Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Fall Tablescape of 2014

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how if life at your house this week!!
Hope you are enjoying all the wonders
of Fall................

We are..........inside the house at least!
So enjoying the Fall decorations..and
did my first Fall Tablescape over the
weekend, and had my first piece of 
pumpkin pie this morn. Always so
 wonderful after not having it for 9
 months or so.  Also, simmering my
 first Pumpkin spice potpourri, and
boy, does it have the house smelling
awesome.  Love it!!

Well, onto the reason you came here
in the first place.............lol

Sometimes I like to do casual easy tables
that anyone can do....whether they have
china, nice dishes or not.  Cause as some of
 you already know we don't have to break the
 bank to have beauty in our homes, and I
 think all homes can be a place of beauty.

 The plates and napkins in this tablescape 
are all done in paper goods, that I thought 
were just adorable,  but I used regular
silverware and glasses, rather than
 plastic ware to dress it up a bit.

 See for yourself

It all started with these cute napkins and plates
 I happened on in the Christmas tree store.

Loved them immediately...............

So I got large solid cream plates,  and then 
dessert plates and napkins all for $2.50.........
just figured we would use them some time
 this Fall.  So since we decided to have Scott
and Megan and the baby over for Burgers,
Pasta and fruit salad,  thought hey, already
have the centerpiece and it goes great with
them.  So I proceeded............

I did decide to change up the
 centerpiece just a lil bit, so it went
from this...................

To this.....Used these pretty cutwork clay
candleholders,  turned this one upside down
and put a faux candle inside, and put the
pumpkin on top.  This made it a lil bit lower
so you can see over it and doesn't impede

This was the before, of the centerpiece,  I took
 the votive candles out, and moved the pumpkins
 closer together.

and this is how it looked after.................... 

Then I did the place setting just on the Tan
 tablecloth,  but remembered I had these......

Gold placemats,  so decided to try it with these.

I took those 2 above pictures, cause I was
trying to make up my mind which one to
go with, so when I saw the pictures I could
 see how the gold made the colors of the
 plates and napkins show up better

So decided to use the placemats since it was for
 a casual dinner anyway...............

 I used this silverware because I thought it went
 well witht the lil flowers on the plates and also on
the candleholders

with colored pencil affect

I used the gold votives that I took away from the
centerpiece at each persons place setting.

Don't they look pretty all aglow.

I had 2 other cutwork pottery
 candleholders, so just added one on 
each end a top the napkins.

Used my brown glasses I found last year
at WallyWorld.  Have to say I do miss my
smokey green goblets (that got broken in
my china hutch implosion last year)this
time of year especially. They would have
look great with this, but the brown went
well too..............

Just added these tiny plastic pumpkins
for fun and cuteness.......

Just did the silverware a lil different  to offset 
the napkin on the other side, cause they were so 
pretty I hated to fold them,  and of course,
  added some candy

and Just for Fun.......

This has a Wave distortion affect.  

A nice overview.
I have to say I love doing themed
tables or parties...........

Well, there you have it my first
 Fall table..............

Hope you enjoyed your visit and 
so glad you could stop by.

Would love to know what you
 thought of this inexpensive table.

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Love,  Hugs,  and
Sweet Pumpkin Blessings,



Sister Susie Says said...

I love the artistry of your pumpkin plates and napkins! There surely are some talented people who can draw such lovely things!

Have you bought some of the tiny real pumpkins for Brooklyn to play with?

ooh, I really like your new stand for your golden pumpkin centerpiece. It looks like lace!

The added dishes and gold place mats make the setting complete!!

I think this setting is my favorite of all you have ever set!!!
Love you all, Susan


How beautiful! I love the pumpkin dishes, place mats and gold pumpkins, which I'm looking all over in Pinterest. I also bought some gold spray paint to get to work, lol!

Carol said...

I think it is great when you find some really pretty paper goods. I don't use paper products a lot, but when I do have the need, I want them to be extra special. The ones you used are just darling & perfect for a burger meal with a touch of Fall!

Stacey said...

Those are wonderful paper plates! Almost too pretty to eat on but I would have bought them too. :)

Mary said...

Dear Nellie, What a nice pretty fall tablescape! Isn't it nice that we really do not have rigid rules for our tablescapes. We can do exactly what we want - use what we have or splurge on some new goodies. I really like how clever you were with your decisions in how you ended up with a very special casual and thoughtful table. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am new at link parties. I think it will be a lot of fun.