Friday, April 5, 2019

Thankful Thursday April 4, 2019, More Spring Flowers #4

 All the earth bows down to you;
 they sing praise to you, they sing 
the praises of your name.”
Psalm 66:4 IV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how are you doing today??
Fine, I hope.

It's been a busy, but good week
here. Been working on cards,
cleaning and doing laundry
 some, you know the drill...
Only had lil darling on Wed.
this week, as Mommy got
off early on Thursday.

We are excited that they are 
coming to pour the concrete
for our shed tomorrow.
Can't wait for this project
to be done......

Pictures today are of more
Spring flowers.....

Thankful for my birthday which
was last Friday, and for another
 year of life to grow wiser as some-
one so nicely put it.  I have been
 67 years on this earth now.  lol

Thankful that my hubby did so
many sweet things to help make
it special since none of the kids
could be here this year.

Thankful for all of my family and
friends who sent cards, skyped me, 
made phone calls and sent facebook
 messages, and gave gifts, to make
 my day so special, as well. I love
and appreciate you all so much.

Thankful and ecstatic for a new 
ladder shelf I got for my birthday
 that I wanted for my kitchen. It
looks fabulous and gave me a
change in there I really needed
after probably 25+ years. Will
show yall sometime this month.
Gotta finish some rearranging
on my counters know
how it goes you move 1 or 2
things and you have to rearrange
everything.   lol
Not complaining, just saying.

Paint daubs affect.

Thankful for the discovery of
Raspberry Lemonaide cookies
from Subway.  Oh My, they
are so delicious.

Thankful that I got more work
done on my friends wedding
stuff.  Finished the Wedding
 and reception invitation with
the RSVP's now.
Next, I need to start printing
and cutting them.

Thankful for the good work
of Samaritans purse, what
 an amazing organization they 
are. We give to them at times
 especially when there are natural 
disasters because we feel that our 
money will be best used by them.
We get a monthly magazine from
 them, that highlights testimonies 
of the good things they are doing
 all over the world. I have been
reading it a lot this week and
 it is such an encouraging 
read I have to say.

Thankful for a new Christian 
organization I heard about called
"Thistle Farms". They sell bath 
and body products and other 
things as well to help women 
who have survived trafficking,
prostitution and addictions to
have a second chance at life.
I have been checking them out 
and plan to buy some things
to give for Mother's Day gifts.
Check out

Just so you know.... I get no
profit in anyway from talking
about them, I just heard about
them on the Huckabee show,
as the Pastor who started it
was a Huck's Hero and I think
it is just such a marvelous and
worthy organization.
Same goes for Samaritans'

Thankful that hubby spied a
huge, and I mean huge, spider
on the ceiling of our bedroom
right before we were about to
turn in for the night. I don't 
think I have ever seen a spider
that big in real life. Seriously
with his legs all out he was
almost the size of my hand,
and his body was as long as
 a quarter but not quite as fat.
One has to wonder how he got
 in or has he been in and grown 
to that size without being seen 
before.The thought that thing 
could have dropped on our 
bed while we were sleeping
just creeps me out!!  lol

Thankful for Taco Bell double
decker taco kits. We made it
for din din, and it was so good.
We used Chicken instead of
beef tho....

Thankful for an unexpected
phone call from my daughter
today. She works on Tuesdays,
so don't typically hear from her
but she got cut early, so was a
very nice surprise.

Thankful that I am just about
finished with Easter cards for
my cousin (that passed away).
Remember she asked me to
make cards for her family just
10 days before she passed, so
thought this was a nice way to
honor her and hopefully bless
her family. 

Thankful you could come by today
as well,

Hope you have a Great Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and
First Week of April Blessings,


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  1. Such a wonderful list, Nellie, Wow! that sounds like a big spider, I have never figured how they get in, there is a scripture in Proverbs that mentions spiders being in King's palaces.
    You have been a busy lady, always doing and giving of yourself.
    I learned of Thistle Farms on Huckabee's too, haven't visited their site, thanks for the reminder.
    I also think Samaritan's Purse does such great things for God's kingdom, we enjoy making the shoe boxes in the fall for them.
    Thanks for sharing all of your thankfulness, it also sounds like a wonderful birthday you had.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Hi Sue, good to hear from you.

    oh yea, he was the biggest spider I have ever seen, and hope to never see again!! lol We looked it up on the net and they called them Huntsman spiders, and some people call them wood spiders. The picture looked just like the one we had. I have seen that scripture before too, so guess we were in good company!! lol

    We have done the Christmas shoe boxes a number of times too, another one of their great ministries. The last few years they have where you can even go on line and do them and you
    can choose what you want from their list of things. Which is great for someone who wants to do it but doesn't feel they have the time to shop.

    Also, don't you love the Huckabee Show.....we almost always watch it on Sunday evening, and
    have learned about some interesting people, books, organizations, etc.

    I have to say I really did have a wonderful birthday......and it continued on to this week even.

    Thanks hon for coming by and for your sweet and encouraging comments as always,
    Blessings Abundant,



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