Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - November 3, 2011

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Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
and lean not on your own understanding
Proverbs 3:5

Evening  Sweet Peas,

So...... what's up with you
 these days??
Share a thing or two with me, 
 will ya???

I am happy to report my week has consisted of
 doing mostly nothing and loving every minute
 of it!!  lol

I have put away a few things, and I did go to
 the chiropractor yesterday and then shopping 
for my son's birthday and something for my
 hubby for our Anniversary on Monday.  I have
to say I am feeling better but I am still feeling
very tired and drained.  This old gray mare is
not what she used to be............she just does
not have the get up and go she used
Anybody out there relate?????

Which leads me to my first thankful.......

I am thankful
that I am learning that the lack of energy
 is not such a bad thing, because as I have 
slowed my pace,  it has been replaced by a
 more keen awareness and appreciation of 
the beauty God has placed all around me.
I have much more time to notice now, and
to drink in and appreciate those small
special gifts, that God gives us everyday,
and what blessings and happiness that
adds to my days.

I am thankful
that I got to spend some time with a dear
friend this morning lingering over coffee
 and sweet potato pie. We don't often get
 time to spend together, and it is always
 a blessing and encouragment.

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I am thankful
and just have to say it again........ for
all the ways that the Lord blessed the
reception, and the work of our hands.
It truly was a Wonderful Evening!
and so thankful that the video and all
 the pictures came out so beautifully.

If you missed the Wedding Pictures
and would like to take a peek

I am thankful
that I just got 2 very nice Thank You
cards in the mail from Jerry's family.
Very sweet , saying how much they enjoyed
the lovely evening.  Always nice to hear!

I am thankful
for all the leftover food we had, cause it has kept me
 from having to cook all week.  Nice!!    lol

I am thankful
that we get to celebrate Scott's birthday
and our Anniversary together as a family
 on Sunday.
Scott was our 7th Anniversary present,
 we actually brought him home from the
 hospital on our day!  
and hubby played "Watching Scotty Grow"
on the tape player, hence,  why I was so
emotional when He and I were dancing
at his wedding.........
Same Song,  lots of Memories.

Still can't believe both of our children
got married this year...............

I am thankful
for my chiropractor,  as he keeps  me
straightened out!!  lol
Seriously tho, my fingers were number
than usual,  and I wasn't in any pain or 
anything,  (thankfully) just more numbness,
 but, after my adjustment I have more feeling 
in my fingers again.  A good thing!!  lol

I am thankful
for Kohl's department store,  and how I
always find the nicest deals on clothing
for my guys there.

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry are picking up Scott's
cake, he wants what they call a "Chocolate
 Killer Cake" from a restaurant. They are
also doing the salad,  two less things for me
 to do.... since this is my lazy

I am thankful
for some beautiful red chargers that my  friend brought
  to me.  I have always wanted some,  but could never make
 up my mind what color to get. 
 So no worry about that anymore!!  lol

Does anyone else out there find yourself having a harder
 time making decision as you get older???  I used to be so 
decisive, but now I have the hardest time making up my 
mind at times.    Crazy!!  

I am thankful
that hubby is gonna be able to take a week
 off at Christmas,  cause that has been a 
Christmas tradition with our family for years,
 Dad was always off same time as the kids when
 they were out of school.  We didn't know if he 
would be able to this year since he has the new
job,  but not a problem!  We all love that he
is home during that time!!

I am thankful
for a lovely Dracena plant that Scott brought
 me last weekend,  it is very pretty and healthy.
 Need to find a pretty pot to match with what
 is on my porch already,  cause think that
 would be a great place to put it.

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Well,  that is my list of blessings
 for this week...................

Hoping you are looking for yours
 as well, Cause they are there for
 all of us, 
we just gotta look for them.............

Love, Hugs,
and  Fall Floral Blessings,


  1. That's a nice list! Glad your hubby will be home also for Christmas week. I'm thankful my hubby will be home period this year! Since last year he was still in Afghanistan and the year before he left for Afghanistan the day after Christmas. So for the past two years the holidays have not been too happy for us. Glad you're able to rest from all your hard work! Still hoping you post pictures of the reception. Hope you have a nice weekend celebrating the birthday and your anniversary!!! Enjoy Nellie!

  2. #1. OH, DON'T YOU KNOW! That's exactly why I could no longer be on that fast road to insanity! I'm so glad I retired! Some horror stories I have heard from some of the teachers this year makes me know it was my LORD that led me to retire. If I hadn't I'm sure it would have led to a heart attack! I thank GOD every day that I can spend hours in the morning in His WORD, in prayer for others, in conversation with the LORD. I share everything and wait to see His loving response!
    #2. I spent time with my friend, Alice, yesterday. I pray for the schedule she is on. I know it must be getting tougher the older you get to be on call as well as out all night with her career.
    #3. Prayers answered!!! Lovely evening with a beautiful niece, her husband, and our families!
    #4. Cards show the hard work you put into a celebration blessed by our LORD!
    #5. Yes, yes, yes! I roasted some more vegetables. The pan is full and lasts me several days!
    #6. Another greatly blessed weekend for our loved ones!
    #7. I just went yesterday (Thursday.) It surely makes a difference. I don't realize how out of alignment I am until the popping and cracking occurs, ha! Pop, pop, Crack, tis; oh what a relief it is, lol!
    #8. It is great to find a store that "works" for you no matter what it is you go for!
    #9. It's great to let others start doing some things for you. Let me know If I can bring something! I can be the clean up lady since it is yours, Jim's, and Scott's celebration!
    #10. CHARGERS! DODGE CHARGES!!!! The ones with 500 horse power, auto stick shift on the floor!!! (Yeah, we wished, lol!)
    #11. That is so great! Just another blessing from our LORD!
    #12. I can hardly wait to see it on Sunday!
    I hope you were able to see the e-mail about the flowers.
    Love to all of you,

  3. Hi Nellie, that is a beautiful thankful list here, and you found good photos to accompany it. I start each day with a prayer of specific thanks. This is my first visit here and I will now find your follow link.

  4. HivNellie

    What a great list of thankfuls.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to your son.

    I am getting swo much needed rest this weekend.

    Blessings & Love

  5. Great reflections....I can identify with many of them.

  6. Gorgeous pics! Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie. Your posts always make my heart smile Ÿ

  7. What a lovely thankful list. Number 1 really resonated with me. Sometimes what seems to be a pitfall can actually turn into a blessing.

    This was beautiful.


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