Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summery Coastal living room - Part 2

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

So.........How ya been??  
Having a fun summer so far??
Sure hope so.........

Our's has been good but quiet, with some sunshine
 in the mornings, then clouds and rain the rest of the
day.  So not really going out much.  Good time for
doing projects indoors.

We finally got our curtains up in the family room this
past weekend, so was happy about that,  and have to
say I really love the way it looks.  More casual and
modern looking but a very nice change, and seems
to look good with everything else.  I did order a few
new pillows that I am hoping will look good.

Next I have to work on what I want to do with the
dining room window.  I have 2 more panels for 
there,  but don't want to just put one on each side
as I don't want to block the light from the window,
so may do something similiar to what I had there
before since I really liked it and still do..............
When I get it done I will show yall the new look.

Quick Breakfast,  hor'derve  or snack recipe

Had something new and interesting for breakfast this 
morning, saw it on a clean living blog,  and it was really
pretty good.  You make toast (I use Italian five grain
from Publix) then spread it with coconut oil,  the recipe
said to slice avocado,  and I didn't have a ripe one so I
used wholly guacamole dip since she said to drizzle
it with lemon juice afterwards.  Have to say it was
very good,   the coconut oil gives the avocado a lil bit
of a different flavor, very mild, but very good and
it is very good for me and it has stayed with me.
So will definitely be having it again!!
Try it,  I think you will like it.

Well,  on with more of the Coastal
 living room look.................

These photos are of the coffee table (my hope chest)
Have had this basket tray for quite a while now
a nice score from Target some year ago.  Could
never use it on my family room coffee table as
it was too big and took up the whole table top.  lol
Works well here tho.

This is how it looked once I borrowed the
beach in a bowl for the Father's Day table.

Not a huge change........but a change!

A look from the back side.

Placed the pillow a lil differently

Here's  a most of the room look.

Next week I will show you some close
ups of the Etagere shelves......

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Sister Susie Says said...

I can hardly wait to see the new look!!

I'll have to try the new recipe. I need to get back to using the coconut oil! I really liked the 2 avocado dips you gave to me! It was delicious!

How fragile the starfish is!

If one can't get to the beach, just visit Nellie's Cozy Place!
Love you all, Susan