Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sailboat/Beach table for Father's Day 2014

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends,

So how has your week been going, 
so far?? Having fun with your kiddos,  
for those that have them home from
 school.  Or doing some traveling and 
vacationing or just enjoying the nice
warm days............

We are enjoying very warm mornings and very cloudy
afternoons with rain,  but not complaining cause those
clouds and rain make the temps bearable.  lol

Our lil darling is sleeping but will probably be waking
up here pretty soon,  so hoping I can get this post

So it's a race against the clock!   

Thought I would show you our Father's Day table for
 this year. We had a sailboat and beachy tablescape!

The idea came from these cute napkins I picked up at 
the Christmas store some months back.  This is beginning
to sound like a redundant theme.  I have to say I find some
really cute napkins

Decided since the napkins already looks rather
whimsical,  that maybe I could make some
sailboats for the centerpc.  
So looked it up online and found a tutorial
so made this lil  paper boat.........and it wasn't 
really all that big for a centerpc and I had trouble
getting it to stand up once I put the sail on, so
that wasn't I was thinking
okay,  Lord what can I do so a great idea came
to me,  that I knew my hubby would love cause
he is very nostalgic,  so decided to incorporate
some pics from our beach vacation last year.

Just didn't know how I was gonna do it.

Knew I was gonna use the above placemats that
I use on my kitchen table in the mix already along
with my white corelle ware, since it is the only
white dishes I have,  other than the salad plates
from the other dishes that got broken.

So here is the place setting.  Was just gonna use
the silverware as the sail,  but then later decided
to add the napkin as the sail.

Used the placemat in the centerpc. but had planned
originally to put them under the plates.......
Also borrowed this bowl with candle from my
coastal living the high point of the

Then I had seen somewhere years back how someone had
 used clear glasses, goblets I think they were to display
 pictures,  so thought that would work great.

So printed some pics on paper cause that worked better
for them to cling to the glass.  This one was facing my
place at the table.

This one was facing Scott

This one facing Megan

This was facing hubby,  

and this one was facing Susan,  so we had Dee
and Jerry here too,  only in picture......sniff

The other pics were just different shots of the ocean,
beach and sunrises.  Then I just added some candles
and shells to the mix.

From one end of the table

From the opposite end,  looking into our
living room.

an overview

overview of the centerpiece

I did use my sailboat and it didn't fall over
once,  think I managed to get the skewer
stuck in the weave of the placemat!  lol

A little sign to hang over the table.
This was an actual picture we took while at
the beach and I just did a posterized affect on it.
It will probably become a card front for a guy!!  lol

and there you have it!!

Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the pictures,
and it was a good reminder of what a fun time
 we had last year,  and made me want to
 go to the beach

Maybe next year cause this year we are
going to Asheville instead..........

So glad you could drop by, and
 hope you enjoyed your visit,  and
 would love to hear from you if you 
have the time.

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Love,  Hugs,  and

Beachy Summer Blessings,



Alycia Nichols said...

Hi there! Congratulations on such a neat table to please EVERYONE on Father's Day! I love how much love and work you put into it, especially that neat photo display! I'm impressed, too, with your sailboat. I'm going to try that. I don't know that it will turn out as good as yours, but I'd like to give it a whirl. I get very impatient with craft-like projects, so it could end up in the recycle bin instead of in a tablescape! :-)

You had the perfect napkins for this theme!!!

Hot, muggy, and incredibly windy here all week. Ugh! NOT the way I want the rest of the summer to play out!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Laurie Ritchey said...

What clever ideas. I love the way you made the flatware and napkins into sailboats, and what a great idea to put the photos under the tumblers. Your little paper sailboat looks really cute. Well done. laurie

Janet said...


i love the photo are so creative...Your table looks great. You also make such beautiful centerpieces for all your occasions.

I figured out my problem with my BLOG...and I am up and running again!

Love & Blessings

Janet said...


i love the photo are so creative...Your table looks great. You also make such beautiful centerpieces for all your occasions.

I figured out my problem with my BLOG...and I am up and running again!

Love & Blessings

Dianne said...

so many cute idea on this table! I love using the napkins as a sail, the photographs in the glasses, and that adorable sailboat. All of it is so clever! Nicely done. Dianne

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Wow this is so cute- I love the photos displayed under the glasses- what a fun idea! You put a lot of work into your ideas- the little boat is very cute. The centerpiece with the seashells looks fabulous. The placemats have the perfect coloring for your Sailboat/Beach table and those are the cutest napkins!

Tea in Texas said...

What a cute idea to use your napkins as the starting point for the table. The beach theme with the sailboat is so darling. Your photos of family is a wonderful way to begin a conversation, Hope the Father's had a great time.

Marigene said...

Cute the sailboat. I like the idea of putting the photos inside the drinking glasses.
Have a wonderful week, Nellie!

Ann Krucek said...

I like how your cute table all started with the napkins!! I'm glad you got your boat to sail upright, it looks great! The photo display is perfect for Father's Day.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Nellie, Even though your little boat wanted to tip over it's still so cute! And the photo idea is fabulous!! I may borrow that! think it would even work for a wedding table. Thanks for the ideas! Linda

The Tablescaper said...

Great way to spend the day!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Sister Susie Says said...

Yea, the rain! It makes my grass grow (and the weeds too, yuk!)

Lil darling is really growing!!!

Each table scape you do so amazes me how it is more beautiful than the one before!

The napkin says it all! You did an awesome job on making the sailboat! The first thing that came to mind with the boat and place mat was the mat looks like a whirlpool.

I love your "beach in a bowl!" You have great ideas! Joyful pictures in the glasses! GOD is so good to our family! I am so joyful to be apart!
Love you all, Susan

Kathleen said...

That is so cute! Adorable sailboat, and great idea with the pics! Love how you placed the flatware too!
So many great touches to make this special!
Thanks for taking part in the Summer Whimsy Table Challenge!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I really like this! What a great idea to use the photos, and the sailboat is just too cute! Love those napkins, and the way you placed the flatware and napkin for the sail!


Walking on Sunshine said...

LOVE the table setting. Love the glasses with the photos. What a great idea!

Babs R said...

Cute beachy table and how much fun is the little sailboat. I like your sailboat napkins, too, and the photos in the glasses.