Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Table Top Tuesday - Fall cuteness................

Hello There Sweet Friends,

Hope your weekend and Monday was good!

We had a very nice weekend and Monday,
but today I am feeling like I am trying to come
down with something.......feel exhausted and
had a slight headache when I got up, but about
an hour ago I started feeling achy all over
 and chilled.  Real excited about that!!  lol

So am gonna cut this short,  cause as soon as I
 am done with this post I am headed in for a nap
 and hoping to stave this stuff off.!!
If you feel led to pray for me, I promise, I want
mind a bit!!  lol

Well,  this is the top of my serving cart that is
in between the family and dining room.

This just showed a better shot of the picture but sort of cut the
other stuff off.................

Here is a bigger shot.  Can you tell it is a Thomas Kincaid print.
I love his work.........was very saddened by his passing!

I think I love this picture so much because it reminds me of the
year that we lived in Germany way back when we were first

 Here is a cute lil pumpkin made by Becky from over at
Time washed,  several years ago.  Set it on a plate with
potpourri and stuck those lil glitz leaves on there.

colored pencil affect.

and I love getting these lil guys out,  there is a lil
girl which you will see in a moment!
I just love their lil smilin faces................
they make me smile just like my smilin snowmen
at Christmas!  Just so cute!!

My lovely ceramic pumpkin from my sweet
SIL Susan.  I have really enjoyed it!

a lil pumpkin photholder I got at Target
years ago,  so stuck it in the clay pot and
stuck a lil scripture verse on it.

 and that prayer goes for you too!!

and last but not least is the lil cutie patootie girl!
So darn cute.....................

Well, this is just one of my table tops,
there will be more to come.................

Glad you came by,  and look forward
to hearing from you!

I am linking up to Marty over at
a stroll thru life, click here to see
fabulous table tops!

Have a Wonderful Day!


A Wonderful Fall Yall!



Marie said...

Love your Fall accessories. Hope you feel better soon. I just got over that cold a few days ago so I know how you feel. Lots of rest will really help which I can't get much of. :(



Walking on Sunshine said...

I started praying even before you asked! Hope by this time, 4:00 in the afternoon, you're feeling rested and not so sick! I love your decorating and even the cute little fall people! I can see why they bring smiles to your face! Hope the rest of your day is going good!

Sister Susie said...

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. I have put you in my daily prayer journal. I have been sick with a chest infection that started in my sinese. I now have a dry cough and sound like I'm in a barrel when I talk!

I always love to see your seasonal decorations. There is just a little cool in the air, and even some fog yesterday!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your tabletops!

Love to you all, Susan

CAS said...

Sweet table vignette, Nellie. Isn't Fall just the best? I hope you feel better very soon.


NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Love your fall decorations-especially the pumpkins. I've been so busy with grands that I haven't gotten by. Hope you are enjoying your day and didn't get sick.
Hugs, Noreen