Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thankful Thursday April 12, 2018, Tulips with a mind of their own

 Taste and see that the LORD is good;
 blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. 
Psalm 34:8

Happy Saturday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds yall fine as can be.

Yea, I know I am a bit late, but I do
have a good reason.....
our internet service went caput on
Wed. night and we just got it back
late Tuesday here I am....

Pictures today are of my birthday
flowers......I love Tulips because 
I think they are fun and a bit
rebellious, and have a mind of
their own........which you will
see..... I took pics twice a day,

We were away as I told you on
Tuesday, and this post will tell you 
about without further adieu
 I will get on with it......

Thankful for a safe and uneventful
 drive (with no bad traffic either) to 
Charleston and back, to see our 
daughter and Son-in-love for
almost a week.

Thankful to get to spend my birth-
day and Easter with them this year
and for the great time we had.

Thankful for all the lovely cards,
gifts and face book wishes that I
got from family and friends.

Thankful for the delicious birthday
 dinner, Easter brunch and dinner. 
 All were wonderful.

Thankful for some Mother/daughter
time getting pedicures, shopping
and playing cards together.

since they were so flopped over
 I decided to cut them off some.

Thankful for times to just sit outside
and rest, hang out and drink coffee,
visit and play cards together.
 We really enjoy that......

Thankful that Dee was off the whole
 time, and that Jerry was off more 
than usual, so that was really nice.

Thankful for one of HGTV's shows
"Home Town".  We all really enjoy it.
We get such a kick out of the stars of
the show, Ben and Erin, we love their
positive attitudes and their fun and
cute southern accents.

Thankful for fun and refreshing golf 
cart rides, and just enjoy seeing the
 neighborhood houses as they are so
different,  not much cookie cutter
looking homes going on there. Also,
got some new pics for upcoming

Thankful for an absolutely delicious
and easy (says my daughter) cream
cheese and cinnamon coffee cake, 
that you put fresh strawberries on.....
it is beyond yummy!! I could eat it
every day,,,,,seriously!!  but it is not
really heart healthy.......but it's good!
Gonna get the recipe and will share it 
with yall when I do....

#11 and 12
Thankful for how our yard exploded
into Spring so much while we were 
away.  What a difference 6 days can
Thankful to have a home to come
home to.....always good to visit but
always good to come home too!!

Last pic before coming home,
left them for Dee to enjoy.

Thankful to have our internet service
back up and running, altho, it can be
 nice to have a break from electronics
 for a few days sometimes..........Did
more reading this that 
was a good thing.  

Well, that was our week ........

Glad you stopped in today


Hope to hear from you again

Love, Hugs, and
April/Spring Blessings,



  1. #1. Thank the LORD for His traveling mercies.
    #2. What an extra birthday gift!
    #3. GOD has greatly blessed us with our family and friends!
    #4. Eating great food around the table with loved ones is a wonderful blessing too!
    #5. I cherish the times mom and I used to play cards and go out to eat together!
    #6. I know what you mean. I have thoroughly enjoyed my retirement after working straight from when I was 16 (even during attending college!)
    #7. The LORD surely did bless your visit to spend much time with them.
    #8. I'm so glad there are still some shows worth watching.
    #9. I can surely realize the enjoyment of using carts as we get older!
    #10. There's probably some "tweaking" you could do to make it "healthier."
    #11 & #12. Amen! I'm an introvert anyway. I love staying in my house enjoying the things I do.
    #13. It can be a bummer to lose service! But all the more you are thankful for it when it does work right!
    Your tulips are beautiful! Love you all, Susan

  2. Oh, my! So MANY reasons to thank the Lord ♥
    Sounds like you've been a bus woman, Nellie.
    Glad you've had all these opportunities and health to enjoy them.

  3. Thanks Susan.....I really enjoyed those pretty pink Tulips.

    Not sure if I can make that coffee cake heart healthy or not as it is made with pillsbury
    crescent rolls, so gotta check out what oil are in them now....they used to be hydrogenated
    oils, but could have changed. If so, that would be great!!

    Love, Nellie

  4. Thanks Rebecca
    and it was very lovely to have the health to enjoy it all for sure, a real blessing!!

    Thanks for coming to visit and will be over to see you soon,
    Blessings, Nellie


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