Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend update and Great Video to boost your Christmas Enjoyment!

Scenes from cozy Place 2010

Morning Sweet Friends,

I am up early this morning cause we have gone to
 bed really early the last few nights, a real record
for us!  lol .  So have been up since 5 cause my
 back want let me sleep any

Been thinking about you and wondering
 how you are all coming along with your
 Christmas preparations??  and If you
are enjoying the Christmas Season,
sure hope you are!!

Myself.........I did nothing towards our Christmas
 preparations this weekend, other than early on Friday, 
 but never got as far as I was hoping,  but oh well, 
however did get to watch our lil darling which was
 way more fun anyway!!  
Friday night hubby and I made rolo pretzels candies
(if anyone would like the recipe to the easiest and
tastiest lil goodies imaginable,  let me know and
I will post it) and I also made brownies to take to
 a Christmas get together for Sat.Afternoon, so 
that was fun,  then we watched Christmas vacation.
  My hubby just loves that movie........ and it really 
 is a riot!!   We have always had the made for TV 
version,  but our video is all messed up now,  and 
we have been trying to find a made for TV version, 
 but they just don't exist it seems anymore............ 
Think the cable stations have bought the rights to
 them or something.  So hubby ran to Walmart on
 Friday at lunch to pick up something and saw the
 movie there and bought it, so now we use the TV
 guardian with it, and it takes out any bad language.
So that is nice.......but it sort of takes out the whole
sentence when it does, course, we pretty much
know it by heart by
  I think he likes it so much because of the nostalgia,
 cause it used to be a family tradition for us to all
 watch it together  every year.  I love that he is
 nostalgic like that!  It is a good thing!!
 I saw a T-shirt at Wally world the other night,
 that said "The Griswold family Tree" and it 
 has what looks like it has a cross-stiched car
 with a tree on top, on the front of the T-shirt,
so just had to get that for him.  Thought it was
so cute..................

Saturday we went to the Christmas gathering
which was in another close by town,  and an
area of the town we had never been in before
so that was fun.  Then we went out to dinner
at roadhouse grill,  then came home and went
 to bed at 9:30..........that just never happens
here.............think all these late nights we have
had here recently watching Christmas movies
has finally caught up with us!!  lol

Sunday was church of course,  and we had
our Christmas contata in the morning Services
this year,  and oh...........what a lovely contata
it was.  Simply beautiful,  like a little foretaste
of Heaven on Earth.  Sooo.........adds to our
Christmas Celebrations!
Then we got yomii and went to Target to try
and find a new tree topper cause our old one
is too our tree rotates,  so we
thought if we could pin something to the ceiling 
over the tree,  that looks like it touches the tree
 but really doesn't that would work.  Think what
we got might still be too heavy........

Then last night Megan and Scott had invited
us to go to a restaurant they have told us about
but we have never been to yet,  so we went, and
 it was really delish.  It is called "The Garlic",
and it is in New Smyrna Beach,  so it was a lil
bit of a drive,  about 30-40 mins.  Brooklyn went
with us,  and she was so good, and practically
everybody that sees her has to stop and talk to
her and say how cute she is.  Megan puts head
bands on her and they make her look even more
adorable.  So we had a fun evening,  but since
 we didn't get a nap we were whipped again, 
 so hit the bed by 10:00.

Is this a sign we are getting old????  lol

Today,  gotta get that dining room table cleared 
off, so we can mess it up again with wrapping
 paper and

Well, I will leave you with a great
 video that will bring you some 
Christmas cheer..............
especially if you feel in need of 
some, take the time to watch it.....
don't think you will be sorry
 you did.....

Have a Fun and Productive
 week ahead!

Thanks for stoppin in..............

Love,  Hugs and
Merry Christmas Blessings,

Wow,  only 9 more days.............


  1. I enjoyed going to the teachers Christmas party at one of the teachers' home. There were few that could come, so she had it at her home. It was good to see teachers I hadn't seen for 2 1/2 years!

    I really enjoyed our church's Christmas program too. Though I help video tape it, I don't think they can put it on the website due to copy write laws to the recorded music.

    I'm almost finished with my shopping. I've been trying to find some Bible storybooks for children Brooklyn's age.

    I watched "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby. I had never seen it before!! I forgot how great the dancers and singers of the late 40's and early 50's were!

    I had seen the video before, but didn't remember most of it! What a great place to go caroling for Christ's birth! They really had strong voices without using mics!

    On my blog I've been doing a "12 Days of Christmas" based on Christ's birth.
    I always love reading your blog, Love Susan

  2. Happy for all the sweetness and joy that you experience and communicate with your family and friends, Nellie. I know the days of Christmas prep and celebration will be filled with even more good things for you :) Merry Christmas.

  3. I've been ready to fall asleep early myself, Nellie. I think the weather has something to do with it {plus it is dark by 5:30 now, which throws me off}. We watch Christmas Vacation every year, too. It is a real favorite of ours. We haven't watched it yet, but I'm figuring this weekend we will, along with another favorite of mine, A Christmas Story.

  4. Yes, I definitely think it is a sign of "getting older!" The other sign is that we like to eat our evening meal (we call it dinner as opposed to supper) early, and when we go out to eat, we rarely have to wait -- most people are not eating at!

  5. LOVE this time of year, just for the Christmas movies! LOL I could watch them all day and night! Hope your holidays are going well.

  6. What a great update! Made me chuckle a couple of times! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my neighbood tour. Have a merry Christmas. ~Zuni

  7. Great video! It's so great that Brooklyn is such a good baby that you can take to restaurants. I still have no idea what we're doing for Christmas. LOL!

    Merry Christmas!!♥

  8. Merry Christmas, Nellie! Your home is looking lovely. Speaking of movies, last Saturday I went on a bus tour to Denison,IA, which is where Donna Reed grew up. We went to the Donna Reed Theatre for the Performing Arts. We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" there. Had a great time! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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