Friday, September 30, 2016

Thankful Thursday Sept. 29, 2016, Fall's Past #5

 Now all has been heard; 
here is the conclusion of the matter:
 Fear God and keep his commandments, 
for this is the duty of all mankind. 
Ecclesiastes 12:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends.

How are ya??
Are you ready for October??
Well, ready or not, here it comes.........

I have to say I find it rather shocking
 that we are about to enter October already.
Which means only 3 more months in this
 year! and only 86 Days till Christmas
(if I calculated correctly)  lol  WOW!

Have been getting ready all week for our
Sunday School get together tonight, but 
only 2 couples are coming that we know
of anyway. When we set the date which 
is really the only time that we thought
 might work, we didn't know that 3 of
 our ladies had a ladies leadership retreat
 to go to, and 2 of our couples had their
 Life groups on a Friday night, so all
that took out at 5 couples, then one has
 a sick newborn, and another Mom is
 sick and on an on it goes.
 Our group is not huge to start with, 
and you know there is never a good
time for everyone, but didn't think it
would be this we
also know the Lord has his reasons for
why it has turned out this way,  so we
will press on and be happy for the ones
 that do come and and have a fun time 
getting to know them better, and
 that will be that!

Thought I would show you some
more pics from Fall's Past, some 
table tops..........
Well, on with my list.............

I am thankful

that we were able to get a plumber
out here last Friday, mid-day, as we
 had a leak in our guest bathroom 
commode, (iwas in the off/on valve 
underneath),  and it was leaking pretty
fast so we had to turn the water off on
 Thurs. nite and Friday morning.
Which lead to my my # 2 thankful.

for running water in our home. 
Nothing like doing without once again 
to make you realize how blessed we are
 to just turn on the tap and there is water.
 Cannot tell you how many times I went 
over to turn on the water to do something
and then remembered oh yea, we don't
have any water right now.  Was so very
happy when it was all fixed.

that it didn't cost an arm and a leg, for
the plumbers and we thought it was 
very reasonable for what they did.

that we got a lot of work done on
Saturday.  You know how you have
those things that have been nagging
you and you have been putting them
off, so we got a few of those done
and also worked outside some too.
A productive and fun day!!

that we got to sing the "Doxology"
in church on Sunday.  Even tho we
have great music, we don't often
sing the "Doxology", but when we
do it is a very fond remembrance
for me of the Methodist church I
went to with my neighbors as a
child from the age of 7-17 yrs old.
We sang it every Sunday and I just
love that song...........

If you aren't sure what I am talking
about,  here is a lovely rendition
of it.....Just Click here or type in


for a movie we actually came upon
 by accident called "Hidden Secret",  
it just happened to be on the christian
 station after we were watching the
 Pastors we typically watch on
 Sunday evening. It turned out
 to be a really great movie.

that I finally found a pair of sports
shorts online that are long enough
for me to wear.  Most of them are
so short they are ridiculous, and
definitely not for a lady in her......
 60's.  lol  Believe it or not I have
been looking for some for well
over a year.  Just hoping they fit
and are not too long.....they are
a lil longer than my old ones.
So will see..........


for seeing a lovely story on yahoo
news about some white police
officers who bought a bicycle for
a black male teenager, who was
walking 4 hrs. to work and back 
daily trying to save money for
 college.  One of the officers gave
 him a ride home one day and
 found out his story, so he told
his police buddies and they all
chipped in and bought the kid
a bike,  which cut his travel
time in half......the kids last
words were  "not all policemen
are bad"...........
So happy to see the news print-
ing something positive about
our law enforcement.

that DeeAnna and Jerrys (our
daughter and son-in-love) left
permanently for Charleston 
Monday afternoon, and that
the movers and all that had to
be done in Asheville, all went
 well.  The closing on their house
there was Tuesday,  but they had
 already signed papers so they didn't
 have to be there, but it is all a done
 deal as of  3p.m. this afternoon.

They are now officially.......
 Charlestonites!!  lol
So 2 hurdles down...........
 3 more to go!


that the last 3 hurdles are done
and Dee and Jerry are now once
again proud homeowners. They
had their closing Thurs. morning,
then their furniture was delivered
 right after their early morning closing
 and everything was in good con-
dition and fit nicely in their new
 place.....and Jerry even wound
up having the day off.......

Their only bad thing was they
were greeted by a snake!!  lol
I told her well, it figures...right
after the Lord blesses...Satan
always shows up to try and
take your joy away!!

that we got new cell phones
which arrived this week, but now
 we are about the process of 
learning to use them...........
I am so technically challenged,
that is why we still had dumb
phones.........that were 16 yrs.
old, but they were starting to
give us trouble so I finally had
to  Have to say 
we certainly got our moneys
 worth.  lol  It will be nice to
be able to skype lil darling 
at times .....especially if we 
are away. and learn to text...
and use the camera, so guess
it will be interesting and hope-
fully exciting to come into this
My daughter is very excited

that we are invited over to 
Scott and Megans on Sunday
afternoon.  It has been a while
since we have been there.
Between my being sick and
both of them traveling, our
schedules just aren't gelling!!
So we are really looking for-
ward to getting together for
longer that a few minutes. lol


Another week passed.......

where do these weeks

So grateful that you come by

to visit when you can.

Hope you have a lovely day
 and Weekend.

Keep your light shining


Love, Hugs and 

last day of September

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Rebecca said...

Such "legitimate" reasons to be thankful ♥
Besides the assurance of being God's child & knowing He is in control, my biggest thanksgiving THIS week is for cooler, autumn weather. Sometimes I think I would like it to be this way year 'round, but probably I wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do when it rolls around every September/October...

