Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday April 20, 2017, more Spring/Easter Touches

Jesus said:
surely I am with you always,
 to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:20

Thursday Greetings....
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a very good
week, and still enjoying the glow
of Easter Sunday!

My Monday wasn't the best as I
had a headache all day, and had
a situation where someone needed
some help, and it seemed like the
harder I tried to figure things out
it just wasn't working, you know,
one of those days you think you
just should have stayed in bed w/
 the covers over your head. lol
But Thankfully, I am happy to
 report, the rest of the week has
been great.........

Pics today are the last of my
Easter decor in the living room,
the rest of them which you will
see at a later date, just look like
Spring.........but also looked 
good for Easter.....

So on with my Thankfuls.....

I am thankful

for a lovely Easter Sunday
 Service at our church.  We
 had such lovely music and
 then a sermon about the
 resurrection.  So thankful
and happy we serve a 
Risen Saviour.

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for a lovely time with the 
family Sunday afternoon
 and evening.

for a great dinner...simple and
 easy, yet delicious, if I do say 
so myself. lol

for our first strawberry short-
cake of the year.  Always love
strawberry shortcake anytime.
Great...Easter Sunday Dessert.

for Easter favs...
reeses peanut butter eggs,
malted milk balls, and M and
M's candy eggs.......yum yum.
Been munching on them all
week......hubby has been eating
his fav, the jelly

that my SIL Susan got her stitches
out and things look good.  She had
to have a skin cancer removed but
it was not malignant, so we are 
definitely grateful for that.....

that the newborn baby I wrote
about a few weeks ago (one of
our students baby) that had hip 
dysplaysia has seen the ortho-
pedics Dr. and the baby should
 not need surgery, but they will
 put her in a brace this coming
 Friday for several months.

for the opportunity to help
someone out with meals this

that we got to hear my son 
tell about his experience of
going to preschool with lil 
darling to get her pics made.
It was hilarious..... and it
makes hubby and I laugh
or smile everytime we think
Like Art Linkletter used
to say "Kids say the darndest
things", so true!

that our grass seed hubby put
down in our backyard a few 
weeks ago is finally starting
 to sprout, and we are hoping
it grows

for a new Mexican restaurant
 we discovered on Tuesday night.
I would give it a 10 on a scale
to 1-10,  10 being the best.
The service was excellent, we
didn't have to ask for one thing,
and the food was wonderful.

We can't wait to go

a sneak peek at our new love seat.

for another good news story about a 
12 yr. old girl who thwarts a car
 jacker to save her 7 yr. old sister.

Great story, well worth the read.

Click here or type in


Thankful that you could come 
by today..........

Always great to know you are here,
so would love to hear from you!

Love, Hugs and
Middle of April Blessings,
(Can't believe we are only
11 days away from May)


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sistersusiesays said...

I hope this doesn't post twice. The first time, it wouldn't (?)
#1. Amen! I walk away every Sunday feeling the LORD's love among His Church!
#2. It is such a blessing to me every time we're together!
#3. It was good! Jim's a good grill master, ha!
#4. It was delicious! Mom always loved strawberry shortcake.
#5. Thank you for my bag of goodies! I love the little jelly beans!
#6. I praise our LORD every day for His blessings! The scar is slowly disappearing!
#7. Praise our LORD! I'll pray for her tolerance to wear the brace.
#8. I'm so proud of all the Christians who help out others in need!
#9. I surely hope I can get a picture!
#10. Yea! There's nothing prettier than a plush green lawn!
#11. Speaking of Mexican - I just made a pan of chili! It's been so long since I made any! It tastes great!
#12. I'm so glad to hear happy stories! I pray the media realizes the importance of showing more of these than just the negative stories.
Tell Jim thank you for me again for fixing my bathroom lights and chair! It surely is good to be able to turn on the lights again! I love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Your welcome for the candy, and Jim was glad to help. Hope you are enjoying your chair now,
and I am sure it is great to have lights again. lol
Have a good day and thanks for dropping by,
Love, Nellie

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Lovely spring-Easter touches in your home. Glad your Easter was blessed.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thank for coming by Carol and for your kind comments,


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