Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 20, 2012

No, this isn't my front door, altho it is this color of red,
 This is a public domain picture that I just thought was pretty!

  Greetings Sweet Peas,

So how has your week been??
Wonderful, I hope!

Mine has been very good, I was out more this
week which was fun. Went to lunch with Dee,
 and did some food shopping and looking around.
Today was bible study and went to Bealls look-
ing at clothes.  Tried on a cute looking hounds-
tooth print outfit, but felt like I looked like a
 houndstooth pumpkin in it!! lol
 Did buy my first Christmas present today,  I 
usually don't start until mid to end of October, 
but just happened on something, so decided
 to grab it while I saw it!! 

Was finished with my Fall decorating then 
decided I should change some things around 
in my foyer, since it looked more springish, 
and decided it would look funny to come in
from Fall stuff at the front door to a spring
foyer, which led to the living room as well,
 still working on it, but just about done.

Well, better get on with my list or I am
gonna tell you all of my thankfuls before
I even get

All the rest of these are my pics from last year or the year before!

I am thankful
that I finally met a lady I have heard about a
 lot lately, but had never met, she will be heading 
up the women's ministry in our church.  I was
delighted to meet her this morning as she visited
with our bible study group.  She is a lovely lady.
Now I don't have to wonder who she is anymore!!

I am thankful
for a  new shiny creamy white ceramic pumpkin
 we found on a quick trip to Hobby Lobby last
night.  She was beautiful and 40% off,  so she
just had to make her way to our house,  since
I decided to make my white living room look
a bit Fallish too!  

I am thankful
for a nice movie we watched last night called
the Notebook III.  It really was a very good
movie,  and had the same characters in it from
the Notebook II,  also a great movie as well.

I am thankful
for afternoon which I am about
to partake.  Don't do it often, but certainly more than
I used to..........  but when I do, just a short 30 min.of
kicking back in the recliner, whether I sleep or not
is so rejuvenating!

I am thankful
that I finally decided on a new dentist for us.
After much research and arduous decision making
I called and made appts. for us yesterday!
Don't know about you,  but just don't make
decision as easily as I used

I am thankful
for something I read today, that said Christianity
is the fastest growing religion in the world, and
that it is spreading like wildfire in other countries
like, China, India, Africa, and southeast Asia.
I find that incredibly exciting considering our
culture today!

I am thankful
for all things Fall, especially pumpkins,  I just
love pumpkins,  and I love anything made with
pumpkin especially pumpkin pie, and pumpkin
butter, which is next on my list to make.

I am thankful
for a sweet compliment I got on my daughter from
her older co-worker yesterday when I went to pick
 her up to go to lunch. Makes a Mom's heart sing!!
Would just love to be a fly on the wall and watch
her as she does her job sometime,  cause I just
 know she does a great job!

I am thankful
for all the sweet things that she tell that Jerry does
for her as well.  He is really good to her.......
Another thing that makes a Mom's heart sing!! lol

I am thankful
we are gonna do something with Scott and Megan
 this weekend,  as we haven't seen the in awhile.

I am thankful
that Princess Kate and Prince William did get
some justice from the courts on their invasion of
privacy situation, altho,  I doubt with the internet
media that it will kill all of the pictures unfortunately.
At least it might help to quell them being hunted
down and  infringed upon the way they are.
I don't care how much money someone has,
or how famous or popular they are, no one has
the right to treat people like that, it's just wrong!!

I am thankful
for a delicious low fat white sauce recipe I found 
online that is made with rice flour.  I made it tonight
to go on our cauliflower.  I have not had that in years
and it was sooo good.  I think it would make great
sausage gravy to go on biscuits as well. Yum!
My dad used to make that and it was so wonderful!
Also would make great creamed squash or cream

of broccoli soup.  If anyone is interested let me
know and I will share the recipe.

and this is my front door!!

Well, that is it for this Thursday.....

Thanks for stopping in...........
and for your sweet comments,
  it is always great to hear form you.

Love, Hugs, and
 Sweet Pumpkin Blessings,


Sister Susie said...

#1. She is very nice. I met her yesterday in our Bible group. She is really going to greatly assist the mixing of all of our ladies ministries in the church.
#2. Shiney ceramic objects are so pretty. They have such a deep color to them even when they are white!
#3. I'm still finding my way around the Netflix choices. I didn't realize I hadn't finished filling out the survey of likes. I thought I was finished with the first page, whoops! I have had it a week and just today filled out the whole survey of "likes!" I have ordered some through the mail as well as watched many on my computer. The only problem is I can hardly hear them on the computer! I've gone into every file of the computer and put the volume to the max!
#4. I know what you mean! Especially when Sarah has kept me up throughout the night. She doesn't meow anytime throughtout the day, but let me go to bed and she starts!
#5. I've done well with my two visits a year. I did have to have a filling replaced. The first in about 30 years!
#6. I hope it begins again in America!
#7. I had some pumpkin cheesecake from the Olive Gaden the other day. It was really good!
#8. Isn't is great to hear such compliments that makes you want to peek in on them, ha!
#9. I'm so happy they want to be involved with church. It is so important for young couples to learn to love the LORD!
#10. Enjoy your time!!!
#11. Sad to say, over the coming years it's bound to pop up every now and then after so many people from the internet have gotten their hands on the downloaded pictures.
#12. I remember you saying the mess with all of the pots and pans he used, ha! But it was worth the taste!!! Your daddy was a great cook!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Hi! I am finally making good on my plan to visit some blogs today! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your kids (or are going to). My daughter is finally getting to come home in October after 18 months!! I'm grateful for that. She will be here 9 days!!

I love white pumpkins, sounds so pretty!

Rebecca said...

How pleasant your week sounds, Nellie. I love naps, also :) Especially on these cool days we're enjoying lately.

Walking on Sunshine said...

Rice flour? You'll have to share the recipe! Always on the look out for something low calorie! The white pumpkin sounds nice. Every now and then I enjoy a little nap also, but just a short one! Or I won't get to sleep at night! Enjoy your Sunday! Did you enter our Fan Giveaway on the linky party? Come enter! Ends tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie,

Jim is cooking dinner and I have a minute so thought I jump over here and see what is new. Your life just seems so dreamy ans you go along decorating your home and enjoying your family. I bet you fall stuff is so pretty/ I love fall too. It is just the gate way to so many fun things coming up.

We have been so crazy busy I just need to put the skids on something. I have been teaching a lot and am also doing some of my own Swedish family history. I have learned a whole lot in the last month or some about our ancestors from Sweden. I am having a dinner party for 8 tomorrow night and getting a mammo this week and blood draw and shingles shot. All just part of the old routine. Those are my last three things hopefully. Did the dentist last week. It is the first time in a couple of years I have actually been home long enough to get it all done this month..I had been procrastinating because I too needed a new doctor. I just hate the starting over with a new person, don't you?

Have been following the political scene and to me the choice is clear. It is amazing people cannot see where Christ resides in all of it.

I hope all is going very well for all of you. I was wondering if you could send me Susie's email via email. I have something to send her but for some reason her email is not in my contacts anymore. thanks so much. Love you sweet friend. Take care of you for me! Hugs, Bonnie

Janet said...


What a nice list of thankfuls. I am so glad to see so much positive and see someone like you live each day and find the smallest thanks to give.
I have been so busy and a little lazy. I love the fall so much.
I will be back to blogging soon. Seems like I am taking longer breaks but I too am enjoying life.
Can't wait to hear next weeks thankfuls.

Have a good week!