Monday, October 27, 2014

The Beauty of Fall in Asheville Part 1

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are enjoying the Fall
 weather where ever you live......

It has been glorious here in Florida especially this
 past week, but it was even more Glorious in
 Asheville a few weeks ago because of the beautiful 
scenery,  and we missed the peak of the leaf 
changing season, cause as you will see in these and
 pics to come that some of the trees were still 
a changing............

Believe it or not all of these wonderful pics below were
taking in the parking lot of Biltmore Baptist church.
I did my best to crop out the parking lot with all it's 
parking lot

 Be sure to click on any picture to enlarge them all,
much prettier that way...........

This was our first excursion out exploring for a few glad we took the time to do that even
tho we were tired from traveling up there, or we
would not have gotten to see it........... 

I had seen these red trees last year in the town square
where Dee lives, but only a few of them had not 
completely shed there leaves yet,  we just missed
 seeing all the leaves on the trees by about 4-5 days
 last year!  So we were very excited about seeing
all the trees with their leaves on and to be there
while they were still in process.............

I was thrilled to see all these bright orange and yellow
trees this year,  have only seen them in pictures.

Could not believe how vibrant these orange trees were.

This bldg. you see is the Biltmore Baptist church facility. 
 It is a very warm and friendly church that really 
preaches the word.  Lots of young people and
young families there.

Altho it was suppose to rain that day,  it never did till 
middle of the night,  what a gift from God that was.

You can see by the clouds that it was sunny one minute
and cloudy the next.

These pics don't look nearly as pretty as they did when
we took them for some reason.  But when we looked
out through there it just looked so majestic with
all the trees and the mountains in the background.
Some things the camera just can't capture!!

Guessing the church has a school and this is there 
soccer field.

Well, this was part of our first day,
  have some more to show you on

Thanks so much for stopping by, 
and hope you come again soon.

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Have a great week..........

Love, Hugs,  and
Colorful Tree Blessings,

Update on Susan:  She was doing very well, 
but the last 3 days she has been running a low
 grade fever and feeling very tired, and also is
having trouble with her bad knee,so not making
 a lot of progress,so if you feel so led please
 pray that this is only a temporary set back.


  1. There ARE days like that (Sue)....tho not sure why she would have the low grade fever...

    The colors are beautiful. I only have the camera on my phone, so found I couldn't take the in-the-distance photos that I would have liked.

  2. We love being in Asheville when the leaves change! You took such wonderful photos! Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Diane

  3. Hello Nellie, I am loving the gorgeous colors of the leaves. I bet seeing them in person is over the top. Have a blessed week.

  4. It looks beautiful there! Fall is nearly over here...many trees are bare now and tonight it will be 26 degrees! We had a beautiful, long fall though...everything in it's season!

  5. The photos are just stunning, Nellie! We don't see any leaves changing here until about January. We have a beautiful variety of Ash trees, called Red Push, that are just such a deep and rich green until we get some cooler weather (usually January for a week or so), then they turn crimson and orange -- so beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed your outing and got to see all of this grand beauty.


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