Friday, April 27, 2018

Thankful Thursday April 26th, 2018, Golf cart tour of charleston homes #3

Devote yourselves to prayer,
 being watchful and thankful.
Colossian 4:2  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are ya??  Enjoying these last
days of April,  I hope.....

I am just amazed that we are about
to leave April and enter May.....
Where is the time is
almost shocking!!

Not much exciting going on here
this week, other than sewing and
doing laundry and the typical
household things. Lil darling is
coming for a sleepover on Sat.
So excited about that!

Today I have
more pics of homes in Charleston, 
and this can go on for quite awhile,
as I took a lot of pics this last time. 
Glad that everyone seems to love them, 
 as lots of people come by when I post 
them.  If you missed part 2 and would
enjoy seeing them.  Just click here.

#1 and 2
Thankful for a fun time at a Mary Kay
party on Sat. afternoon, and thankful that
I met 2 ladies that go to my church that I
 had never met before, and I am a greeter
 in the main lobby every Sunday, so they
 must come and go thru another door, as
I have never even seen them before.  lol

Thankful for a fun time out afterwards
 with hubby doing some errands and then
 going out for Mexican food at one of
 our favorite places.

Thankful for finding some really cute
 baby boy clothes at a great price for 
a gift for the couple in our class.
 Lil boys clothes are not nearly as much 
fun to buy, at least for me, as lil girl 
clothes, but these were really adorable.
They are by Garanimals and I found
them unexpectantly at Wally World.
I used to buy Garanimals for my son
when he was little,  and he is 40 yrs.
old now,  so they are well made and
the Co. must be doing something be in business after all
these years.

Thankful that we finished my Friends
 Sister's cushions on Monday and we 
were happy with the way they came out, 
and I think we probably saved her
 between $90-120.00. and she was able
 to get all the fabric for just $5.00....
Now how is that for being thrifty!!

Thankful that my Friends sister and
I have become fast friends thru doing
this project together.....we work really
well together, and she is a quick learner,
 and we really had a great time.
I have known her for almost 37 yrs.
but never really did anything one on one
 with her, was mainly around her with my
 friend an her family, and she is hilarious,
and keeps me laughing and brings out 
my funny side too and who couldn't 
use more laughter in their
So we will definitely be getting
together again soon.

Thankful that I got a bush by our mail-
box trimmed back finally.....It has been
 bugging me for awhile but it is always
 in the hot sun, so was waiting for an over-
cast day, as it is much cooler then.........
So today was the day, so got dressed and 
by the time I did.....the sun came out.....
so thought of well, today is the day!! lol
It looks like a well groomed shrub now,
and it wasn't too hot since there was
a nice breeze blowing.

Thankful that I found a tablecloth that
I had for my porch some years back,
but it was rarely used, but realized it
matches my rugs and cushions out
there, and with a few small changes
I can have a nice change out there,
so doing some thinking about that
now.......hmmm.....maybe for

Thankful for the fun of seeing a Opossum
scamper through our yard.  It was in the
daytime tho, so makes me wonder if he
is sick or rabid, as they are nocturnal and
you don't usually see them in the daytime.

Note:  I checked online about seeing the
Opossum in the daytime, they said they
rarely get rabies as they have a very low
temp, which prevents the virus that carries 
rabies from taking root, and that it wasn't
all that unusual to see them out in the day-
time if their sleep was interrupted or 
something scared them awake or if there
was a shortage of food like in the Winter
 time.  Interesting!!

Thankful for lovely pics from a dear
long time friends, daughters wedding.
So enjoyed seeing them, and think there
 are more to come. They got married at
 the Biltmore Estate Conservatory in 
Asheville, N.C. and the scenery was
beautiful and it looked like a Fairy Tale
Wedding  Our friends live in Tenn. and 
their daughter and new hubby live in
 California. So this must have been
quite a feat to pull off......but looked


Thankful for a new lil black sleeve-
less summer casual dress I got for
my birthday while in Charleston.
I have worn it twice now and it 
pairs great with my white sandals,
silver earrings and my now silver
hair.  lol  and best of all......
  I feel good in it.
It is comfy and stylish!!


Thankful I am feeling better today,
last night about 5, I started feeling
very nauseous and tired so laid
down for a lil while and did feel
some better, but was pretty much
down for the count last night,
but feel much better today.
Think I must have just been that sometimes
 happens when I am overtired....

Well, there you have it folks
another week at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming by,

Have a Super Duper Friday 
and weekend.

Love, Hugs and
End of April Blessings,



  1. #1 & #2. Yes it was an enjoyable time at Debbie's party of cosmetics. Maybe the ladies go to first service.
    #3. Going out to eat is a great pleasure!
    #4. Sometimes it's hard to choose among the cute clothes, there are so many!
    #5. Wow, what kind of material was it, canvas?
    #6. That's how Sylvia and I are. We've been friends for 32 years. She was in the kindergarten when I first started teaching in 1985. We pretty much stayed in the same school until she got married and moved. She was then in another school until she too retired. Now we have our every 2nd Tuesday in the month brunch!
    #7. Steve got my bougainvillea cut back to the fence height. He said he'd keep it at that height. It looks so good to be able to see into the back yard as well as I'm now able to use that gate to go through.
    #8. Can hardly wait to see it!
    #9. I found one penned behind my gate trying to get through one time. I took the shovel out and as soon as he saw me he "played opossum" I slowly scooped him into the shovel, opened the gate, and slowly slid him out on the ground. All he did was "grin" at me showing all those teeth, ha! By the time I got back in the house and went to the window, he had already left!
    #10. One of the ushers (Mr. Holland) showed me a picture of his daughter (I had her as a kindergartner). She will soon be getting married AND she is a Fireman (women)!
    #11. I found where I had hung up some of the blouses I got as gifts. I had forgotten about where I had put them. They have the shimmer to them. They fit really good and look so pretty!
    #12. I pray it's not what I have had the last three weeks! I'm just now getting over it!!!
    Love you all, Susan

  2. Hi Hon,
    No, the ladies actually go to 2nd service, cause I asked them, but didn't see them this week either. Maybe they don't come all the time.

    The fabric on the cushions we sewed was just a navy polyester and looked really nice.

    Always nice to see to hear about and see Pics of children that you have known for years, as they grow and change so much.

    See there are some benefits to being

    Have a good day hon,
    Love, Nellie


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