Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday July 14, 2016, Dream Porch tablescape

Let them give thanks to the LORD 
for his unfailing love and 
his wonderful deeds for mankind,
Psalm 107:15

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a good
week, full of fun with your kiddies
if you have some home from school

We always loved this time of the
year at our house.  It was a very
laid back fun as we could make
it time. Played lots of cards, made
forts out of sheets, made cookies,
adventured to parks to see what
we could find, and many times had
picnics there, and  went tubing at 
one in particular, had visits from
relatives at some point. Went to the 
mountains or to a condo fairly close
 by for vacation. Had friends over,
watched movies, even cleaned up
the house together, and ocassionally 
went to steak and shake or Shoneys
 late at night just for the fun of it.....
we always rearranged their rooms,
and got everything organized and
of course, did the typical school
shopping for clothes.
I was never ready to send my kids
back to school, loved having them
home, but definitely was ready
to get back on a schedule tho.

Well, told you on Tuesday we got
 our porch cleaned and I was working
 on decorating went to put
my new floral out there and was
thinking how great white plates
would look on that tablecloth,
so went and got one just to see,
and decided I would just throw
together a quick tablescape just
for the fun of it...........I call it my
"dream porch tablescape" because
my dream would have been to
eat dinner out there.....but it was
just too too hot!!  lol
So that explains the pics you 
see here.......I figured it would
be sort of a sneek peek at the

So on with my Thankful post. 

I am thankful

for policemen and women that do
 their dead level best to keep us
all safe, and put their lives on the 
line every single day for that isn't to get wealthy 
that is for sure.......
 I pray God blesses each one of
them with peace, strength, love, 
tough hides and supernatural 
courage during these difficult
 times.  We have known at least
policemen (and if  I took much
time to think about it there might
be more) that were really good
men, men who were also good
family  men, and do what they do
because they care about others
and want to serve their community.
 It would be a very scary world if
 they did not exist......Something
 to think about for sure............

We got our porch all cleaned
 up Friday evening......finally!!
then on Sat., Mon. and Tues. I
got a lot of of work done on the
 decorating out there.  It is so hot
 I can't stand to be out there for 
too So work out
 there in the early morning only.
All that I need to be finished
 is some cushions that should
 arrive next week.

that I had already ordered most
of the new things I needed to
redo it a few months ago.

for a really nice visit with 
Scott, Megan and the baby on 
Sunday afternoon/evening!
It has been awhile as they or
 we have had lots of things 
going on...............

that DeeAnna is better.
she was really sick over the 
weekend and earlier this
 week with either a stomach
 virus or a maybe food
 poisoning. But sure glad
 she is over it now.

for DeeAnna's friend who 
went and got her gingerale
 and crackers, since her hubby
had already gone to work 
before she got sick. 

Like the sunshadows ............

That I got a flower arrange-
ment done on Monday for
the porch and did a tutorial
for my blog on Tuesday.
If you would like to see
just click here!

for a great Sunday dinner of
Lemon herb shrimp, with a
lemon, garlic and cilantro dip,
Baked potatoes, salad and
rolls like they have at Red
Lobster.  Did you know that
 you can buy their boxed mix
and makes them yourself now.
They are scrumptious!

for a new find........butter
lettuce.  I had never heard
of it before until I made a
new salad recipe last year, 
called "Succotash Salad"
(Great salad by the way and
you can find it here if you
want.) but I couldn't find the
 butter lettuce, so I used bibb
 lettuce instead. But happened 
on the butter lettuce recently,
at our Publix grocery store.
  I have made 2 salads with it 
now and am really delighted
with it.............has a great
taste as I am a lil weary of
Romaine these days, so a
 nice  change of pace.

and beyond thrilled to have 
my porch back again, I don't
think I realized just how much
I have missed spending time
out there, especially in the 
mornings. Our
kitty Molly had sort of
taken it over, so to speak,
and there was always fur
and food around where
you didn't want it,  and 
since she was an outside
cat we had to put her food 
on the table to keep the ants
 out of it, and she liked laying
 up there as well (it is sort of
funny.... that it was the only 
table she ever got on, thank
heavens) we had a
 tough time keeping it clean
out there all the time.  

I sat our there 3 mornings this
week and it was wonderful to
able to sit out there again and
have my quiet times like I used
 to, it is so peaceful and quiet out
there and fairly cool and pleasant
until 9 or so...............
Really looking forward to 
Fall weather now, course,
I have about 3 mons. before
that will happen.  lol

that one of my close friends
grandaughter who is only about
31/2 yrs. old had to have her
 appendix removed this week
but everything went well and 
she is now home and doing
 well,  thank the Lord.

for a new bagel discovery at
Panera's, they are called
 "Cinnamon Crunch" bagels,
 they are great with just butter
 on them or honey nut cream
cheese.  They are Yummo!
and thanks to hubby for
bringing them home!!

Well, here my list fot the week, 
 hope you have lots on your list
 too, and would maybe want to
 share a few with us.

