Friday, October 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 28, 2021, and more Fall decor from the past....

In God we make our boast all day long,

 and we will praise your name forever.

Psalm 44:8 NIV 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good Friday afternoon.

Sorry I am so late, we got caught up in having coffee

 and goodies (we got last night) and yakking out on 

the porch, as it is so windy and cool .... and it feels

 wonderful, as it is our first days of what Fall really

 feels like.........So just totally enjoying it...

Pictures today are from another Fall past.

So on with my Thankfuls...........


Thankful for a good day with lil darling on Friday

and Thankful that we have the opportunity to help

with her schooling a few times a month.


Thankful for her pretty handwriting,  she just

started learning cursive at the end of 2nd grade

last year, and she loves it and is quite good at

it.  Think she takes after her Grammy on this one,

as I never really liked printing and found it hard

for some reason and as soon as I learned cursive

in 3rd grade, that was the only way I wrote until

I had a pinched nerve close to 20 yrs. ago and

it ruined my handwriting, so now I have to print

again cause my printing is more legible most of

the time than my handwriting.  


Thankful for a series we watch called "Chesapeake

Shores".  It is just one of the most uplifting shows,

so we are rewatching Season 5 which I think might

have just ended this week.   Guess we will see if

it did or not this coming Thursday.  Had a lot of

cliffhangers so seems like an end of the season one.

We will probably rewatch all the Seasons, cause

we love it that much.

#4 and 5

Thankful that our Pastors daughter was here 

visiting and stopped to greet and hug us as

she came to her seat and later we got to talk to 

her for a bit.  She is such a lovely young woman,

and it just made my day to see her.


Thankful for lunch out just the two of us, at Olive 

Garden on Sunday after church, food was delicious,

 company great and a very sweet and gregarious

 server, and comfortable seating, and leftover

Italian food.........ummm


Thankful that I am getting a lil Christmas

Shopping done every time we go out. 

We are trying to buy local from our

stores in town, as much as possible.


Thankful that we had the opportunity and

blessing of encouraging and praying for

some other long time friends this week,

 that are going thru a difficult time

 right now.


Thankful for a really fun time with some

friends that go to our church, but that we

just haven't had time to spend any time 

with until this week.  Had them over for

dessert and coffee and it was a great time. 

 Don't remember when we have laughed 

so much lately.  They are both very 

funny...............and genuine, wise and

great folks..........not a superficial bone in

 their that about them.


Thankful to hear a very odd sound coming 

from our neighborhood this morning.  It

was the sound of a rooster crowing. So

one of our neighbors obviously now owns



Thankful for the night out shopping for

my Son's birthday gifts as is birthday 

will be coming up next week,  and also

a lil more Christmas shopping.


Thankful for a fun time going to Fresh

Market as well.  We got some yummy

baked goods there, and we picked up

Taco Bell on the way home and watched

a new series we found called "The

Wedding Planner", it all made for a  fun

time out...........


Well, that's all for Cozy Place this week!

Glad you could drop by


Hope you have a super lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs and

End of October Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD for our time with loved ones!
    #2. Being a kindergarten teacher for so many years, I've always printed!!
    #3. I like movies that have a defined ending!!
    #4 & #5. What a joyful time!
    #6. Praise the LORD for blessing your time together!
    #7. Staying close to home is assisting our local businesses. Many are having difficulty.
    #8. I thank our LORD that we can petition Him for the needs of others!
    #9. Praise the LORD for His joy in our friendships!
    #10. Isn't that a "joyful" sound to hear the birds that welcome the LORD's day with their songs! I hear the Sandhill Cranes all the time!
    #11. Praise the LORD for His blessings of birthdays! They come so fast to me anymore, ha!
    #12. I still have gift cards I need to use!
    Love you, Susan


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