Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thankful Thursday, June 1, 2017, Spring Golfcart Tour #3

The Lord delights in those who fear him, 
who put their hope in his unfailing love.
Psalm 147:11

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How has your week been? 
 Good I hope. Can you believe
it is June the 1st....oh my these
days and months just click off
so quickly anymore, it makes
my head spin.......not really....
but does sound good!!  lo

Been good here, not a lot going on.
Memorial Day weekend was quiet
as Megan had relatives in town, so
we just enjoyed a bit of down time
together,  but did go out on Memorial
Day.....and it was nice cause not that
many folks were out actually!

Still trying to finish up our computer
room, finally put the new futon cover
 on, but it was a lil too big and it is
tan so wasn't really happy with it
 unfortunately, but came up with an 
idea and like it much better now.....
Also decided I really need a lamp
 on my work table, so gonna try that
 out and see how it works before I 
move ahead with decorating the
 walls. Which is good cause I am
 still not sure what I want to do
 yet.  lol

Pictures today are from our Spring
 golfcart  house tour of 
 Chareston, S.C. 
Hope you enjoy them.

Well, on with my Thankful Post.

I am thankful today....

that it looks like the young couple
we are working with in Sunday
School (life group is what they call 
it now, old habits die hard!  lol)
 are gonna be able to continue 
working with us every Sunday.
Hubby and I are both very 
happy about that!

for a 2 really good movies
we got to watch this weekend.
One was called "Little Boy"
and the other one, "The
resurrection of Gavin Stone"
both excellent movies.

for the joy of watching birds,
especially Cardinals in our
bird bath.  Like the cardinals
the best as they show up so
well, and you can easily see
them taking a

for a fun time out on Monday
afternoon and evening. We
decided to go to Home Goods
and out to dinner at Carabbas.
We wound up going to Ross
and Marshalls as well.
So enjoyed it all...........

I found a few things at 
Home Goods that gave me an idea
 for our Father's Day table.......since 
it will here before we know it.....
Always love to have a lil early
jump on things........

for the White House website where
you can see pictures and many
speeches that President Trump
has made first hand without any
media bias or feedback.............
in case you aren't aware of it is
and you can even sign up to
have it sent to you with each
new post. They even have a
facebook page.

for sundown evening shadows
 and how pretty they can be....
the otherevening I went from our 
computer room into our family
 room area just at the right time
 and saw rainbow prisms and just
different lighting and it was so
 pretty and I just find it quite
fascinating for some reason.
So  I took some shots to show
you and they came out fairly
 well, not quite as pretty tho
 as the real

 There is just something about the
 sun streaming in that warms the
 cockles of my heart................


for Texas Roadhouse steak
specials every Wed. night....
it is perfectly I never
cook on Wed. nights after
 having lil darling here all day.
There food is wonderful!

for Air Conditioner filters
that help keep the air in our
homes clean.  I can always
tell when ours needs to be
replaced as I start to get a
lot of allergy symptoms....
then change the filter and 
they go right away. What a
blessing to have them.

that we still love our home 
after living here for 36+ yrs.
Even tho it was a model home
design, the Lord gave me the
 wisdom to redesign a  number
 of things, like the kitchen, as it 
was originally a closed kitchen,
so I designed it to be an open
kitchen with a breakfast bar,
and swapped the dining room
and family room locations, had
them move the fireplace that
was in the middle of both of
those room to the family room 
wall, and had them move the
back wall of the family room
and our bedroom further back
to accomodate the breakfast
bar and the entrance to our we have had
and open concept house all
these years and we have loved
it, and honestly have to say
that I have only seen a few
homes that I like as well as
 ours........what a blessing it 
has been and continues to
 be after all these years.

for our new dishwasher.....
It is nice to open my dishwasher
to nice clean and shiny dishes 
 each morning that I didn't have to
 wash myself.  lol
 It is equally as nice to be able to 
put dirty dishes in there right away
 and I am thrilled my kitchen sink 
stays dish free all the time, once 
again.......after such a long time.!

for my sweet hubby and what a
 great guy he is.....he does so many
nice things for me, and I so love
and appreciate him.


Well, there you have it another
week at Cozy Place.

Glad you decided to stop in,
and hope you have a lovely

If you missed part 2 of the
Spring Golf cart Tour and
would like to see it.
Just click here.

Love, Hugs and 
Early June Blessings,

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Sister Susie Says said...

June 1st! My 6th anniversary of being retired! I can't believe 6 already! I don't know why Google has made the print so small! I'm not sure how to enlarge it!

#1. That's great! Now there are back-ups for you if you are sick or need to go out of town!
#2. I watch stories most of the day from the westerns. It is so good to see how much church and the LORD is mentioned from the 50's and 60's!
#3. Cuddles has been taking many baths in his drinking dish, ha! I can't ever catch him, but he leaves a lot of down and feathers in it! He hasn't every used it in the past!
#4. I don't get out to the big stores very often due to it being hard for me to find a parking place close to the entrances. The handicapped spots are always taken up!
#5. I'd forgotten about that!!! It will be here soon!
#6. That's great info. I'll try it!!!
#7. They are gorgeous to see. Some of the prettiest I remember are those when I lived in the Florida Keys and they went "down into the ocean" (it appeared!) In the summer there is about 2 inches of sunshine through my front bay windows. In the winter it is about 4 feet of sunshine!
#8. Do they have take out?
#9. Maybe that's why I've been sneezing lately! I usually change it out every three months. Maybe I need to go to every two months!
#10. The LORD does warm our hearts to what He has blessed us with. When I was in rehab several years ago, I surely missed being in my home! I'm such a home-body anyway!
#11. YEAH! How did we ever do without them when we were growing up?!?!
#12. GOD is so good for His blessings to us!!!
Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Congrats Susan on 6 years of retirement, can't believe it has been that long.............

Yes, we are very happy about keeping our co-workers for many reasons, and that is one of them.

Yes, Texas Roadhouse has take out, we get it quite just call in what you
want and they tell you when to pick it up. You do have to go inside to get it tho, no curbside pick up tho.

I typically change it more than every 3 mos. cause it gets pretty dirty fast.......

Thanks for dropping by and for all your comments.......

Love, Nellie