Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday Sept. 15, 2016, Pics of Fall's Past #3

Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks
 and honor and power and strength
 be to our God for ever and ever.
Revelation 7:12  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how has your week been??? 
 Has it been rainy for you???

It has sure been rainy here all
week, all due to that low that is
now off the eastern seaboard
once again.......thank heavens!

Don't know where this week 
has gone   ~seriously~

I am trying my best to get back to
 normal here, but have had sleeping
 interruptions during the night so
am sleeping somewhat later in
the mornings which is not helping
me accomplish much, but is best
for my health and weighloss goals.
Am trying to finish up my Fall 
decorating, and did get a few things
 done but it all seems to be alluding 
me somehow, as other things seems
 to keep coming up, but hopefully
 tomorrow will be another day and
I will get finished and be able to
start putting things away.  If that
happens you will probably hear me 
singing the Halleleujah chorus 
wherever you live!!  lol

Decided to add some more past
Fall photos as I have plenty.....
So hope you enjoy them.....
so will get on with my thankful

I am thankful

that I was feeling much better and 
was able to go to church on Sunday,
and since I am no longer contagious.
Did you know that these type of
virus's make you contagious for
4-5 days after you catch it, even
if you are not running a fever.
I happened to see that on a Med-
line sight........I was very surprised,
as I thought once a fever was gone
you were good.

for a fun change in routine on Sunday,
dinner at Red Lobster instead of going 
for frozen yogurt. Got to enjoy their
shrimp fest........every bite of every
thing was wonderful, guess cause I
just couldn't taste much for days.

for a really great program we got
to see on Sunday evening called
 "Give thanks, a living hope event".  
We rec'd info about it from Dr. Ben 
Carson who is with my faith votes.
It was a very uplifting program,
with speaker and musicians, 
Charlies Daniels, Michael W. 
Smith, Mike Huckabee,  and a 
few others we had not heard of
before but that were great!

that one of the gals in our young
marrieds class had her baby and
things went well.  She had a lil
girl and they named her Grace.


that another one of our young
married couples are doing much
 better now, she is expecting and they 
have 2 young children and they
 were all fighting sickness and over-
tiredness, and were having to move,
in temporarily in with her parents,
 as the place they were suppose to stay
 fell thru at the last minute, and then
they had another seemingly serious
 situation to contend with too, and she
 was just overwhelmed........
So happy that the Lord answered prayer 
and that they are all moved in and the 
 situation turned out well, and she seems 
to be feeling better, and they will be 
closing on their own home in early
 October.  Bless their hearts!!
That was a lot to have on one's plate
 all at the same time...........

that Dee made it safely to Charleston
 and has had a fun weekend with her
 hubby,  going for walks and to the
 beach in the evenings and exploring.
 15 days yet until closing!

I have the family room all Fallercized
and we are really enjoying it,  so now
I am working on the living room.

That I heard from a childhood friend
that I lived next door to from the time
I was 6 thru 17 yrs. old, on Wednesday 
just out of the blue............we usually
 keep in touch at Christmas time mostly,
  so this was a lovely surprise.......and
she sent some pics as well, so that
 was fun too.........and we have been
emailing back and forth a bit.


that I was feeling well enough to
take care of lil darling this week.
Had really missed her,  and we
had a fun day, but I tired out way
earlier than usual, so I was on
the sofa the rest of the evening.

that I was able to get back to 
exercising today after all the
time off with being sick. I only
started with a 15 min. workout,
and since that went okay will
probably do another one in a
few days,  then go back to 30
mins. hopefully next week.

for several long chats with Dee this
 week,  and getting to hear about her
 time in Charleston, she is really starting
 to like it there more, and it was not as
hot as she expected, lots of nice breezes,
and she said it feels a bit more like
 home (Florida), so that will help with
 her leaving Asheville, as she has been
grieving that a have we
actually.............but think it will be a
fun new adventure for all of us once
they get settled in.....

for warm drinks like hot coffee,
tea and hot chocolate that help
make my throat feel better.


Well, here is to another week
at Cozy Place.

So happy you could stop by,

Have a lovely rest of the week
Keep your light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs and 
Mid September Blessings,

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Sister Susie Says said...

#1. To GOD be the glory, He has answered another prayer! I'm so glad you are feeling well again! It was so good to see you back at church!
#2. That sounds yummy! I have been eating some avocados, black olives, peanuts in my diet. I weighed and had gained 2 pounds!!! So, I'm not eating as much of them! I go Monday to the doctor for a med check and want to lose the 2 pounds I gained before I go!!!
#3. What channel was that on?
#4. Praise the LORD for His wonderful blessings!
#5. Praise the LORD that He gives strength in such times of need!
#6. YAHOO!!! I have them in my prayers every day! GOD is so Good!
#7. Yea! Now you can sit back and enjoy your hard work. Your home is always so beautiful!
#8. What a wonderful surprise! I haven't heard from my friend Sylvia in awhile. I hope all is going well with her son-in-law. I'm going to e-mail her today.
#9. It can take time to get our energy back. I know I still haven't gotten all my strength back. I'm okay from morning until about 2 PM, then I tire out. I was really tired the next day after Alice and I went to the concert at the library last week!
#10. My exercise is walking a couple of times to the mailbox and back, ha!
#11. Moving is a big change! It takes some time to get acclimated!
#12. Amen, but I'm not drinking any this week so the caffeine won't make a difference when I visit the doctor for med check on Monday. I'm praying he can back off the dosage level on the meds I take. He already did on one of them. Pray for me all goes well!
I love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Susan,
It was great to be back and feeling if my throat will just clear up. lol
About the program, Think Jimmy streamed it live from the computer, as they had given a link to it. Will be praying about your Drs. visit and that your blood work all comes out fine.
Thanks for coming by and for all your warm and thankful comments........

Have a good day,
Love ya, Nellie

Mimi said...

Dear friend Nellie. Oh how I've missed you! I've been alternately frantically busy, and ill, and have not even had the energy to sit at the computer to visit my favourite friends. I'm sorry! And now you've been unwell too. Curse the be-germed! I miss my sweet munchkin when I'm sick too. Aren't they a joy of all joys? Hoping you are on the mend now my lovely. Love to you from Mimi xxx

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Mimi,
So happy to hear from you as I was getting a lil concerned that you might not be well, or
that something might be wrong.......
I have missed conversing with you too, as I always look forward to your visits. So sorry to hear you have been ill as well, hope you don't have what I had as it takes quite a while to get over it. It has been 3 1/2 weeks now and I am feeling good, but I just wear out easily and still coughing and my throat is still not right.........but hopefully
I am with you about cursing the begermed

Hope you are feeling much better by now hon.....will run by for a visit soon.
Take care of yourself..........and yes grandies are the joy of all joys for sure.
Love and Blessings hon
Am sending up a prayer for your health right now!!

Jann Olson said...

Hope you continue to get your strength back soon! We are suppose to get rain this weekend. It will be welcome, but the temps are going to drop drastically as well. Thanks for sharing your fall photos with SYC.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Jann.........we have had a lot of rain lately too......this morning it is a cool 72 here, which is new, but the temps go up fast, it wound up being 98 or so yesterday,
but cooler mornings and evening......are a breathe of fresh air after the hot sumer we have gets better once we get towards the end of October usually.
Thanks for coming by and for your warm comments.
Blessings, Nellie