Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday.............

Top of the Morning to You
Sweet Friends,

How are ya??  Hope you had a restful
and relaxing weekend, and are all ready
to go today!!

That is what restful, relaxing weekends usually do
 for me,  and that was what ours was like,  and I am
 like a locomotive this morning............raring to go,
  and getting a lot accomplished,  and filled with ideas
 which is great since I am hopefully gonna start my
Fall decorating today!

We watched a couple of movies, one was a fun
romantic comedy called "Pizza my heart",  very
cute,  and the other one was " Secret of Arrow'
head lake",  it was quite good,  a good story
mystery sort of..............quite enjoyable!

Also did a much needed job of cutting our
bushes back in the front of our house.  Some
have been here all 32 years,  and they just
get so big,  and really don't do much for our
landscape, I have to say.  Every few years 
we cut them way back,  and then they look 
better,  and this was our year to do that and
 we never got to it, so we are paying for it
I really just want to take them out....but it
is pretty hard getting those old time roots
out,  course,  it can be done,  just have to
have the do it.  Guess that is
 lacking at this point, problem is I don't know
 what I would put in their place.  hmmm
Something to think about for next spring.

Sunday after church we got a few tacos, then
headed to yomii for frozen yogurt,  I got cookies
 and cream, cake batter, and chocolate.  All was
delicious and yummy, and it was in the low
80's and breezy so we actually sat outside and
and can't tell you how refreshing and fun that was,
so wonderful that those 100 degree temps have thrilled about that!!

Did you notice the header picture?  That was my
 fun breakfast this morning  and thought I would 
share with you.  It is healthy too!  and did I
mention delcious..................

Here is all you need to make it.  They have 4 different
varieties of these bel vita breakfast biscuits.  I used the
Blueberry ones here,  but have also done it with the
brown sugar and cinnamon,  both are wonderful.

You can use 1 or 2 wedges of laughing cow depending
 on how much you like,  just spread it on the cookies 
biscuits, then slice your strawberries and add to the top, 
 and if you want,  you can drizzle with a teeny bit of sugar.

Are you hungry yet??  Bad aren't I??

Tempting you like

They are also great for a snack or dessert!

I have done them with peaches too,  wonderful
as well....................


Hope you have a....
 Marvelous Monday.

Thanks for stoppin' in, 
 always love to hear from you!

Hugs and 
Strawberry Blessings,

P.S. And thanks for all your 
sweet well wishes for us new 
grand parents to be...........
They were a blessing!!


Lois Christensen said...

I love Laughing Cow cheese! And you introduced them to me a few years ago with the fruit on top! I love that for breakfast or a snack! I remember our house in NJ had bushes like yours and one summer hubby decided to take them out, there were 4 of them. They were so big and overgrown and he worked ALL day on them and finally they were gone. Of course that was 10 years ago! The movies and your tacos sound good! Hope you had a nice Monday!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Your breakfast does look yummy even tho it is the afternoon as I am writing this comment.

I got to meet the grand dog maggie which was made me so happy. She is a friendly puppy that likes to chew. Our cats did not like her but she thought they wanted to play.

We had a bit of a panic at our house this weekend. Morgan got stung by a bee so we had to use the epi pen for the first time. Her daddy my son had to give the shot while I held her down. Everything turned out fine. It was by the grace of God that I did not end up going to the football game so I was there to help. Kind of funny how it worked out. The forecast was supposed to be 84 at kickoff and too hot for me in the sun so I opted out. The temperature did not even get to 70. I believe it was meant that I needed to stay home.

Well you have a good week!


Sister Susie said...

Happy Monday to you too! I was awakened by a surprise. My two little stinkers have learned how to get out of their kennel. They were good. they didn't get into anything. The clothes pins won't work anymore. I guess I'll have to go to velcro!

I joined Netflix this passed Saturday. It works great on my computer. The volume is really low. I went into the audio control system, but it has it at the max, as is the speaker on the taskbar and on the netflix video. I'll have to look for the movies you mentioned. I watch on the computer as well as have them sent in the mail.

The weeds are finally dying where George sprayed them. I hope I can get them to pull out!

We ladies went to Perkins after church. I'll be meeting Sylvia there tomorrow for our second Tuesday of the month brunch!

Your breakfast looks yummy to the tummy! My fruit is all frozen. I don't know what it would taste like when thawed out. I use it for smoothies.
Love to you all, Susan