Sunday, November 26, 2023

Scripture Sunday

Giving Thanks to God even when you don't feel like it......

is a powerful thing to do.......because He tells us in scripture

to give thanks in all things, (1Thessalonians 5:18) and I

 truly believe it is more for our benefit than His... 

and when we do thank Him,

 we reap the benefits of that.  Giving Thanks to God

 will absolutely revolutionize your life, it definitely has 
revolutionized my life so much, as it trains our minds

 to look for the good instead of the bad, and I would

 recommend anyone to give it a try.  Just start off 

with thanking Him for just one or two things a day,

 and then after you make that a habit, move to

 3 or 4 things, until it becomes a daily practice.

 That's one of the reasons I do a Thankful Thursday post 

every week, as it keeps me aware and looking for things

 to be thankful for, and there truly is always something

 to be thankful for.  You don't have to feel thankful

you just have to do it, and you do it because

 He tells us to......It is a thank offering to God.

I would challenge you to give it a try for at least

a month.

  Trust me, you won't be sorry if you give it a try!!


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  1. I for a long time in my life have daily thanked our Almighty GOD for His Love, mercy, and grace to me! All throughout the day, I find myself thanking Him. I have even awakened myself in the night praying prayers of thanksgiving to Him! His Holy Spirit is amazing in the leading He does in our lives! Praise always and only be to Him! Amen! Love you, Susan

  2. Love and needed this so much, Nellie! Sometimes I think we forget that being thankful is an offering. It's not always easy especially during difficult times or when things don't make sense. But with an open heart and a little practice it can become part of our daily ritual to honor Him in this way. Thanks so much for the gentle reminder and for your all your prayers too. I really appreciate it, CoCo


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Scripture Sunday

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