Thanks for your visit, always enjoy

knowing you were here.

Have a Super Duper rest of the

week and weekend.
keep you light shining brightly!!

Love, Hugs and 

Mid July Blessings,

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Michelle said...

Your table is so pretty and summery. Cinnamon crunch bagels, oh how I love those from Panera Bread. Only problem is they don't fit well in my toaster and I like them toasted.

Sister Susie Says said...

It's nice for me to not have the school (across the street) bells and intercom going all day, ha!
#1. I surely thank the ones who assisted me about 2 years ago with the kids from the karate school staying off my back gates. When the kids session was over, the school turned them outside to await their late parents. Kids not supervised can easily get into trouble. Thank the police they put a stop to it.
#2. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I visit!
#3. It's nice to have things waiting rather than having to wait on things!
#4. The busyness lately of the new A/C being installed has been my interest! The inspector comes on Monday to finalize his inspection after the fuse box replacement and anchoring of the outside unit to the slab.
#5. I'm glad she is better. I have been doing better too. I have really become lactose intolerant lately! I'm having to change a few things I have eaten before with no problem!
#6. Do unto GOD's great command!
#7. I am on my errand run today after I get my hair done.
#8. I finished up my chicken and dumplings.
#9. I'm looking for cheaper prices at Publix, I'm having to switch to frozen orange juice over the "Simply Made" juice I used to get for #2.89 that has now gone up to $4.39 a bottle! Same with many other products!
#10. Like me, in needing to get my den's flooring done! I miss looking out over the back property and the birds that visit! I spend my time now in the bedroom!
#11. Praise the LORD for her healing. I'm remembering Tony (Sylvia's son-in-law in his time of trial with cancer.)
#12. Sounds delicious!
I love you all, Susan

Curtains in My Tree said...

Your table looks very pretty and I wish I had a screened in porch
I use to at a previous house and I enjoyed it everyday

glad the kitty got to enjoy it also

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Michelle,
Nice to hear from you hon. Fortunately, our last toaster we bought had the larger slots
for bagels.........cause we like them toasted as well. I think I used to cut them in two pcs.
and smash them down with my hand, in order to fit our old toaster, and had to use a knife or turn the toaster upside down to get them out. Now that is wanting a toasted bagel pretty
Hope you are having a good week, thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Glad to hear you are doing well. Was sorry to hear about Sylvia's SIL, have been praying for him and for his family too. I think that simply juice is quite a bit less at the Walmart
neighborhood store.

Thanks for stopping by,
Have a good weekend.
Love, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

To curtains in my tree.......
Thank you for coming by and for your kind comments.
and yes, kitty really enjoy the porch......

Have a lovely weekend,

Mimi said...

Dear Nellie, thanks for your sweet email. I have been under the weather, but climbing back to good health now. Your porch look so very inviting, and your Sunday dinner....well...yum! I always enjoy these posts so much and they make me look at my own week differently and value family time too. Hope you are well Sweetie. Love, Mimi xxx

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Mimi,
So glad to hear from you and to know all is well.... now at least. Sorry you have been under
the weather, not fun for sure! Hope you continue to feel better each day.

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments as always, you always put a smile on my face.

I am doing well........been on the phone with my daughter for awhile today and that always
makes my day.........but haven't gotten much done today, but who never goes
away and the good fairy never shows it will be there tomorrow. lol

You take care and don't overdue it.....
Love and Blessings sweet friend,

Carol said...

Your floral arrangement and that tablecloth are both so pretty, Nellie! Your entire tablescape is so fresh and summery!
Hugs, Carol

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Carol,
So very nice to hear from you this morning. Thanks for your visit and your warm hearted
Hope this finds you doing well hon,

Blessings, Nellie

Pam Lauren said...

Cinnamon Crunch bagels are the best!!! MMM! Your table looks lovely. I'm sure the mornings are a nice time to be out there. Thanks for sharing!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Pam,
So nice to have you come by and thanks for your sweet comments. Yea, those are some tasty
bagesl for sure, and it's a real delight to be out on the porch early in the morning.
Have a lovely day tomorrow.
Blessings, Nellie

Jann Olson said...

Such a cheerful table! Don't blame you for enjoying time sitting at it. I love butter lettuce and yes, I've tried the biscuit mix. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Jann,
Thank you so much for coming by and for all your nice comments.
yea, I am really enjoying the butter lettuce so much, that is all I have been buying lettuce wise for about a month
and just bought another Red Lobster biscuit mix to have one hand..........once you've had
those babies you are hooked!! lol

Thanks for letting me share over at Share your cup and thanks for hosting as well.
Blessings, Nellie

Mary Keels said...

So nice to see you were finally able to enjoy your porch. I love your tablecloth. I also love all the colors your pulled together for this as well. It's been so hot here as well and I understand about not wanting to spend much time outside. Thank you for sharing your pretty space!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks so much, Mary.....
So nice to have you visit and thanks for leaving your warm and kind comments.
They are always appreciated.

Hope you have a lovely week!!