Friday, April 29, 2022

Thankful Thursday April 28, 2022, and Spring Table vignettes from years past.

You are my strength, I sing praise to you;

 you, God, are my fortress, 

my God on whom I can rely. 

Psalm 59:17 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,

I am a day late, but at least an early Morning next day  Poster.  lol

How are you this lovely Friday?  Hope you are doing well.

It's been a good and fast week.  Seems like when you are

busy it flys by even faster.....

Gonna let the post talk for itself.............

Pictures today are of Spring table Vignettes

I took quite some years back.  

So on with my Thankfuls........


Thankful for the Spring Baking Challenge shows

and others like it.....hubby and I find them quite

entertaining, and clean and love seeing the relationships

 and camaraderie that gets built in the process and 

seeing who wins at the end of the season, and the

judges are quite humorous as well.


Thankful for a fun day schooling with lil darling and

playing School and UNO,  then having she and 

Daddy stay for dinner.  We got take out from 

Tijuana flats, as I am too tired to cook after a 

long day,  and lil darling was so sweet to paint

 my toes for me, as well. She gets better at it

every time she does it.   lol


Thankful for the discovery of the website for the 

"ONE Room Challenges"

 that we see on blogs every so often. If you like

to decorate you will love it, so much inspiration

and ideas.  Just click here 

or type in


Thankful that I got more done on our bedroom 

organization, and on cards and printables for our shop,

and started to take down a lil bit of my Easter 

decorations, think I will do a lil bit each day and

replace them with Spring things in place of the

Easter things I take away.  That sounds


Note: It's all down, now just got to get it

packed away.


Thankful for a good day at Church as always,

and we got to go to lunch with our friends, it 

has been since the before the middle of March

since we have seen them, cause we were away

then they were away, so it was really great

 to see them and be with them.


Thankful for some great chocolate covered

cashew nuts we got at Sam's, We got them

before Easter and we finished them off, and

much to our delight, we found they still had

 them at Sam's so we got more, they are just 

so yummy!  The name is "Sconza Milk

and White Chocolate Cashew Nuts,"

You can find them at, but

they are a lot more expensive. But check

out Sam's Club if you have one near you,

or maybe even Walmart might have them.


Thankful that we found a new mirror that we

liked to go with our new dresser.  Our old one

had such a huge mirror and this time I wanted

something smaller for a new look.  Also restyled

the top of the dresser for a new look as well,  

I think it is a less cluttered cleaner look.

In fact, I got the idea off the One Room

Challenge blog, but yet it is somewhat different

 than theirs.  We are enjoying the new look.


Thankful that we got out to work in the yard 

some this morning, It was cool and breezy and 

the perfect weather for being out there. We only 

worked out there for not quite an hour and a half,

but am always so amazed by how much we

 accomplish in that short amount of time.


Thankful to hear that the show we watch pretty

much daily, is having a Mother's Day Special

all next week, and it will be on morning and evening. 

 I would really recommend and encourage you

  to tune in on Trinity Broadcasting Network 

to watch it....It comes on at 1:30 p.m.

and will also be on at night, May 3-5 it will

be on at 8p.m.

I love this show.....I take away some nugget

of truth almost every single day.  Can't say

enough good things about it.


Thankful for a few hours with lil darling today.

Got to look at her yearbook for this year,  she just

got it this week.  Played some wii bowling, Sorry

ad Uno, and she is very excited that school ends for

her next Thursday,  so we can just have Summer

fun now.


Thankful for a fun outing tonight.  We drove over

to the beach and went to a restaurant we haven't been

to in along time.  Aunt was great.

We wanted to check it out before our beach trip

cause the last 2 times we were there it wasn't as

good as it had been, but we have heard from others

that have gone there, it was still good,  So that's

how we found it tonight,  so hopefully it will be

the same this Summer, and it was fun to do

something different, and a nice drive as well.


Thankful to hear Elon Musk is buying out

Twitter.  Anyone who is about restoring free

speech to our country makes me happy.  So 

hope the Lord uses this man in a great way.

Now we need someone to take over Facebook. 


Thankful that hubby found a way to put a new

subscribe button on my blog, since blogger took

that away a year or more ago.  So now if 

you would like to be notified when there is a 

new post at Nellies Cozy Place you can

just subscribe (Check my right side bar).

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Hope you have a Wowzer Weekend!!


Thanks for coming to visit.

Love, Hugs and 

End of April Blessings,


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sistersusiesays said...

#1. Those shows are neat, but they make me hungry for their goodies, ha!
#2. Isn't it great to get take out and not have to cook!!!
#3. Since it's just me, I don't do decorating anymore, :-(
#4. Yes, I know you're glad it is finished!
#5. It's great to fellowship with our church friends!
#6. I love the honey roasted peanuts that I get at Publix.
#7. I know you are enjoying them both! That is a gorgeous setting! I even see you taking the picture Ha!
#8. It always makes things more enjoyable when you do it together!
#9. Yes! I'm so thankful for the Trinity Broadcasting Network!
#10. Yes, I remember the joy of summer vacation from school!!! Now in retirement, I enjoy every day of the year!
#11. What a great outing for you!
#12. Amen! I'm praying the LORD will guide our leaders to immediately dissolve the agency that wants to censorship free speech (See Presidential prayer team.)
#13. I surely wish "they" would stop with the updating that causes more trouble! I'm a creature of habit and it's hard to make new changes, ha!
Love you, Susan

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