Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dee and Jerry's Wedding Pictures

Hi Sweet Friends,

How's life been treating you,
 so far, this week??

It's been good to me,  I have hardly done a thing, 
 just like I said!
It is nice to have some break from doing and scheduling
I must say,  and just be able to drink it all in and think
about it for a bit.  Finally, got the approval, so have
some great pictures to show you!!

It was hard choosing cause they are all so good!
but I did my best to pick my favorites.............
So here goes.....................

This is the place where they were wed,  it is at a 3 bedroom Villa
 they rented sorta tucked in the mountains,  and behind the
  gazebo is the Caribbean Sea.

Welcome to St. Lucia, West Indies

As you can see it was a beautiful day for a Wedding, and the
patio area was all decked out in Island flair.

Groom is getting ready!

and looking mighty sharp and handsome
I might add!!

On his way out to wait for the love of his life!

Beautiful bouquet of Red Ginger and white Orchids,
rings, and the Bride's shoes all waiting to be put to use.

Beautiful rings of promise!

Bride getting ready for her Sweet and Loving groom!

Dress awaiting  the bride with a lovely
ocean view!

Just a few pictures before she departs
to meet her groom!  I want a big picture
of this one!!

She looks ready to me!!

This is one of my all time favorites.
Makes me think of that Stevie Wonder

Isn't she lovely......isn't she wonderful......

 Here he is waiting on his love.

 And here she comes............

He spots her..............

and now she spots him!

Love her dimples here!!!  The Pastor had a very Island accent.
In fact,  when he said for bettah (better)or worse,  they were
 concentrating so hard on what he said they said it the
 same way he did,  it was so cute!!  

He was giving them words of blessing and
ended with "Good living and Good Loving,
How bout that! "   So cute!   lol

Here they are Mr. and Mrs. G

Will probably show you some more
pictures in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by,
 and hope you enjoyed the Wedding!!

We sure did........................

Love, Hugs, and Island
 "Don't Worry, Be Happy" 



  1. What a beautiful couple in splendid surroundings. The love and joy shows on their faces. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us and I'll be watching for more.

    hugs to you my friend.

  2. Hi Nellie, Oh what a beautiful bride and couple they make. The gown was incredible and I loved the ruffle. So glad the weather cooperated and they look so in love.
    Hugs today sweet friend.

  3. Such interesting pictures and what a beautiful spot!

  4. Nellie

    Such beautiful pictures. Dees dress and flowers were so beautiful as she and her groom are. What a wonderful blessing. We are so lucky to have photos and videos to see all the beautiful moments we have.
    You should be so proud that you raised such a wonderful women.

    Blessings & Love

  5. Love seeing the photos again, and sharing in your joy!! They are a wonderful couple, as well as stunning together! So thankful for God's provision of a good man for her, and you know I will be praying for them through the years!!
    Love you,

  6. Beautiful!!! DeeAnna is so beautiful! The smiles on her face were definitely true smiles of joy! Jerry is so handsome in his tux! I so much enjoyed being with them at your reception for them! They have and will continue to be in my daily prayer journal!

    I love you all so, so, so much,

  7. Oh Nellie, what beautiful pictures! Loved everyone of them! Her dress is so pretty! And the groom is very nice looking! It looks like a beautiful place to have a wedding and they look so happy! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. They look like movie stars, gorgeous! She is so pretty and that has to be one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen. I'm so glad I picked today to drop in. I've been busy this week (you can see pictures on my blog) and I finally had some time to catch up with my favorite bloggers! What a glorious day for a wedding!

  9. Dee is absolutely stunning in her bridal gown. What a gorgeous dress and very beautiful couple. All the best to them forever!

  10. Oh, Nellie - what gorgeous pictures!! Honestly, it looks like a photo shoot out of a bridal magazine! What a fairytale:) as most weddings are!! I know your heart must be full!!

  11. What a beautiful wedding! The bride and groom are beautiful as well!

  12. Your daughter is beautiful Nellie! Her dress is so pretty and the look on his face as his beloved heads his way...so very sweet! Such a handsome couple and I pray many, many blessings for their life together!

  13. Wow! What a wedding! I love the dress. It's very different. You sure had a great time. Congratulations!

  14. Nellie, I hope and pray for them a bright future! Dee has a pretty face, gorgeous hair and a tiny waist! A truly beautiful bride, plus a handsome groom. On another subject, you asked about our snow. It is not uncommon to have a snow this time of year but it would be unusual if it stayed. It is almost all gone; it was 56 degrees today - cold for you, but I thought it was a warm, beautiful day!
    Blessings, Beth


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