Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday July 28, 2016, and Beautiful skies

Your love, LORD,
 reaches to the heavens, 
your faithfulness to the skies.
Psalm 36:5

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How yall doing??? Hope you
are staying cool.....

Have to say it is hot as blue blazes
 here and suspect... it probably is
 where you are too.............
Ahhh Summer.....gotta love it!!
even if you do hide in the house
with the A/C blazing!!   lol

Not much going on here,  but have
 been spending lots of time this week
 on the phone with my lovely daughter.
Guess we must be really missing each
 other, as it has been awhile since we
 have gotten together.  Hoping she is
 gonna get to come down the end of
 August for a belated birthday
 celebration. Lots of interesting
possibilities going on with them
right now, so we will see..........

Had lots of sky pictures so thought
 it might be a nice relaxing theme
 for a change.  So hope you enjoy
them and the post.  You might
want to click on one of the pics
to enlarge them all for better
viewing pleasure.

Pink sky in evening

I am thankful

that my chicken casserole recipe
 remake turned out quite well. 
 Hubby really loved it....and it
 reminded us both of my late
 Mother-in-laws cornbread
 dressing. As that is part of 
the recipe. I will share the
recipe with you next week.
It is a kid pleasing meal
as least my
kiddos liked it......


for my sweet neighbor who
sent us another great batch
of her vegetable soup.  She
makes the best Veggie soup.
Always a treat when she 
sends it over.................

   A silver lining for a dark cloud............
great reminder of a real truth........

Do you see a lil bit of the rainbow on 

the top right???

for the lovely Memorial service
we attended unexpectedly on
Sunday afternoon.  An elderly
man from our church passed 
away, and he used to be in my
husband shepherding group but
had been quite ill for awhile now.
The word of God says it is better
to attend a funeral, than to go to
a party, and have to say that is true. 
This man had such a rich legacy
 that he left behind, and it was nice
 to get to know about his earlier
days before he got so sick.
 He was a career Navy chaplain
 and a youth Pastor in his earlier 
years and was a wonderful loving 
husband and Father and he has a
 family who loved him dearly and
 are really gonna miss him,  altho,
I know they must be relieved
he is not suffering anymore.
It was a wonderful Memorial
 service that really honored the 
Godly man that he was, and it
 really makes you take pause
 and think about what will your
own legacy be............
It is always good to do a check 
up on yourself!!


for a very normal situation
that reminded me of how God
is very interested in the small
details of our lives, and who will
orchestrate situations to take care
of them thru others many times....

that hubby got new tires on his
car on Monday,  as one has really
 been acting up, and now the car is 
driving as smooth as silk and he
also want have to worry about
 having the tires rotated in the
future since he got them done at 
the place where we normally get
 our cars serviced now, and they
 will do it for free every time we
 take the cars in to be serviced. 
He also doesn't have to work
on our cars anymore either.
I love that..... as he has always
done those things himself, and
did a great job and saved us
tons of money but as we are
getting older, he doesn't need
to be doing all that, as he has
worked hard all his life, so it is
 so nice to see these things be
 taken care that he
doesn't have to do it anymore.
new tires - One more thing we 
can put on and mark off our
 before he retires list.   lol


that we got our bushes in front
of the house trimmed up, between 
my back and the rain some of them 
were getting pretty rowdy.  lol
So it looks so much better now.

for take out from 4 River's
smoke house.  We really love
their food, it is really great!

that my cushions I ordered
for the porch came in and they
 are really nice, and stay on the
 chairs well, but were not exactly
 the shade of green that my screen
showed, but will work if necessary.
 I am trying to find a fabric spray
 paint in the right color but not 
sure that is gonna happen, 
but will see......

Daytime  sky

#9, 10, and 11
for things that made me laugh
out loud this week......

One is a new Lowe's commercial
that is the cutest commercial I have
seen in a long time.

It is a Mermaid figurine sitting on
a shelf holding a shell in her hand
and their is a lady in the bathroom
putting towels on the towel rack,
and the Mermaid is saying how
the woman got all her accessories
from Lowe's and as the lady is
walking out the the room the
Mermaid says gotta go my, shell
phone is ringing, and then she
says in the cutest voice
"Hey Girl, Hey!!

Hubby and I both loved it and
can't quit saying
Dee has seen the commercial too,
 so it has sort of been a lil joke
 betweens us lately

for a picture I saw on yahoo news
of a black bear that was so hot he
took a dip in these people's kiddie
pool.  He was just laying in the
pool,  and he took up every inch
of space it looked like and looked
like he was quite enjoying himself.
Can you imagine finding that in
your back

for how it cracks me up when I 
hear our lil darling pretending to 
talk on the cell phone.
Yesterday I heard her very excitedly
say, " Hey, I just saw you called".......
sounded just like her Mommy
. So cute!
  She also was pretending to call
 someone and said, their not 
She is just such a hoot!!  and if
you have grandies, I am sure
you know exactly what I am
talking about.

late afternoon sky -See the half moon!

for something that made me cry
because it really touched my heart.
 A 10 yr. old girl....trying to make
 the world a better place. She makes
bracelets and gives them away
"becuz she cares", and tells people
to be nice to someone and then
give them a bracelet with a
message "becuz we care"
Such a precious child......on a

Click here if you would like to
read about her.

