Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Sept. 25, 2014 and Fall Decor Part 5

Pictures of Buffet/server,  Fall 2014

  Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, 
And into His courts with praise.
 Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
Psalm 100:4 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well,  and enjoying
the Fall Season already..........
I was totally delighted that we were at
 70 when I got up this morning and it is
 10 now, and we are still in the 70's!!

My heart be still.......cause it feels like
Fall has arrived in Florida...course, I
know by 11,  I will know it hasn't or at
 least hasn't by most people's definition
of Fall.......but hey, we will take what
we can get!!  lol

Figured I would throw in some more 
Fall decorating pictures. This buffet/
serving cart sits on a small wall
 in between the entrance to my foyer 
and my living room, so that is why 
they are cropped so much. Door
ways don't look all that great!  lol

Well, on with my list...............

I am thankful

that we got both our cars serviced last weekend.
  Always nice to have those type of things over
 and done with.

that we got to go to the Christmas Store (a treat
 since it isn't real close to us)  and to Target and
 Dress Barn and out to dinner at Longhorn's steak 
house.  Delicious....and also a very fun day!
This was all after having the cars serviced.  lol

With posterized affect

that I found a really neat piece of Christmas artwork
 for the wall that I really liked at Christmas tree store.
Also some paper goods for Fall, and a few new toys for
 Brooklyn, since she is outgrowing some of what I have.

for a nice warm shower at the end of a long day.

for nice big fluffy towels and great smelling soap.

Leaves we preserved from Asheville last Fall

for some pumpkin spice cake with pecan cinnamon
 streusel topping that hubby found at Sam's on Monday.
  Very Yummy.....................and best of all I didn't
 have to make it!!  lol

for the refuse service that we have had for the 
last 3-4 years because they make it so much
easier to dispose of yard trash.  The old service
made you tie everything up in bundles and it
had to be pretty small.  Now we can just put
branches out there that are less than 6 ft.
without tying them up, and they will take 
them away.  Quite a blessing I have to say!
(that was not an intentional rhyme there!  lol

for some video's we have been watching online from 
John Eldridge about walking with God and hearing 
from God.  They are so good.

for prayer, cause it is such a saving grace all the time, 
 but especially when we are troubled about something.

for a dear friend of 34 years, who is just like a sister.
She has been there for me in so many situations, and
always has words of wisdom and encouragement and
I can always count on her to tell me the truth when I
need to hear it....we all need a friend like that!
we just love the same things and are kindred spirits.
She is a woman who loves the Lord and loves people,
and we always laugh because she can get away with
saying things that need to be said, that no one else
could get away with!!  lol  She just has such a gracious
and inquistive way that she does it.........
She and her hubby have been like mentors to us all the
 years, and it was heartbreaking for both of us when
they had to move away 20+ years ago.........because
 they were very instrumental in our spiritual growth, but
 our friendship still continues to this day, even tho we 
don't see each other often, anytime we talk it is just
like picking up where we left off.  Sooo blessed to
have this Dear,  Sweet Loving Friend.
Happy Birthday Vicki,  if you happen to be reading.
We love you guys!

for a really good inspirational movie we watched 
last evening called "Jimmy".  We got it from Netflik 
and it was really a heart warming movie, with some
 adventure added in as well. Highly recommend it.

Colored pencil affect

for the gift of being able to be a Grandmother.
Altho, we were a lot older than most of our friends
when we finally were blessed with our lil darling,
It was well worth the wait.  It truly is one of the
highlights and greatest joys of our life.  Could
never imagine life without her now,  Seems 
like she has always been with us, yet she is 
only 18 mos. old,  almost 19 mos.
We love you Brooklyn!!
Know she want be reading now,  but you never
 know about years down the

Well,  here it is..................
another week at Cozy Place!

Hope it blessed you as much as 
your visits bless me!

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Have a Wonderful Thursday 
and rest of the week, 
 with those you hold dear..........

Love, Hugs and 
Happy Fall Blessings,

If you are interested in seeing
part 4,  Just click here.


Sister Susie Says said...

Your home is so beautiful, I feel like I'm in an art gallery!
#1. I know what you mean. I'm so glad I have always kept up with the maintenance on my truck. It is running great at 11 years old!
#2. The season is definitely here in the last "quarter" of the year! We ladies went to Chick Filet after Bible study. Then I went out shopping for the weekly needs!
#3. I'm sure Brooklyn will be over joyed!
#4. Surprisingly all I have had at my house is a heavy overcast and few pit pats of rain, not enough to even wet the sidewalk! I saw where other areas got 4 inches and flooding!
#5. I love the smell of Publix's brand of bath soap! I have even used it to wash my hair!
#6. Publix's has the pumpkin smells going in their bakery! They had some sticky buns with pumpkin!
#7. Poor Lillian next door had to cut hers up and put them in her can. She used mine too. For two weeks they passed her by! She called and they told her it had to be bundled or placed in the new cans they gave us.
#8. I've been waiting for "GOD's not Dead," but it's on a long time wait!
#9. He tells us to pray without ceasing! I try to remember throughout the day to pray for those I see or hear about, or when the LORD prompts me about something or someone.
#10. The LORD gives us all a special person in our lives. Sylvia is mine. I've known her since 1984! 30 years, wow! You just made me think about that! (monthly 2nd Tuesday brunches!)
#11. I've been watching the Shiloh series. A beagle and a boy helping a very bitter man.
#12. I think that's what the LORD blessed me with, with some of the kindergartners I've had over the years. What a bond with them and their parents! And, across every ethnic, economical; with our LORD being our bond!
Love you all, Susan

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Nellie! I recently had my car in for service too and although, I am still paying off the bill, I know the Good Feeling it gives when you drive it off the service lot and start heading towards home. It IS indeed a BLESSING. :D
About being a grand-parent later in life. Nothin' wrong with that! Think of how old Abraham was
( 160 ) when Isaac had his two children Esau and Jacob. I imagine that Abraham counted his blessings too! :))


Blue Creek Home said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. I love it when I get a bible study along with a lovely fall vignette!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's so important to be thankful for our blessings. I write in my journal every night. I love the photo effects you've used. Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane