Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thankful Thursday September 21, 2023, more fall decorating part 3


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a lovely week.  We have, and

 we are happy to see we are cooling off a lil bit 

here in Florida in the evenings and early morn.

Still in the mid to upper 80's, but we will

take what we can get.  lol

Pictures today are more Fall decorating for 2023,

  So this is part 3.

So on with my Thankfuls......

#1 and 2

Thankful for a lovely dinner out with our neighbors

at Long Horn steak house, and they even treated us

to dinner.

Thankful for this sweet couple, they are the best

neighbors and friends. They are the ones that

bring us that delicious veggie soup every so often.

Love them so much!!


Thankful for a good school day with lil darling.

She had a lot to do today,... and got everything

done we could and will finish on Monday, we

 were all pretty tired at the end of the day. lol  

A good tired tho.............


Thankful that when our power went out just

 as it was getting dark on Monday evening,

 that all our candles that are battery operated

 and timed had just turned themselves on,

 so we were not in the dark or having to

scramble to find things. Another great 

reason for us to love them, they are very

useful as well.


Thankful that we got to work outside again

on Saturday, and pretty much finished up

all our bushes.  Just need to do my rose bush

and fertilize it next time.


Thankful for a great day at church, we had a

special guest this morning that we all love.

He usually comes once a year....his name is

Marquis Laughlin, and he does a dramatic

recitation of the scripture.  He is doing the

book of "Revelation" this year. It was awesome,

plan to go back to night to see the other half.

He just makes the scriptures come alive for us.


Thankful our friend with the broken kneecap

was able to be at church today and we were

actually able to go out to lunch with them.

It was great and she looks great, still in

recovery tho, but coming along well, but

still having trouble sleeping cause of pain.

It was so nice to be able to spend some

time with them.



Thankful to recognize and see a young man

who went to our church growing up 20 yrs.

or more ago.  He looks almost the same as

he did as a kid,  but is 40 yrs. old now.

He is such a wonderful young man, he

is married and has 4 girls, and he said 

they were all angels.  He was always a

 great kid back then, and seems to be the

same now..... It was lovely to see him.

He was was involved in the youth group

and stuff with our kids as well.


Thankful we had another good school day with

 lil darling and we got everything done, even 

what was leftover from last Friday,  so had

 time to have some fun.....she wanted to learn

to make a card,  so had time to work on

 that too, and she did so well.  


Thankful that we got to see a kid who grew

up in our church and who has been acting

as a Youth Pastor in our church for a couple

of years now, as he was finishing up his schooling

......He was Ordained as a Pastor Tuesday night. 

 We are so proud of he and his wife (she grew

 up in our church too),  She is our previous

Pastors daughter, and they have 3 lovely

children. It was a really good service, and

 a time of fellowship after to congratulate

all the men who were ordained as well,

there were 12 of them, and they will be

at a number of different churches in 

the Southeaster district.  

Living Rom


Thankful for a great conversation we had

with one of the Pastors who attended from

Tampa.  He told us this wonderful testimony

about his neice, who is also the churches

Worship leader.  He rec'd a call from her

husband via voice mail) that she was in the

 hospital and was in ICU. in very serious 

condition, so the first thing he did was call

 his prayer team and then went to the hospital. 

 She had blood in her lungs, her kidneys, stomach

 and one other place can't remember, anyway

she was also put on a respirator. it turned out 

to be severe Lupus attack. Anyway, she came

out of it  and was taken off the respirator,

but they said she would need to be in the 

hospital longer and  have to have dialysis

 the rest of her life, people continued to pray 

and the next day she got out of the hospital

 and was 100% with no further problems 

and no dialysis, and has been fine every since.

Praise the Lord, God is still in the miracle

business..........Love hearing these stories.

So encouraging.....


Thankful that even tho lil darling got up

not feeling well and had very large swollen

tonsils......Mom took her to Dr. and she did

not have Strep throat and even tho her

throat hurt she wasn't feeling bad otherwise.


Well,  that's it for Cozy place this week

Glad you came for a visit


Hope you have a Terrific Thursday

and rest of the week.

Love, Hugs and

Mid September Blessings,


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  1. So many fabulous things to be thankful for Nellie and I'm really glad to hear your gran didn't have strep. It's going around so that was a huge blessing. I'll definitely be praying she's on the mend soon. It's no fun to be sick! How nice was it to wake up to temps in the 80s? It *kinda* felt like Fall which makes my heart so happy. Thank you for the reminder about the battery operated candles. I need to check on ours too! Hugs and happy fall, CoCo

  2. #1 & #2. Praise the LORD for His gift of friendship with others!
    #3. Praise the LORD for her growing in knowledge and spirit!
    #4. Praise the LORD for electricity! I'm thankful it was not out long for me!
    #5. I can't thank the LORD enough for Steve who does my yard care!
    #6. Yes, what a gift and talent the LORD has given to him!!!
    #7. I pray the LORD's healing for her!
    #8. I can't believe how fast time passes!!!
    #9. Praise the LORD for your time together!
    #10. Thanks be to our LORD GOD for His blessings upon generations of His saints!
    #11. Praise, honor, thanks, and worship be to our GOD for His healing compassion upon His Chosen!
    #12. I pray the LORD's blessings of good health upon her!
    Love you, Susan


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