Saturday, September 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday September 17, 2020, from Summer to Fall Sofa table

For what you have done I will always praise you

 in the presence of your faithful people. And I will 

hope in your name, for your name is good.

Psalm 52:9 NIV


Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds each of you well and

somewhat happy!  I know that is getting

tougher all the time.  It just seems to me

 that these weeks just click off so fast is shocking as I can't believe

 we are to Saturday already.....seems like

 I just posted Thankful Thursday a few 

days ago. Think I am gonna have to start

calling this Thankful Saturday soon, 

if I keep being late.  lol

Pictures today are progress in my

Fall decorating this year.  Taking

you from Summer to Fall.


Thankful that 2 people we love that are

going thru a big  and  hard life changes 

right now seem to be doing pretty good i

nspite of every thing, and there are more

changes yet to come.  I definitely feel

it is the prayer that is holding them

up so well.


Thankful that I am able to finally

embrace (only because I have to)

 this new blogging platform

they have forced us to.....note the

new    I do like that, and

some of the features, but Not really

 liking some of the other things.

Is anyone else finding that adding

photos is so much more time 

consuming now.........


Thankful for a very different yet

fun day on Sunday.  Did church at

home on Sunday, then Spent some

time with loved ones, played some

games and did a lil shopping, had

food from Zaxby's which we haven't

had in quite a while, then later in

the day had a caramel frappe from

MacDonalds.....we so needed some

thing refreshingly different!!  


Thankful  for Marty over at a

"Stroll thru life"  for continuing

to have the Fall Home Tour.

They are always so much fun

and inspiration, but we are

especially impressed she did it,

after the difficult time of losing

her dear husband.....Hope the Lord

 blesses her socks off for continuing

 to press forward at this tough

time in I am sure that

is not easy, but the blogging is

 probably good for her in most

 every way.


Thankful for the Home Tours,

I have really enjoyed them as

always,  still need to go check

out Thurs. and Friday.

(Been to busy fluffing my nest)

Fall look.............


Thankful for a fun lunch out

with friends on Thursday at

Cracker Barrel.


Thankful for same Sweet and

loving friend that we went to lunch

with that bought a gift for lil darling. 

 Her granddaughters live way out in 

California so she doesn't get to see 

them often, so decided to do something

 for our granddaughter, which was

so thoughtful.


Thankful that several things

we ordered for lil darlings room

came in today (Thursday)

We are still working on it....

#9 and 10

Thankful that my late brothers family,  

and dear long time friends of ours

all came through hurricane  Sally

safely and with no home or 

property damage.


Thankful that both of the Sons

of some  other long time friends came

thru hurricane Sally fine as well.


Thankful  that another long time

friend who has ovarian cancer got

a really good report this week.  She

was suppose to go to Singapore to

get T-cell treatments but due to

covid has not be able to .....and she

started to have symptoms of the

cancer again and the meds they

have put her on seem to be working,

but we all really think it is the Lord

as she has so many prayers going

up by so many folks.  We are

praying that she will never need

to go to Singapore for that 


(The other candle is on a timer for the PM.)  


Well, that's it for Cozy Place 

this week..........

So happy you could pop in for a visit.

Have a hopeful week.

Love, Hugs and 

mid September Blessings,


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  1. Your fall decor is looking so pretty. Happy Sunday have a great start to the new week.

  2. I can't believe we have only 4 days left in September!!!
    #1. I will add them to my prayer list!
    #2. I know what you mean!!!
    #3. My schedule doesn't change much, ha!
    #4. The LORD bless her in this time of need for Him in her life!
    #5. I'm sure you enjoy them!
    #6. I pray for your safety in dining out!
    #7. Praise the LORD for friends. Sylvia called, but I'm not ready to go out as yet.
    #8. I'm sure she's excited!
    #9 & #10. Praise the LORD for taking care of our families!
    #11. Double praise!!
    #12. The LORD greatly bless and keep her! I pray His healing upon her!
    Love you, Susan


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