Thursday, September 28, 2023

Thankful Thursday September 28, 2023, Fall Decorating #4

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him.
Psalm 40:3 NIV

Hello Sweet Friends,
How are you this fine day??
Hope you are enjoying Fall in your
neck of the woods. We had a few
fallish days recently, (which was great)
but then went back to 90 degree temps. lol
Can you believe we will be in Oct. in just
a few days from now.  Shew!
Hopefully October will bring us more
of that fallish weather, but probably not 
until the end of October!  At least it
 looks like fall inside the house!!  lol

Pictures today are more Fall Decorating for 2023,  Part 4.

So on with my Thankfuls.......


Thankful for a good day with lil darling

schooling and then she and her Dad

stayed after for Dinner and to play cards.


Thankful that I finished the yard work

in our front yard, so now I can concentrate

On our master bath floor.


Thankful for a good day at church,

 and that our friend who broke her knee

cap was back again, and our newer

 friends were both there too.  They have

been helping take care of their new

Grandson, so have been watching

from home lately. Our Sr. Pastor

 preached today and said his surgery

 to remove his kidney would be on 

Oct. 17th, so he will be preaching 

until then getting us ready for 

preaching on the book of Revelation.


Thankful we tried a new Mexican

restaurant our Son told us about.

We loved was nice and clean,

had good service and the food was

 delicious and done with such great presentation.  Will definitely be going

back in the future.


Thankful for my first piece of pumpkin

pie to kick off the Fall/Pumpkin season.

Always delish!!


Thankful that we have missed the last

 4 TS or Hurricanes out in the Atlantic,

I know one hit NC and Virginia but 

think it must not have caused a lot

of damage cause we didn't hear any

thing about it.  There is one below

us and Cuba and praying that will

blow out.

Note: It looks like it is making a turn

up towards the middle of the Atlantic

which could be good news!!


Thankful that we started on our master

bathroom tile grout a few weeks ago,

and have just been doing a lil bit at a

time, which included scrubbing the tile

first, then using a grout pen.  Anyway,

we have made a lot of progress and are

getting close to being done, and it is 

looking so nice, can't wait to finish as

it is gonna look so good.


Thankful that hubby could change my

facebook log in, as I think I was hacked

cause I got a friend acceptance from

someone I didn't friend, so was trying

to figure out how that could happen,

from what I read, it said I was hacked

and change my password, then no one

can get access.  So thankful my hubby

knows about this stuff!!  lol 


Thankful for a lonnnggg phone conversation with my Daughter. 

 Next best thing to being there!


Thankful for a visit from our little bunny

that hangs out in our woods. Nice to

know he is still alive and well, as he had

disappeared for about a month or so.

(which is normal, he sometimes is gone

for months and we think something must

have gotten him and then all of a sudden 

he shows up).  lol


Thankful that we serve a God who is

creative......doesn't get more creative that

creating people, but it doesn't even begin

to stop there!  I am thankful that He

put a bit of his creativity into all of 

his children, and I think it brings them

great joy when they use it.


Thankful for the laughter of children, 

and if this doesn't make you laugh 

nothing will.

click here  or go here yourself

Happy Laughing...........


Well, that's it for Cozy Place

this week...............

Lovely to have you visit


Have a lovely rest of the week.

Love, Hugs

and end of September Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD for His Love in your sharing together!
    #2. Yes, it's always great to get the the yardwork done! I'm so thankful Steve does mine!
    #3. I have been lifting prayers for him and GOD's healing upon him!
    #4. It's always so great when "someone else" does the cooking, ha!
    #5. Yummy for the tummy!
    #6. More prayers being answered by our LORD! Praise His Name!
    #7. What a job! I know you will be blessed when it's finished!
    #8. Yes, praise the LORD for his knowledge to change it!
    #9. How wonderful! I know you both enjoyed your time together!
    #10. How precious! Thank the LORD for His beautiful wildlife!
    #11. GOD Is so good!!!
    #12. Oh how cute! I guess mom was behind the camera! It's amazing the simplest things can intrigue babies, ha! Love you, Susan


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