Monday, September 17, 2012

Is anyone else feeling badly for Princess Kate and Prince William

Prince William and Princess Katherine in the
Solomon Islands.  Love the look on his face.
They are simply adorable!

Good Monday Morning to you
Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a good weekend??

I was just reading the yahoo news again about the situation
 with the nude photos of Princess Kate.  Is anyone else in
blogland feeling badly for Kate and Will??

  I think it is deplorable
that someone would do that,  it isn't like she was out flaunting 
herself all over the place trying to attract attention or some-
thing.  For heavens sake,  she was nude sunbathing with her
 husband in a private place.  I think she is such a lady and
I am sure she is probably embarrassed beyond measure, and
I am sure Prince William probably feels terrible that he can't
protect her from this,  and I feel for both of them that this
has to be a horrible reminder of what his dear mother,
 Princess Di,  had to go through, and the ultimate cause
 of her death. 

 What is it with people??  They need
to get a life.....................and think!
Think about how they would feel if someone did that to 
their Wife, Mother, Sister, Relative or Friend. 

 I am very happy the royal family is persuing it in court,
 and I hope and pray they bankrupt that magazine and any
 other tabloids or magazines that invade the privacy of
 people like that.  Just because they are famous doesn't
 give anyone the right to do that...........

Just read where Prince Williams wants the perpetrator
to have criminal charges...........Go Prince William!
This is the same magazine that produced all the photos
of princess Di after the car crash...........I hope Prince
William gets what he is asking for, and that it puts
and end to this type of thing for good!

and just so you is not like I am hawking
nude sunbathing or anything, never done it and at
my age probably never will, but feel that her
privacy should have never been invaded like that.
She is probably very much regretting that decision
and they are probably realizing how much they
underestimated the papparazzi's,
If truth be known they probably climbed up on a
roof or scaled the side of a bldg. or something
to get those pictures.............

Well, stepping off my soapbox

We had a nice quiet and restful weekend,  did attend
another funeral on Sat., it was for a sweet man at our
church who had ALS.  It really was a lovely service
and tribute to his life.  Worked in the yard some,
and Sunday we worked in the Nursery with the 
toddler's during the service.  Now it has been a
lot of years since we did that,  and oh my gosh,
we are so out of

Thankfully, we had some teen girls and a few Mom's
 helping out too, who knew the ropes!  I was trying
to stop this one lil guy from turning his sippy cup
upside down,  and one of the Mom's said not to
worry....see...and she turned it upside down and
nothing came out,  and I said
and she said yea, they make them like that now.
I felt older than dirt!!  lol
I have to say honestly,  that the nursery has never
 really been my area of giftedness anyway,  of course,
 I did it when our kids were in there as all good

I am kinda of an older kid person,  we are strange
we like teenagers!  I have never been a woman
who goes, Oh a baby,  let me have her!!  lol
But I have to say I adored my own,  but enjoyed
them so much more once they were talking and
walking........mainly, because I could never stand 
it when they were crying and I couldn't figure 
out what was wrong with them, made me a
wreck......and I am very thankful to hear from
lots of friends that you love your grandchildren
 even more, as it is just like having your own 
children all over again,  accept without all
the work! Now I like the sounds of that!! lol
So if all that is true,  then I am in good shape
with our new grandbundle coming in March of
next year!  Shew!!  lol

Well, guess I had best get busy.

You have a good day now,
and thanks for your visit.

Be sure and leave a comment 
telling us how you feel about
 the situation with
Princess Kate............

Hugs and Good Week Blessings,


sistersusiesays said...

I hadn't seen this! With my modesty, I could never find myself being outside anywhere in the nude! I get panicked if I'm in my nightgown and someone rings my doorbell, ha! As bad as these photographers are, I don't think I would have chanced it if I had been her. The cameras they have today have such zoom power, they could have been a mile away and wouldn't have known it, much less be seen by their victims. They should have these people judged with the fullest extent of the law!!!

I also attended his funeral. I was on the other side of the camera station. I attended in support on Friday evening as well. Thank you for letting me know about the preordering of the food at Olive Garden!!

The nursery! I think some people I know are getting in some "practice" before the grandbaby arrives, ha!

I have always found myself geared to the younger ones. They haven't learned the testing by mouth as yet, ha! I was always better with kindergarten than older students when I taught. Praise the LORD for retirement! Of course it will be much more easier with one than a classroom full!

You are in good shape with kids no matter what! You have always been a great mom (even to older people like myself who needed to see "the light" of things!) You will be a great gramma!
Love to you all, Susan

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

It is despicable for the press to hound these people like hunting dogs. I wish them all the best in defending their privacy.

Neabear said...

I sort of heard about Princess Kate, but did not dig enough really to find out what it was about. Thank you for your clarification. I would be upset if I was them. Those tabloids should be shut down. I never read them, because the covers usually disgust me since I know it is most likely not true. I am out of the loop obviously. I did not realize you are going to be grandparents!!! Congrats! I need to get back to reading blogs more often I can keep up. Been awhile since I posted too. Need to to that as well.

Take care,


Journey said...

Hello my honey!!!!!

Unknown said...

I do feel bad that their privacy has been invaded. However, I for one have never sunbathed nude and if I did would not have an expectation of privacy. Also they get plenty of perks to counteract the hassle of a lack of privacy imho.

Do think they're an adorable couple though!

Sue said...

I have always had a soft spot for Di's "boys" as they are the same ages as my 2 kids. I do feel horrible for them that they get no privacy, ever. I think it is dangerous and unfair. However...I also think that in her position, nude sunbathing anywhere was probably a bad idea.

Janet said...


I am glad you wrote something about Kate. What a terrible invasion of her privacy. I don't think the tabloids will ever stop. The only way they will is when people stop buying them. I wish the stores would quit selling them too.
I would live to see a magazine in positive encouraging things such a testimonies.

Thank you for your BLOG