Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Decor Part 4 - the Dining Room

Happy Fall Sweet Friends,

How Exciting, 
it has finally arrived..........
and I was so pleased that it was a
 much cooler 70 degrees this morning
course, it didn't last past 8:30, lol
 but it was nice.............It's a start

So how are you this first day of Fall?
Bright eyed and busy tailed as my 
Grandmother used to say???  lol

Have to say I am feeling bright eyed
and like a busy tailed squirrel
scampering about, and considering
I only slept for 4 hrs. last night that
is amazing..........course, it is that
cooler Fall weather I am sure!

Well, thought I would show you
my dining room decor today!

Starting with the dining room table
Centerpiece.........was thinking
after I took all these pictures that
I should have set it with the dishes
and all, as it would look much 
prettier, then thought they will 
be seeing some  Fall tablescapes
 soon enough....lol

I went for a lil bit more of a minimalist look,
at first I didn't have the candles and liked that
look too,  but then I love to use candles in the
Fall and Winter, so added these gold mercury
glass candleholders in..........
 Too hot any other time!!

Took this with the lights out cause there was
so much light coming in the window in early
morning.........and wanted you to be able
to see the candles were lit.

I used that shredded crinkled paper bag colored
gift bag grass (I call it) in the top of the urn
to set the pumpkin on...........

With Cut out affect

Love these gold pumpkins

Now for Some Fun modern art -
 look closely, this is the same pic as the one above it....
using a distortion affect called polar coordinates. 
Click on it to make it larger, cause It looks way
better larger.
  I thought it was very neat and  interesting!

 Thought I would add an overall shot so
you can see where some of the pics that
are coming up go.

Also ....See the Rooster on top of our
 cabinet...Our lil darling was afraid of
him at first, so I had to take him down so
 she could see him and feel him, and we
named him "Big Red"..........now she is
 fascinated with him and wants me to get
 him down a few times a day so she can
 see him!  lol
She is such a riot...........

 Loved this in colored pencil affect.

This is what I have on top of the other  cabinet.
Do you see anyone you know taking a picture??? lol

This and the pictures below
were all besides the cabinet
where Big Red is.

These are old looking I know,  but they
are for sentimental reasons.  The pic
reminds me of when we lived in Germany
 42 yrs. ago as Newly weds, and the lil
 hummel music box was a gift from my 
hubby way back then, that plays our song
 "Raindrops keep falling on my head",
a song from "Butch Cassidy and the
Sundance Kid".....it was the movie we
saw on our first date, and a blind date
at that..............

I hid the babies yogurt drops in there,
cause I used to put them in the Easter
eggs,  so since I put those up,  I had
to find a new hiding place,  she likes
that it plays music.

These signs were a gift from Scott and
Megan on Mother's Day.  Those lil orange
things on top are lil tiny plastic pumpkins.
They are really rounded don't know why
they looks so flat in the picture.  lol

I just add some touches here and there
in my china cabinet, which you will see
a lil closer up in the pic below.

Made this collage today on pic monkey all by myself.
It was actually very easy..........and loved how it
came out.....so was proud of myself......
but in a good way!!  lol

Glad You came to visit,  and hope
You enjoyed it, and will come
 again soon..........

I will be sharing over at:

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Ivey and Elephants
 with Paula and Patti
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Again Happy Fall Yall.........

Love, Hugs, and
 Warm Fall Blessings,

If you are interested in seeing
part 3,  Just click here!


  1. It is beautiful to see the shinning gold! Makes me think of the Streets of Gold we one day will be walking on!

    I just love that rooster! He appears to be full of happiness!

    Fall is here in your house!!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Nellie, Just got to say I love those gold pumpkins. Did you get them locally or at a national store-like Michaels/Joann's? Maybe our friend Becky made them; all I know is I'd love some.
    Going to pop into the other blogs to see what is going on.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. This is SO beautiful! Your home has such a welcoming, warm, homey look to it! And your sweet personality has the same effect. :) I loved seeing the pictures and thought it was cute that you had to take the rooster down and let your little grand-daughter examine it so she wouldn't be afraid. She sounds so precious. God is so good! May He bless you for the blessing you are to me and to so many others.

  4. What gorgeous fall decorations you have! I love the golden pumpkins as table pieces. The accents you've put up are all adorable. Thank you for sharing such lovely inspirations! I hope everyone is having a great fall!

    Bob Ward @ Allure


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