Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 21, 2021, Fall family room 2021 #2

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be
 generous on every occasion, and through us your 
generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.
1 Corinthians 9:11 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you all doing well in this crazy
world we are living in.............
We are rejoicing as our Son is over his covid 
and has tested  negative twice and is feeling
almost back to normal, still a bit tired, but
from what I understand that takes a little
while to go away.

Pictures today are from our Fall Family room again
this year!  

So on with my Thankfuls.....

Thankful for being able to have breakfast on the porch
with hubby and  lil darling, since it was cool last Friday
morning.  She loves doing that,  and so do I........

Thankful that our Son is feeling a lot better today, still tired,
but had a lil energy this morning (Saturday) but still have
 to take at easy,  so he doesn't relapse.  
Sunday he was feeling much better and not as tired as 
in the beginning,  so he is progressing along well.
Monday, he is doing even better,  which is great news.
Tuesday he Tested Negative for Covid and feeling lots
better,  and will test again on Thursday.
Negative again Today............PTL
So looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!!


Thankful the kids had a great time in Asheville

clebrating their 10th anniversary.


Thankful that are new phones came in.......our service provider

informed us we had to get new phones again!!!  They are doing

away with 3G phones (which we had not purchased too long

ago).  So hubby has been working on them the last few days

and has them both up and running.  Have to say I am not

thrilled about learning a new phone again!!   lol least we have phones...........

Note: Happy to report I am liking my new phone

way better than I expected.  Hooray!!



Thankful once again for our Governor DeSantis,  he is doing such an awesome job for Florida.  He is now offering our ports to try and help the problems they are having with the supply chain. Hopefully the powers that be will allow it.   


Thankful for Saturday nights  "share and prayer" times with some dear friends of almost 40 years that live in Gainesville, over the phone. That is the nice thing about speaker phones.  We have been doing this for about 6 weeks now, and it has been such a blessing for all of us.


Thankful we finally found a Skate Board we have been trying to find for the Christmas Toy Box ministry at Church. 


Thankful for a lil bit cooler weather on Sunday morning, and being able to sit outside by myself, (hubby was taking a nap) in the afternoon so I decided it was cool and breezy in the shade so decided to go sit out and  read a book,  cause I haven't done that in ages, and actually took a mini nap too, it was so peaceful.  Actually got to sit out on the porch again this morning with hubby and do our Bible reading.  This cooler weather and time of year is just such a delight to me.  God's handiwork everywhere as  some of our trees are just starting to shed some, and the leaves are turning yellow and brown. 

So Relaxing and Refreshing!


Thankful for dinner out at our fav Mexican restaurant

and then we had to run to the grocery store, so we went

to a different Publix in a town near by (same town as

the restaurant) just to do something different,  it is

a newer store, so that alone was fun,  but they also

had a special magazine rack, and since our Barnes

and Nobles went out of business,  that is the first

time we have seen that anywhere,  course,  it is no

where as big as the ones at B & N but it was fun to

be able to browse all the Fall and Christmas decor

and craft magazines.  That alone was worth the trip

for me.  LoL  Then we came home, and after putting

our groceries away took a short but fun moonlit

walk up our street.  (with a flashlight too.)  LoL

You know anything you can do these days that is 

wee bit different is helpful to our 

mental /emotional state.  


Thankful that we got to work out in our yard on

one of the cooler days.  We rescued another tree

that was trying to be invaded by grapevine.  lol


Thankful that we launched our Card Shop website

on Facebook yesterday and got a good response.

Have to say I was a bit timid about it....that is the

shy side of me coming out.  Didn't know my hubby

was gonna do that until just before he did it. 

 Yikes!  lol

But it needed to happen!   


Thankful for a chat with my daughter,  while we

were both cleaning, and now a clean house.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week,

Thanks for dropping by


Hope you have a lovely lovely Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and Mid-October



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  1. Such pretty fall decor and pictures. I am thankful for your friendship. Marty

  2. Thankful Thursday is wonderful Nellie. Have a great Friday today and wonderful weekend. xoxo

  3. Thanks Marty for coming by and for your sweet comments. I too, am thankful for your friendship as well hon. We still have you in our prayers. Hope you are doing as well as can be expected at this point in time. Hope you are enjoying Fall........has it cooled off out there any? Hope so.

  4. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for your encouragement and your visits and comments. So appreciated.
    Hope you are enjoying Fall and hope you have a delightful weekend as well.
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Enjoyed all of your Thankful thoughts, Nellie, I agree DeSantis is a wonderful governor, and would make a great president!!
    I also enjoy sitting on the porch especially during the fall season, summer has been way to hot and humid for us, even at night!
    Enjoyed all of your fall decorations too! Have a great Sunday!.

  6. Hi Sue,
    So lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging comments as always.
    Yea, it was way too hot to sit out there during the summer day or night for us too. So it is such a delightful pleasure now.
    Hope you are doing well hon.
    Have a blessed day and week.
    Love and Blessings,

  7. #1. Finally, cooler weather is here!
    #2. Praise our LORD for His protection and healing!
    #3. Wow! Ten years! I accidently texted them a week ahead, ha!
    #4. I'm still using my old phone!
    #5. I pray the LORD's power & leading are with him as well as the LORD's protection over him.
    #6. Praise the LORD our modern technology is blessed for our use to glorify Him!
    #7. The joy in giving is a blessing!
    #8. I don't need to go out, the house is cold enough, lol!
    #9. I'm glad the LORD blessed me to be a "homebody!"
    #10. GRAPEVINES! They are slowly encroaching from the back corner of the yard! I will be having to call the guys to come and bulldoze it back in a couple of years!
    #11. Good for you! I pray many will use your site for cards!
    #12. Great time of getting your work done, ha!
    Love you, Susan


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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