Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thankful Thursday May 25, 2023, Spring Refresh after Easter

Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his footstool;

 he is holy.

Psalm 99:5 NIV

Hello Sweet Friends,

Happy Thursday to you.  Hope you are having

a good week so far.  Ours has been good and

busy, a good busy I might add.  Had a fun

day with lil darling today and will get to

have her again tomorrow.

Pictures today are of our Spring refresh after

 all the Easter pretties were packed away.

So on with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful for a Special program we saw on TBN on

Friday evening.  It was with Dave Ramsey and Mike

Rowe and it was about the "Work Crisis" that we are

seeing here in America.  It was excellent and full of

truth and encouragement. It is well worth watching.

Click here to watch it.


Thankful for our lil furry house guest we have had since

last Monday night. He will be going home on Monday

 He has really been a fun house guest, and think we will

 miss him, but not enough to go get a new


Thankful for a new to me blog, I have been following

called "The Crowned Goat".  I so enjoy it.  Coco is

such a sweet, genuine person with a great heart, and

her blog is beautiful in every way.  You can visit

her here if you would like.  This link will take

you to a story she shared that I just loved.


Thankful for some funny videos from a family called

"The Holderness family".  If you need a good laugh

you will certainly get one.   Just click here.

We have not watched all of them, but the ones we

have seen are clean, so assuming they are all that

way.........but if not,  just letting you know!!  lol


Thankful that I am finally in the process of getting

 my kitchen refresh done.  Right now it is mostly

highlighting the royal blue in there, so needed

 a change, so am using green with a lil bit of blue this

 time.  Also, now, get to use a new rug I got for my

birthday and some towels and a candle I bought and

stuck aside just for this occasion. 

Do you do that?  Know ahead... of something you

want to change, and buy a few things here and there

and stick them aside, until you are ready to do 

your change thing??  and then you have every

thing you need to do it........Love that!!

Note:  It's all done now!!  yeah!

Great book,  by the way!!


Thankful for a great day at church.

We got to see one of our previous Pastors

and his wife this morning.  It is always

great to see them, and we are hoping and

praying one day he might return to be our

 Senior Pastor, when our now, Sr. Pastor



Thankful we got to go out with our friends

for lunch, but afterwards we went to the

Bealls store which was right behind the

Olive Garden where we went to eat. While

in Bealls the power just went out all of a

sudden. Then a couple was coming in as 

we were leaving and we told them the

 power was out, so they said they had just

left Olive Garden and there were like 

fireworks, and we asked if they blew a

 transformer?? and he said think it was

 a lot more than that there were sparks

 flying everywhere and downed power lines.  

So thankful we weren't there when it 

happened as I am sure their power went

off as well, and we could have been mid

 meal or not able to eat at all.  We had only

 left there maybe 15 mins. before..................


Thankful that our Son and lil darling

made it back from South Carolina

safe and sound, and that they and

my Daughter and Son-in-love all

had a great time.


Thankful to hear that one of our Daughter's

 friends came through surgery well, even

tho she has had a very rough go of it.

She had to have a hysterectomy and 

They removed a tumor that Thank the

Lord turned out to be benign. So now she 

has to heal from the surgery which was

 not a horizontal incision but a vertical

 incision which is much worse, but thank

 the Lord she will not be facing cancer

 treatments now.


Thankful for a fun day hanging with

 a longtime friend. Did a lil lunch for her

with a cake to celebrate her

 65th birthday. which was last week.

We made a full day of it, which

is always a great time.



Thankful that our furry Grandson dog had 

another sonagram, and it was great news.

 They were looking to see a growth on the

dogs spleen that the emergency Vet saw some

 months back, that scared my Daughter and

 hubby thinking the dog had this aggressive

 form of cancer, that could take him very

quickly....and they went for a 2nd opinion.

 So today, if it grew it wasn't easy to tell,

 so that is a good sign,  they will retest in 

3 months and see if it is the same, which

 we all expect it will be. He has had a lot

of people praying for him too!!  


Thankful hubby took our van in to get it serviced,

 and most everything is okay, but we do have to

 have some work done soon that is a lil pricy,

 but we can't complain as we have not had many

 large cash out lays, as it has been a good van.

Well,  That's all folks......

for this week at Cozy Place

Thanks for visiting 


Have a great rest of the week!!

Love, Hugs, and 

End of May Blessings, 

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1 comment:

  1. #1. Praise the LORD for His encouragement to us through others!
    #2. What a cute dog. He looks like he could be very active!
    #3. Praise the LORD for another blessing from others!
    #4. The joy of laughter makes the heart happy!
    #5. I know it is great because you do it in thanks to the LORD!
    #6. Praise the LORD, He knows what our church needs are!
    #7. I pray all is well now and no one was hurt!
    #8. What a blessing indeed for them all to see one another! Praise the LORD for their safe return!
    #9. Praise our LORD GOD from Whom all blessings flow!
    #10. How wonderful for you both! Praise our LORD for long life!
    #11. I am praying for him too! Praise our LORD for His animal creation!
    #12. Yes! Praise the LORD for His goodness in the things he has given to us! My truck, now 19 years old, has not cost me a whole lot to keep up! Thank you, LORD! I truly believe the LORD supplies ALL our needs!
    Love you, Susan


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