Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Decor Part 7 - Living room coffee table 2014

with posterized affect

Happy Monday sweet Friends,

So how are you this fine day??

Doing well, I hope!

I hadn't planned on posting today, but
since the pictures were already down-
loaded and my day is pretty much shot
anyway, figured today would be a good
day to do it.  

Started off the day with an emergency
trip to the chiropractor cause I had
thrown my sacariliac out,  so went
there, and am feeling some better,
but he says the pain is mostly from
the tendons, and hopefully I will be
much better by tomorrow.  Can tell
some improvement already.  So since
I was out decided to go have my van
washed, and then run to the grocery
store, so by the time I did all that and
talked to hubby and Dee on the phone
for a few mins. and ate lunch it is now
3 p.m,  and I am also bushed.....
So once I finish this..... I will be on
 my way to kick back and rest for a
 little bit till time to make din din.

These are all pictures of our mostly white living room
dressed up for Fall.  The blue chair with the white
pillows is from the family room.

All the rest of the pictures are of the coffee
 table (my graduation gift - the hope chest)
  It is all cedar just had it painted some years
back and love it like this.....................

Fall welcome card done on printmaster.

Photocopy affect

with posterized affect

Hope you enjoyed the pictures..............
Thanks a heap for the visit,
always nice to know you come by.

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Love, Hugs and
October Blessings,

Can hardly believe it is already
Oct. 6th already.   Oh yea, and
if you are interested in seeing 
Part 6,  Just click here!

and now I am going to
 rest awhile. See ya!


Sister Susie Says said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! (I'm still aching along my spine from the bouncing around on the tractor mower. It's usually gone by now.) Rest and get better! Maybe Jim could bring in some take out!

I took Jerry and Max to see Dr. Forrest over at Pine Ridge Animal Hospital to get their wings and nails done. Tom was there and did the trimming while Dr. Forrest held them (trainee was watching their techniques at holding the birds.) I hate I have to go that far now, but they no longer attend birds where I have taken my pets for 30 years!

Tomorrow Sylvia, Joan, and I will be having brunch at Perkins. I can hardly wait! I haven't seen Joan since I retired (she retired this past June.)

I'm praying you get better. Love you all, Susan

Cindy Ritchie said...

Looks great! I love the white with the fall touches. Feel better and get some rest!

cassidy adams said...

HI Nellie!
I love your fall decorations:) I especially love the tray:-) So pretty and cozy, just like fall. I remember you reminded me when you hosted a I'm going to remind you;) Come on over and enter to win a fall felt garland to add to those pretty decorations:-) Plus, there is something Friday coming you will want to enter for Brooklyn:) Hope you are doing well!

cassidy adams said...

PS I hope your back gets to feeling better! Prayers!:)

Jo May said...

Hey so good to connect back up, I'm following and gonna put your blog on my dashboard so I want miss anything, we are good, I stopped blogging husband was diagnosed with cancer last year and we been traveling back and to to Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa Ok. he is good now, thanks for visiting Return to Loblolly, hope to see you often.

Carol said...

Everything looks so nice, Nellie! I had forgotten all about cedar chests. I wanted one so bad when I was a teen -- like back in the dark ages! I really like that you painted yours white. It certainly makes a great back-drop for those wonderful pops of Fall color!

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

What a beautiful room. I so love white and I am finding that I love all the white Fall pumpkins and decor. Just lovely. Thank you so much for visiting me at Tea Cottage Pretties. Hugs, Beverly

Tyrone Bryant said...

Wow, that emergency visit must have somewhat thrown you off. You must be glad that everything was taken care of. Since you saw positive progress shortly after the appointment, did your continued visits completely remove all traces of the pain and discomfort? It sure looks like it, as you spruced up your living room really well without comment on that. Either way, I hope you're feeling better!

Tyrone Bryant @ McIver Chiropractic Center