Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 7, 2021. More Fall Decor from the past

          The fear of the LORD is the beginning 
     of wisdom; all who follow his precepts
              have good understanding.
          To him belongs eternal praise. 
Psalm 111:10

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How's YOU??  Boo Boo!

We are doing well,  been another busy

 week,  but been a very good week too. 

 Lots of answers to prayer.  Hoping to

 finish my Fall decorating, really not

 much left to do but just can't seem to

 get there, cause too many interruptions,

but it will happen soon, I'm sure!  lol

Pictures today are of another Fall 



Thankful for some long conversations with

my daughter this week,  been missing that

just due to lack of time.


Thankful for a lovely prayer and communion

Service on Sunday.  Much needed.


Thankful that our former Youth Pastor

and his wife and kids were visiting this weekend and we got to see them.

  They have really been missed, cause

they are such a sweet family.


Thankful for lunch out with our friends

at Cheddar's. The food wasn't so good,  but

the company was great as always.


Thankful for some fun texts with my

 daughter as she was sending me some

 pictures of things she is buying for 

the client, where she is decorating

the beach house,  she has some great

 ideas and I think it's gonna look

 amazing when she's done,  but she 

can't get started until December cause

 they still have renters in the house.


Thankful that my Sister-in-law will be getting

one of those 4 wheel walkers,  so she can be

able to walk outside safely.  Also that she was

able to get in her truck easily for the trip home.


Thankful that Susan came home from

 the Rehab center on Tuesday,  and is

 walking really well, but with a regular

 walker. We can tell she is much stronger

 than she was prior to her fall. and of

 course, she was very happy to be home.


Thankful for what a good brother my hubby

 has been to her, as of today, he has taken

 her to 2 Drs. visit, and took her truck over

 to the rehab so they could practice her 

getting in and out of the truck, and then

 had to go back to pick her up the next

 day,  so he has been a very busy boy

 since last Friday. lol


Thankful that hopefully, once we get her

 all settled in this week, our lives can

 return to some semblance of normalcy

 next week. 

Not complaining,  just saying!


Thankful for a new recipe I sort of

made up that was really so easy and

 delicious. Can't wait to have it again.

  I will share it with you next week when

 I have a chance to write it down,.  lol


Thankful for a pot of vegetable soup

 I made this week.  Figured it would

 be an easy way to eat our veggies.

#12 and 13

Thankful for so many answers to prayer

concerning Susan and thankful She got

 her new walker today. She was at the

 Drs. and guess the neighbor saw them delivering it,  so accepted it for her.  

We sure appreciated that, so great

to have good neighbors.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for stopping in


Have a lovely Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and Early October



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  1. I have no doubt that Jim has been a caring and helpful bother to Susan...that is just the Holy Spirit in him shining through! And you, my dear, are a good sister to her! Anytime you mention things about church (communion, prayer service, youth pastor), my mind goes back to the precious days when our family was part of that body. DAC will always hold a very special place in my heart! It is where Gary and I met the Lord, where I was baptized, and where my children received their early church instruction.

    Love and hugs,

  2. #1. I'm so proud of her! She so sweet, just like her parents!
    #2. Praise the LORD for His Love to us!
    #3. What a wonderful time of fellowship with them!
    #4. What a joy it is to be with our Christian friends!
    #5. She has gotten the decorating from her mom, your influence!
    #6. I can't praise the LORD enough for His leading during this time of great need from Him!
    #7. Praise the LORD, He is so good! What a difference to walk with the four wheel walker over the old walker! I am so happy to be home! I have to watch to not overdue it, ha!
    #8. Nellie, I can't thank the LORD enough for your and Jim's love for me! There are no words for me to express my thanks for your love to me and the needs I had at home! I have prayed time & again to the LORD to bless you both with a special blessing!
    #9. Yes, indeed! I pray all gets back to normal for us all!!!
    #10. I'll be waiting!
    #11. It is definitely delicious! Thank you for sharing it with me! Cheese toast goes good with it!
    #12 & #13. Yes, LORD, thank you for all of those who have prayed for me and assisted me! I do have great neighbors, not to mention greater family members! Thank you, LORD!
    Love you even more, Nellie, Jim! Love Susan


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