feed! I had problems with my printer and had to go out and come back to your blog before I finally got my printer to spool correctly! Finally I got it to working! Sorry, :-(

  3. Fun to read of all you do and enjoy, Nellie. Happiness IS a choice and you obviously CHOOSE to be happy :)

  4. Sweet fall touches Nellie! Hope you have a wonderful week...


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