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Thankful Thursday September 7, 2023, Fall in the Family room 2023

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that
 cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship
 God acceptably with reverence and awe,
Hebrews 12:28 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,
How ya doing today??  Are you starting to
decorate for Fall yet?? or is it still too hot
for you to think about it??
It is 93 degrees here today, but I decided
even tho it's hot, once it turned Sept. that
I would start or else I wouldn't have it
up very long, so wanted to at least have
a few months to enjoy it.

Pictures today are of our newly decorated
Fall look family room. Still working on the
Living and dining room. Feeling more like
Fall inside our house at least!  Doing the
happy dance cause I just love the changes.

Nite time

So..........On with my Thankfuls....

Thankful our Grandson DOG got a good result on his
test today.  The nodule has not grown at all.
So Thankful Dee and Jerry did not listen to those
first vets and sought a 2nd opinion.

Thankful we got to visit with our friend again,
and she is doing a lot better.  She had her last
home physical therapy and will have to start
going out to get it next week. She also made
dinner for the first time since her accident,
but had to pace herself of course.  So she
is coming along.......

Thankful we got to have a sleepover with lil darling
and then had a good breakfast and a good day of schooling, and got finished a lot earlier as she didn't
 have as much work as normal, guess do to the Labor Day weekend.


Thankful that all my Coastal/Summer decor is taken down and packed away till next summer.  
Now gotta work on the family room and dining room cause we still have Spring/Summer decor in there.

Thankful for our new water filtration device.
It's a pitcher with a filter in it, and you can either
pour the water or use an easy spigot at the bottom
of the pitcher.  It is called "ZeroWater" and it
comes with a tester so you can test any water,
and when you test truly has Zero
contaminants.  We tested our tap water and
it was like 315,  then tested our other filter which
needed changing and it was the same and after
he changed that filter it was still like 265 or
something like that, and then tested the water
in our filtered pitcher and it was 0.....and we
love the water and have been drinking lots

of water cause it tastes so good.  Reminds me
of restaurant water at some places, and I always
drink a lot of water at most restaurants,
 cause it tastes so good.
It filters out fluoride, chlorine, Lead, and
 much much more.

I get no kickbacks or compensation for staying
these things, I am just truly a satisfied customer
and would higly recommend it,  and it is not
expensive, which is great too!  lol

This was lil darlings idea of putting the 
house inside a half pumpkin, on the other
side it just looks like a pumpkin

Thankful for Long Horn Steakhouse, as right
now they seem to have the best food and the
best servers of most places that we go!
Always enjoy going there, and don't think
we have ever had a bad meal there either.

Thankful for Rotisserie Chickens from SAM's,
they are a great price and they come in handy
for making many dishes. Not always easy to
get them these days tho........but happy when
we can...........

Thankful all my Spring/Summer decor is all
packed away till next year.

Thankful that it is beginning to look a little
like Fall in here now. Lil darling is home
from school today cause she was coughing
quite a bit and had been feeling bad, so she
 is staying with us today, and we are doing
some school work, but before she started we
got the Fall decor out, and decorated the
mantle.  We love doing that together!!

All these pics are the results of Tuesday....

Thankful for all the fun we had today
decorating for Fall.  She has so many good 
ideas.....and we got a lot done. She is already
 a good decorator, so can't wait to see when
 she grows up what her home looks like. She
 gets it honestly from both sides of the family.
Told hubby I wish I had her the rest of the

Thankful for an unexpected find I never even
thought of............a phone grip/stand for my
cell phone.  Have hardly used it yet, but love
it.  I am always having trouble with were
to put my hand/fingers on the thing cause
we can't tell exactly where the microphone
is, so my daughter whom I talk to the most
is always saying Mom you must be covering
the microphone cause I can't hear you!
So this new lil change hopefully should
solve that problem!!  
Just happened on it at the Dollar tree!
A great find!!  PTL

Note: Just talked to my daughter for about
an hour, and no interruptions.  Yay!!


Thankful we were able to find 2 T-shirts 
for lil darling with hot pink in them to go
 with some shorts I had gotten for her. 
Almost everything is peach colored now. 


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for coming by......

Have a Wonderful rest of the week.

Love, Hugs and
Early September Blessings,

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  1. Nellie, your Fall in your family room is beautiful!
    Thanks bunches for sharing your pretty room with Sweet Tea & Friends this month sweet friend.


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