Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Paris Themed Table for hubby and lil darling...............

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a nice weekend
and Monday...........

We did....got to relax but also
did quite a bit of yard work which
is good..........

Finally getting around to showing
yall my Guy/Girl birthday table
for hubby and lil darling....I did
try to keep it from being too girly
but wasn't greatly successful....lol
Thank goodness my hubby is very
secure in his manhood......and will
do anything for this lil girl.....

I was in process of trying to figure
out what I could do that would work
for both of them, and my light bulb
moment came with me coming
 across these adorable appetizer/bread 
plates that I found last year at Maxx
and because we have Paris souveneirs,
knew one day they would be a table
scape for someone or some ocassion.
Never thought it would be for both
their birthdays...........

When I saw the Paris plates I thought
that these would be fitting....as Hubby and
I went to Paris way back when we were 
just married a few years because we lived
 in Germany, and I have all these metal
 replica souveneirs of Paris, that lil darling
 likes to play with, and the were gray and
pink, so thought this could work.
So my idea was born..............

So next I needed napkins, so went to
the party store and purchased gray and
pink napkins, and they even had Eifel
towers for $1.29 each,  so bought a
few more of those, and I was ready to
start working on the table.

Decided to display the souveneirs
 on a cakestand, but it looked too 
cluttered with just one, so stacked
 the cake plates and put the Eifel
Tower and the Arc of Triumphe
 on the top so it would look like
the inspiration plates, then needed
some frou frou, but it had to be
 simple as this was a guy/girl table
after all.................
So had these small flowers in 
my stash that were peachy pink
and blue, so it added just a touch
to not looks so bare.

This was lil darling place.  Since the
tablecloth was white I used an unfolded
napkin like a place mat.  Pink for the
girls and gray for the guys.

a look down the table.........

Had also seen these lil
Paris scrapbooking cuties,
so figured I might use them

and they came in handy as sort
of a fill in for empty spots.....

Just cut them out and laid them 
on top of the tablecloth.

Here is birthday boys spot
I only had 4 of the the lil Paris
plates, so used those for the girls
and gave the guys white ones
 along with a metal Eifel Tower.

and added the lil scrapbook
embellishments at the top of
their napkins...........If you look
closely you can see it in the 
pic above this one

Decided to tuck some napkins
in the clear glasses to add a lil
more color.  Also bought some
silver candies while at the party
store which was a good match.

Here is just another side of
the centerpiece....

Decided to look up what the 
saying was
on the plates just for grins......

It says:
I Love Paris and that was
certainly true for us....

Thus where the idea for the
silver heart confetti came
from,  and added a nice bit
of bling as well.

and of course,  we always need
some candle light, so had these
cute lil hobnail custard dishes
that came in handy.

We also had this big Eifel Tower
 in black that goes in our computer/
office area.......so figured I would
 use it......it was too big for the
 table so just put it on a side table, 
and added a few tissue paper 

Well, as usual I took way too many
 pics,  so decided to split this into
 2 posts, as it was easier than trying
 to pick which pictures to use......lol

So stay tuned for part 2
hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks for coming by.........

Have a great evening!

Love, Hugs and 
April Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

Beautiful, as always! Even more so in person, ha! Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thanks Susan

Have a great day tomorrow.
Love, Nellie

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