Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Thankful Thursday March 17, 2022, Spring decor from the past


For God is the King of all the earth;

 sing to him a psalm of praise.

Psalm 47:7 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

I am a bit late because we were away at my

Daughter and Son-in-loves for a week.

Just returned last night,  so can post it now.

This post will be a lil longer than normal

but next weeks will be shorter!!  lol

Pics today are from a Spring past,  as I

still have Winter and Valentine's decor up

at the moment.  lol  Didn't really have time

to take it down before our trip and  figured 

it would give me something fun to look 

forward to once we were back home.

Pics before Easter


Thankful that hubby was able to fix a problem

we were having with our website pretty quickly,

which is always good!!


Thankful that hubby was able to counsel

and encourage someone who was having

difficulties with their teenager.


Thankful for a good day with lil darling,

Got all her schooling done,  and had some

time to play too in the afternoon,  and

her lil friend from next door got to come

over for about an hour or so.


Thankful that I have most of my packing

done, and we are heading to our daughter

and Son-in-loves house in S.Carolina.


Thankful we are about to leave for South Carolina, 

and very excited about it I might add.


Thankful we made it to Charleston safe and sound

Took us 1 and 1/2- 2 hrs. longer cause of the traffic. 

We got rerouted twice, but was actually a lil fun

 adventure, as the interstate does get tiresome.

Pics after Easter

#7 and 8

Thankful for Salmon that my Daughter made

us for dinner.  I do not like Salmon  typically,

too fishy for me,  but she buys Salmon with the

skin taken off,  and she puts in tin foil with a

spoon of chicken broth and olive oil, garlic,

and cilantro and cooks it 12 mins.  in a 400

 degree oven and it was absolutely delicious.

  Can't wait to have it again.  Also thankful

for her wonderful cream cheese and straw-

berry coffee cake she always makes for us.

It's the best............


Thankful for a fun time out shopping at "the

at Home store" and  dinner at Carrabbas, 

our daughters fav place.


Thankful that Dee and I were able to go get

a pedicure to get our tootsies ready for Spring.

Always a treat!


Thankful for our traditional St. Patricks day

dinner  of Irish Colcannon.  It was delcious as

always.  We finished it off for breakfast this

morning.  I even love it cold.


Thankful for a fun golf cart ride around our

Daughter's charming and lovely neighborhood.

It is just such a visual feast and so much fun.


Thankful for 2 ceramic bunnies  we found

at TJ Maxx, that I got while we were out

shopping again on Saturday. Which was a

real score, as I am only seeing Ducks and

gnomes for Easter this year.  

Wierd to me.....


Thankful for all the dinners we had  out or

as take out, so we didn't have to spend a lot

of time cooking.


Thankful for a great time together as always.  

We are all bummed when it comes to an end, 

 but such is life and we are grateful for the 

time we do have together.......


Thankful for a safe and uneventful drive

home.  It was a gorgeous sunshiny day

with no traffic delays or rain.  Perfect

traveling day for sure.

#17 and 18

Thankful we slept well  and thankful we didn't

over indulge in goodies,  so that we kept the

weight off we lost before our visit.  


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this past 11 days.

Thanks for coming by...................


Again Happy Spring.............

            It's such a Wonderful time of the year!!

Love, Hugs,  and

Early Spring Blessings,


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  1. #1. Great! I had a problem with my page going tiny on me, but I found how to magnify it back to 100%, praise the LORD!
    #2. Praise our LORD for His wisdom to Jim to help out!
    #3. What a wonderful time together with family and friends!
    #4. Joy, Joy, Joy down in your hearts!
    #5. Praise out LORD for His joy in our hearts!
    #6. We never know what's going to happen. Praise our LORD He knows all things!
    #7 & #8. Yummy, your time to enjoy the cooking of others, ha!
    #9. Joyous times to always remember!
    #10. I bet that felt great. I need to soak my dry feet and "grease" them up, ha!
    #11. Sounds yummy!
    #12. Golf rides sound like a great and enjoyable time!
    #13. I have a ceramic rabbit I have had for years. Cody lays next to it all the time, ha!
    #14. I'm sure you enjoyed being waited on for a change, ha!
    #15. All the more to look forward to for the next visit!
    #16. Praise our LORD for your safe return.
    #17 & #18. Yea! As a doctor once told me, "Everything in moderation!"
    Love you, Susan

  2. Ha Ha Nellie I get your Thursday post on Tuesday night. Even though I still enjoy reading your post. Happy New week. xoxo Kris


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