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. I'm thankful you caught it before it could cause great damage! Stockwell Plumbing has always taken care of my problems in the past. Mom and dad started with him back in the 90's. He has always done so good for me!
#2. It is so amazing the conveniences we have! It makes me wonder how people in the past ever did without what we are blessed to have! I guess the saying goes, "What you've never had, you don't miss." I surely would miss my A/C!
#3. Wonderful! GOD's showing His blessings to you!
#4. It's always more fun sharing (even in work, ha!)
#5. That is my song I sing each morning. When I get to "Praise Him we creatures here below," Dolly and Xena (my big dogs) usually have their heads in my lap and wagging their tails!
#6. I appreciate the Christian networks putting on Christian movies!
#7. I surely enjoy the maroon pair of shorts I received as a gift. Megan might want to get me some more for Christmas! I'll e-mail her.
#8. Amen!
#9. YAHOO!!! Praise the LORD for answered prayers! Now I'll pray for their other "3 hurtles!!!"
#10. WOW! Those prayers were answered before I got started! Praise the LORD!
#11. My phone was upgraded, but I told them I didn't want the "Smart Phone" because I don't use all the new stuff (it's cheaper too.)
#12. Have a blessed time!!!
I love you all, Susan

Christine said...

It looks like Fall is bursting forth at your home, past and present.
Being thankful and content is such a blessing and God is pleased.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Rebecca,
The Lord is so good to us all. and yes, knowing that HE is our heavenly Father and that HE has everything all under control, is a daily thankful on my list too in these crazy uncertain
times we are living in...........such a blessing to know!!

Glad to hear you are having cooler weather.....we are waiting waiting for some 70 degree
weather at least, but it typically starts to cool off more around the end of October....
so enjoy every last minute of it. That nice weather was the one thing reason my daughter
didn't want to leave Asheville, cause their weather is pretty nice year round. I have to
say I always felt so good when I was there. I just seem to function better in cool or cooler

Thanks for coming by hon. Have a nice weekend,
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Susan,
Yes, we were quite happy that we caught it and had no water damgage.

Yes, you should let Megan know, as she is looking for ideas for you and shopping already I
think, so let her know right away.

and Yes, the Lord has answered many prayers that we have all sent up for Dee and Jerry....that
is for sure......cause everything went off without a hitch pretty much. So thanks for praying,
I know they appreciate it. They are getting settled in......and seem to really like their house.

Have a good weekend,
Love, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Christine,
Nice to meet you here in blogland..........
Thanks so much for your visit and your kind comments.

Will be by for a visit soon.
Blessings, Nellie

Tammy said...

Great list!
And I love the Doxology, too. We don't sing it enough, imo.

If those shorts work for you, buy several pairs, b/c if you don't,
they'll be gone when you want more. Don't wait, get them asap!

Happy Fall!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Tammy,
You are so right, you can never sing the doxology enough in church.....we can sing it on our
own which I do at times, but it is just not the same as doing it as a congregation......

I did order them immediately. I ordered 2 prs. of medium and 2 larges, just in case as we
have a Dick's sporting goods store I can return them back to if necessary. Can't wait to
get them........Isn't it crazy how it is so hard to find things anymore....use to you could
find anything online.....I have found in the last couple of years it is getting harder to
find things that I used to be able to find........Interesting!!

Thanks so much for coming by and for your encouraging comments.

Have a great weekend,
Blessings, Nellie

Happy Fall to you too, hon.

Patti said...

Such beautiful photos! Funny, when I lived in Florida, I never decorated for fall. I didn't even own a fall decoration until we moved to Idaho. I found it hard to get in a fall mood when it was 90 degrees. Good for you for being able to enjoy fall decor despite the temperature.

Water leaks are the pits, aren't they? We had one about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully, it didn't cause any damage, but that's because we were home when it happened. Had we not been, it would have been a disaster.

I love the Doxology. We are members of a Reformed Presbyterian church (PCA), and the Doxology is a semi-regular part of our music. The Gloria Patri also, if you are familiar with that.

Charleston is closer than Asheville, so visiting with Dee and Jerry will be even more doable. Hope they settle in to their new home quickly...find a church, friends, etc.

A day with Meghan, Scott, and Brooklyn sounds lovely. I know y'all enjoyed every minute.

Blessings, sweet friend.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Patti,
Thank You!
I think I enjoyed Fall so much as a child growing up in N. Fl that I want to enjoy it so
much again that I sort of have to fake myself least it feels like Fall inside.

That is neat yall since the Gloria Patri too, we did that as well in the Methodist church.
Nothing all some of the old hymns of the faith..........

Glad you didn't have any damage from your leak either. Thankful we were home as well, and
we put a pan under it, but had to empty it every 15 mins., so we turned it off at bedtime.
Then turned it on in the morning to make coffee and breakfast then turned it off again
till the plumbers came, so at least we did have that option, but we left it off so there
wouldn't be so much water in the lines when they came to work on it.

Yes, much to our delight Charleston is closer.......we were suppose to be going there
this weekend, but with Hurricane Matthew sitting out there not knowing what it is gonna
do, think we will probably be staying home, cause they might wind up having to evacuate
since they are living near the beach now........So disappointing, but it is what it is,
just have to wait and see, and who knows what the Lord might be sparing us from.....
They moved in last Thursday and have accomplished so much already it is amazing, they
are shaker and movers!! Now we are hoping they find a good church and some good friends,
and a job she likes.........thanks for your sweet wishes for them hon.

Yes, we do so enjoy being with our grown up kiddles and lil darling.......

Hope you have a very good week, our's will be watching and praying about this lovely storm...and hoping and praying it disappears out into the ocean. lol
My heart breaks for those in it's path right now. The water is already knee deep in Haiti.
Scary stuff.......especially when you are in the middle of it..........only the LORD can
give peace in a storm like that..........

Love and Blessings,