One of our Pastors a few weeks
back when praying about the Pulse
nightclub shooting here in Orlando, 
said think about what you have in
 your hand to do that you can use to
 make our world a better place..........
and I when I read about this lil girl
It came to mind what our Pastor said
and I thought that is exactly what 
this sweet lil 10 yr. old is doing.  

I have been making it a point to
call or email people just to check
on them or to let them know
they are missed.............

Can you think of something you
can do??
 or might already be doing???

If so, please share it with us,
we would love to hear about it.


Well, that's it.... for latest edition
of Thankful Thursday.

Thanks so much for checking in,

 it is always nice to know you
were here.

Love,  Hugs and

Blessings of Laughter
to you and yours,

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  1. Fun post (as usual), Nellie. I like the description of your bushes ("rowdy")! I sure know what you mean.

    I could also relate with you on the tire issue and the heat.

    Hope your week from Thursday to Thursday gives you more opportunities for thanksgiving. ♥

  2. Hi, Nellie.
    What in the world did people in the days of no electricity do to keep cool!
    #1. Makes my mouth water, ha! I've been getting Marie Calendar's Turkey Pot Pies (frozen.) They are delicious.
    #2. Nothing beats homemade!
    #3. I was going to attend, but was tired by afternoon. That's why I get whatever I have to do done by 1:00. My energy in this hot weather expires quickly to be out and on the go, ha!
    #4. I am so thankful for the LORD working through family (you) and friends for me!
    #5. Isn't that great! I'm so thankful that Nissan has been so good taking care of my truck's servicing. I get bonus points from them too that takes off the price of my next visit (no matter how long it may be until the next visit!) They installed a free battery! I don't drive it enough in the summer to keep it charged!
    #6. I need Steve to cut back the vines off my front fence from Linda's side again.
    #7. I love take-out from anywhere. Means no cooking, lol!
    #8. I'm sure it looks lovely!
    #9, 10, 11. I'm surprised I haven't found an alligator in my pool since they occasionally cross my back property! I've had some cute things down through the years with my past kindergartners. I should have written them down!
    #12. How did Christ put it? "You must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of GOD" (Matt. 18:3) I love you all, Susan

  3. HI Rebecca,
    Nice to hear from you as always, and glad you consider it a fun post, that is nice to hear.

    Yea, we have this one wild lantana that just popped up in
    our flower bed last year while we were gone to visit our daughter, and it was perfetly placed so I thought my son maybe put it there, as he is a grower by profession, and was
    also checking on the house and yard while we were away. Anyway, he didn't
    put it there, it is actually like a weed, but it looks like a reg lantana accept that it is
    a lil bit thorny. Anyway, that thing grows by leaps and would think someone
    dumped a truckload of miracle grow on it, and we haven't touched it other than to cut it
    back, and I mean it was taking over the is one seriously rowdy plant. lol
    We cut it way back, but am thinking because it is so rowdy we may just pull it up and be
    done with is a high maintenace plant!! lol

    Thanks for coming by hon and for your warm comments.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Having grandkids is a joy. I love when the little ones mimic their parents with props. You have a lot to be thankful for this week. Thankful that you shared it with all of us at Thankful Heart linkup.

  5. Yes, you do have lots to be thankful for. Give thanks to him; bless his name.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I often wonder that too about the heat, but I think maybe it just wasn't as hot as it is today. ON Sunday it was so hot I just felt weak and drained.....and was delighted to get
    home and cool off.......and take a nap as well. lol

    Thanks for popping in and for all your warm and kind comments.

    Havea lovely week hon,

    Love, Nellie

  7. Hello MIchelle,
    You are so right about the grandies being such a joy, I only have the one but she is a real
    joy giver for sure, they are just like lil sponges soaking up everything they hear and see... I have 2 furry grandies and they are lots of fun as well when I get to see them, which is not often...........

    So happy you stopped by and thanks for your sweet comments and thanks for allowing me to
    share at your Thankful heart link up........also thanks for hosting this party.

    Have a Sweet Week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Hi Judy,
    So nice that you could stop thanks for the visit and thanks for your encouraging comments.
    Hope you have a great week............

    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Special blessings to you Nellie. Grand kiddos are so much fun. I hope you have a fabulous week. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. xoxo

  10. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for coming over to visit appreciate your warm comments, and Grand kiddos are the best.........
    Your welcome on the comments.

    Have a super duper week,
    Blessings, Nellie


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