Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thankful Thursday April 6, 2017, . Pt 2 of Paris Themed Table

What shall I return to the LORD 
for all his goodness to me? 
 Psalm 116:12

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a better
 day than I am....

I am in a blue funk over here for
some reason.....I really think it is
sleep depriviation, as I have been
going thru one of those cycles
 again. This is one of those days
I am glad I started my Thankful
post early in the week, but I still
have some to go......but I also 
have a headache and can't think
straight......and you know what?
I am going to lay down for

I'm back......feeling much better 
so gonna get this post finished.

Pictures are a follow up to my
Tuesday Post.  Click here, if
you would like to see Part 1.

So on with the Post

I am thankful.....

for Clementines....some of you
might have heard them called
cuties, or mandarins. Anyway,
I rarely by them cause typically
you have to buy a whole bag
and I am the only one who
eats them.  Last week I did
buy a bag and they were so
delicious and now I got my
hubby hooked on them too.
So we have been on a 
Clementine eating kick!

for the enjoyment of sitting out
in the back yard in our new chairs
on Friday evening as the sun went 
down and watching the stars come
 out. It's been a long while since we
have done that, and it was a fun
and peaceful time..........
and we were able to get out there
tonight too. It was so breezy this
evening that we got throws to
cover up with, just because we
were enjoying being out there
so much........and we know there
want be many more days like

for getting more yard work done
on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
Way more to go,  but it is looking
better every time we finish.  lol

that a friend who had knee surgery but
wasn't proceeding with the therapy
well due to scar tissue. She had to have 
another procedure done to bend her 
 knee because of scar tissue. She came
thru that well, and had theraphy the
next day and is doing well.

for Spring, and watching all the
dead things like grass, bushes and
flowers come back to life...which
is a constant reminder to me, of
what our sweet Lord did for us
by dying on the cross and then
coming back to life again in
3 days........

Jesus said to her (Martha),
 “I am the resurrection and the life.
 The one who believes in me will live,
 even though they die; 
and whoever
 by believing in me will never die. 
John 11:25-26

and very happy to see some of 
our trees that were cut back about 
4 weeks ago, are all sprouting out.
So it is looking a lil less bare than
it did.......but we have a long ways
to go yet,  but know in the end
it is gonna be worth it all.

for a really fun day with lil darling
on Wed, as I had not seen her in 
10 days, so it was good to spend
 the day with  her. We had lots
of laughs............

for a new HGTV show called
"Home Town", it is about a couple
from Mississippi who reno's old
homes. They are sort of a take off 
on Chip and Joanna from "Fixer
 Upper".  We have seen it twice
now and we like it.  They are a
 cute couple too!

for a new Spring Cottage Journal
magazine.  Love browsing thru
them every season.......

for a rejuvenating 1 1/2 hr. nap,
that turned my blue funk into
normal and also chased my head
ache away.  Sleep can just be

that a lil gal in our class had her baby
this week,  and Mom and baby are
doing well.......but we did find out
that the baby has hip dysplasia and
not sure if that will mean surgery
or not.  So if you feel led to pray
for baby Audrey it would be

for cranberry sauce....I love that
stuff.....we had it with Pork chops
tonight,  but also love it with
Chicken..........'s to another
week at Cozy Place

Glad you stopped by.

Love, Hugs, and 

First of April Blessings,


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Sister Susie Says said...

#1. That's how I have been lately with the "beef" tomatoes! They are huge, but what flavor and great taste they have. They remind me of the tomatoes dad used to grow when we lived in the keys! I cut them up in bites sizes and just put salt and pepper on them...yummy!
#2. Have you noticed how far the sun has already moved? There is hardly any coming in my bay windows now! In the early winter, the sun shines 4 to 5 feet into the bay windows onto the floor. Now there is only about 6 inches!
#3. Steve came by and cut back the oak off the back corner of the garage as well as my night jasmine. I looks good! He then mowed the front and back!
#4. I'm so thankful for her to have the correction. At church, Bonnie's knee surgery has done really well. She's walking and bending her knee really well now!
#5. My lilies are stunted this year. Small stalk with only two flowers. It usually has a three foot stalk with four big lilies on the top! I love how the birds come back in full song! Their joy of the earth's "revival" from winter to Spring! Can you just imagine what the New Earth is going to be like!!! Proverbs 145:21 says, "Let all creatures praise His Holy Name forever and ever!"
#6. I'm still waiting for my crept myrtle to start growing back as Steve cut it back (for the first time in 20 years!) My bougainvillea is starting to sprout out too! I can hardly wait until it turns its deep red color!
#7. I surely enjoyed seeing her at our last get together!
#8. I need to get them to do my den floor, ha!
#9. I've got to "clean out" some of the old magazines I've had for years in the 3rd bedroom. I don't have too many of them, but I haven't looked at them in years.
#10. I'm back on schedule with my sleep. I sat up one night until 2 in the morning watching TV! It really messed up my "normal" sleep pattern! I won't do that again, ha!
#11. Wonderful! Another gift from the LORD!
#12. Isn't it great!! I found some one time that wasn't the jell but had the actual berries in a sauce! It was delicious. Now that you mentioned it, I'll have to get some more!
Love you all, Susan

Regine Karpel said...


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,

I love me some cut up home grown tomatoes too, when I was a kid we ate them with just salt and pepper, along with bread and butter and a glass of milk. yum, that makes me hungry.

Yea I have is hardly coming in our living room windows anymore, which is great
since we have our new loveseat there right now. It is amazing how quickly that changes.

We did some cleaning out yesterday too, and what a great feeling to be getting rid of garage So know what you mean about the magazines....

Good you are back on schedule with your sleep.....mine seems to be hormonal and it is like
a cyclical thing, but I seem to be coming back to normal again, thank heavens!!

Have a good week, and thanks for coming by with all your comments.
Love, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Thank You Regine
and thanks for your visit.

Blessings, Nellie

Lori -thestonybrookhouse said...

I love that even though life might not be going great, we can still find things to be thankful for! Blessings to you! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Lori,
Isn't that so true......God is good all the time, no matter what is happening in our lives,
and sometimes he calls us to give a sacrifice of praise.......
Thanks for coming by and for your kind comments.

Happy Easter!