Thursday, May 18, 2023

Thankful Thursday May 18, 2023, Recent Fresh Flower Blessings

For what you have done I will always praise you
 in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope
 in your name, for your name is good.
Psalm 52:9

                       Greetings Sweet Friends,

                   Hope you all had a really lovely 

               Mother's Day that blessed your heart,

                 and hope the blessings last all week long.

                  My heart was blessed for sure......

It has been awhile since I have found any

fresh flowers I have wanted to purchase and

had really been missing them especially this

time of year.  So that all changed a few

weeks ago when a friend brought me Daisies,

then for Mothers day, hubby got me hot

pink roses, and then my Son another lovely

assorted bouquet.  All were the perfect colors too.

Which was fun to add to my Spring/

Summer decor, and how they were so much

more appreciated than ever!

                 Said all of that to say this,  these are the

                               photos for today!

All from one bouquet -that includes the header picture too.

   So on with my Thankfuls..............


          Thankful  for my own Mom, who was very loving, 

           kind and compassionate and who always love spending

           time with us, whenever she could.  She was a single

            parent so she had to work full time and did a rotating

           shift from 7-3 one week to 3-11, the next 11-7, so

            sometimes even if she was home she was sleeping in

           preparation to go to work, so she was not around

            as much as she would have liked for sure, and we

           always felt bad she had to work so hard to support us.

            I am also Thankful that the Lord saw fit to

 give me someone that was like a 2nd Mom, in our 

next door neighbor, my best childhood friends Mom

 who was a spiritual influence and the reason I am a

 Christian today, I practically lived at their house,

and then,He also gave me an Italian Step-

Mom who was good to me and loved cooking, family

 gatherings and celebrating, So I learned all that

 from her,  Then there was my Paternal Grand

mother who I only saw in the Summer time

but she dearly loved me and would do anything

for me, and I never even remember her ever being

upset with me about anything.  I was her only


Thankful for a fun night out going to TJ Maxx
and Kohl's,  then out to dinner at our new
 LongHorn steak house.

Thankful for a nice long chat on the phone with
my Daughter, always a highlight of my week.

Thankful for sweet lil talks with lil darling.

Note:  Just got a facetime call from her this
morning as she is now at her Aunt Deena's house, 
that was a fun surprise!!

Thankful that I finally got our family room
decorated again for Spring/Summer.  Now
I can move on to changing my kitchen counters
around for a nice change.

Thankful  and so happy for a young couple that
 we have known for a long time.  She was told
years ago, she could never have children and they
 tried some things, and were prayed for and decided
to look into adoption, then a baby came available
 for them to adopt 14 yrs. ago, and then about 3
yrs. after they adopted this lil girl, she was blessed 
to have another child, a lil boy this time. Truly
a an answer to pray and a miracle....
The adoptitve Parents always kept in touch with 
the birth Mother as they knew how hard it was
for her to give her baby up and that she had 2
 other children already.  About a year ago the 
older child from the original Mother called
 and wanted to know if he could meet his sister.
His Sister wasn't ready as she knew this 
was a life altering experience.  Anyway, this
year she decided yes to meeting he and her sister.
The parents went and met them first while she
was away on a trip.  So she got back yesterday
and they were at the house waiting to meet her.
Her Mom and Dad put it all on their
facebook page.......It was amazing and I
have never seen such a Love Fest and people
so full of joy. The post are just amazing,
and definitely a move of God.  All 3 of 
these biological sisters and brothers are so 
full of joy it is amazing, and they are in
love with her younger brother as well, it is
like she now has 4 kids instead of 2.
I wish you could see the videos and pics.
Blesses My Heart and I am sure
the Heart of everyone who see them.

Note:  Got to meet the older Sister
at church yesterday.  She is 17, adorable 
and a Sweetie too.

Thankful for a Wonderful Mother's day.
Even tho I didn't get to have our Daughter
and Son-in-love here in person, she and my hubby
 did everything they could to make it a lovely day 
for me, and I was able to see them on facetime.
 We got to have our Son here in person,
and all to ourselves, which is a very rare thing.
So that was a huge blessing to this Mam's
heart, he and hubby made me a nice dinner,
and we got to visit and played some cards.
A fun and restful day.....
 I will get to see lil darling on Wed. and 
will be seeing our Daughter sometime in Jume
so I still have that to look forward to.....

Thankful for my family and for how they 
did so much to make my day special, and
thankful for the lovely cards and gifts.
I feel like a very loved and blessed woman!!

Thankful that we decided to check into bundling
 our Auto Insurance with our Home owners
 Ins. and Insurance policy.  It is going to be 
a huge savings to us, on our Home owners and
Auto Insurance.
Wow, were we surprised!  It's pretty much
 a NO brainer,  so we did it......

Note: We recommended someone else to check
into bundling as they have the same Insurance
Co. we do, and it turned out really well for her
too.  So if you don't have the same Insurance
Company for everything,  you might just want
to check it out and see if it can help you too.

Thankful we are dog sitting our Nephew's family
 dog this week.  He is such a sweet doggie....
His name is the same as our Grandson Dogs.  
Bentley, he is some sort of poodle mix, and he a reddish
 brown like the other Bentley but he is smaller. 
He is so funny he will actually watch TV and if 
he sees an animal, he will go after the TV barking,
 and if you throw him a toy it will distract him but he
 really shakes that toy around like he is trying to kill it.
He is so funny,  just cracks us up!

Thankful we got to spend about 6 hrs. with lil
darling today before she left on a trip for her
Aunt DeeAnna's.  Always a joy to see her.

Thankful for this lovely picture
my Daughter and Son-in-love sent me for 
Mother's Day.  I am in love with it....
and enjoying it so much!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place Today.

Have a Lovely rest of the week,

Till Next time.......

Love, Hugs, and 
Mid May Blessings,

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  1. #1. Yes, what a blessing from our LORD for Christian Moms (and dads)!
    #2. Good for you! I know you greatly enjoyed it!
    #3. What a great blessing to you both!
    #4. What a little "adult" she's getting to be, ha!
    #5. You have been a busy bee, lol!
    #6. Praise the LORD for His timing!
    #7. They are greatly blessed to have you for their mom!
    #8. You are a blessed and loved mom!
    #9. Yes, indeed! I can't thank you enough for your guidance in this!
    #10. GOD's creatures are so wonderful!
    #11. It's so great she is getting older and can enjoy her time with family in new ways!
    #12. How thoughtful of them!
    Love you!


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