Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thankful Thursday April 20, 2023, Our Easter Table 2023

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad;
 let them say among the nations,
 “The LORD reigns!”
1 Chronicles 16:31 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are ya??  Hope this finds you doing well
 and having a great week. Been a good week 
here so far. We were happy to hear from some
sweet folks this week that we love......but sorta
 felt they didn't act like they wanted anything
to do with us for some reason.  Anyway, they
 wrote a letter to us and to other friends, and
 explained they have just been going through
some really horrific things that they did not
 have the freedom to talk about, so they were
 pretty much keeping to themselves because 
of it.
Was so sorry to hear all they have gone
through and are continuing to go through,
but at least we know why they were keeping
away and understand now how we can
 pray for them, and hopefully help to 
encourage or minister to them.
So important to be praying for those you
know and love because it just seems like
so many people are going thru so many
hard things.

Now on to brighter

Pictures today are from our Easter Table this year.
My Inspiration was this cool paper table runner,
that I happened on when I was looking for some
wrapping paper that I might could use on the table,
so it was a pleasant surprise. Didn't even know
they made these.........I am a pastel girl, so 
these colors just make my heart sing.


So on with my Thankfuls.................

Thankful for our you ever just walk through your house and feel overwhelmed with how much you love your home, and feel so blessed to live there with those you love, and to be able to welcome and enjoy
those who don't, into your home.

Thankful for a bunch of cards I finally had time
to make this week.  About 9 I think it was!
Love when I get in those creatives moods.


Thankful that my Daughter and
Son-in-love are doing better today.
 They got some very disturbing
News about their beloved doggie.
Today they have made a plan that
seems good, and hopefully things
will turn out better than they
sound right now.

Thankful that my hubby (my Hero) was
able to get my computer up and running
again.  We lost power for less than 5 mins.
and it crashed our hard drive. and we had
a lot of work we'd done on their this week
that was not yet backed up.  So we are
praising the Lord, that we didn't lose 

                     Can you spot the tiny bunny!            

Thankful, especially  that we didn't lose the 
9 new cards I made, and that hubby had put
 in our shop this week.

Thankful for how the Lord knows just how to
hook you up with the right person to talk to,
It was so neat, our new friend called and 
shared a medical situation she was having, 
and was asking for prayer, and my daughter
 had the same situation not too long ago, so
 I was able to pray for her and share that, 
and think it set her mind at rest.
then I asked her to pray for My Daughters
dog and that story, and she had some similiar
problems with her dog and was able to give
me some information that was quite helpful
and prayed for Bentley (the dog) as well. 
 Also for hubby to be able to fix my computer
 and for his spider bite.
Love how the Lord does that!!


Thankful for a good day at church
and that one of our students in 
missionary training did the sermon
this morning, his first time, and he
did a great job.  He is a very
 impressive young man, he and his 
wife actually and both are very
 humble.  Thankful for lunch out
afterwards, and a quick trip to
wally world to get a new surge 
protector for my computer, so 
what happened earlier this week
hopefully doesn't happen again.
We had one on there.....
 but guess it was tired!!  lol

#8 and 9
Thankful that a friend of ours brought us
 some cream (gel really) for hubby's spider bite,
 It's called Medihoney, it's the same thing
 they use in the hospital for wounds and 
burns. Just put some on so see if it does
 a better job than the Manuka honey
 we've been using.
And Very Thankful for friends that
care and have been praying!!

Note:  His wound is coming along and
the honey has definitely helped, along
with antibiotic ointment as well, but
it takes awhile, but we are definitely
seeing improvement and feel like the
infection may be all cleared up here
soon. Parts of the wound are healing
which is good.  We still aren't sure
it was a spider bite, cause he never
even knew how it happened, but 
after looking at images of spider bites
we came to the conclusion that must
be what it was..............

Thankful to hear lil darling had a great
time on her Spring break from school.
Now just a few weeks or so till she is
out of school for the Summer!  We
are looking forward to that....

Thankful for a fun day of schooling
and cause we got done earlier, I had
 more time to have a lot of fun with
lil darling.  

Thankful for the fruit of the spirit that God
 cultivates in the lives of Believers. 
 Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,  kindness,
goodness, long suffering, gentleness,
 faithfulness and Self Control. 
 ( Galatians 5:22-23)
It tends to help make some wonderful
human beings!!  and if we know Jesus
we should all be growing in them
more and more each day.

Well, that's it for today.

Thanks for dropping by
Have and Amazing rest of the week.

And Eat some Candy,
  it will make you happy!!  lol

Love, Hugs and
Mid April Blessings,

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  1. So many amazing things to be thankful for Nellie and such a beautiful tablescape too. I love all the pastels you featured. They are so bright and cheery and perfect for this time of year. I will definitely be adding your husband and your daughter's dog to my prayer list as well. I'm glad you have friends who lift you up and who you are able to lift up in return. It's so important to have a strong support system because you never really know what someone is going through. Hope your weekend is a happy one, CoCo

  2. Thank you so much Coco for your sweet encouragement and also for thinking of us in your prayers, that is so appreciated. We can never have enough prayers, that is for sure, and
    I so agree about a support system, so very important. Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to leave your sweet comments as well. I hope you have a Happy weekend too!!

  3. #1. I praise my LORD everyday for His provision of my home to me!
    #2. The LORD does bless us in the activities we do for joy!
    #3. Oh no! I pray the LORD will bless them and the gift of Bentley He has given to them!
    #4. What thanks we can give to our LORD! My lights went off just for a moment too! Thankfully I did not have my computer on.
    #5. Amen!
    #6. I've been praying the LORD's healing upon his spider bite! If it is not healed soon, he should go see a doctor.
    #7. Yes, I enjoyed his sermon in the first service!
    #8 & #9. May the LORD bring it to an end!
    #10. I am so glad to know she spends so much time with you and your witness of the LORD through you to her!
    #11. Great memories for you both!
    #12. Yes indeed! I am so thankful His Holy Spirit in us, leads us in His plan for our lives! Love you! Susan


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