Friday, June 13, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 12, 2014

 A good man obtains favor from the LORD
 but the LORD condemns a crafty man.
Proverbs 12:2

Afternoon Greetings
Sweet Friends,

I know I am late... but it was for

a good cause.....
had stuff I had to get done before 
hubby gets home and is around all
Know what I mean,  Jelly Bean!!
Just finished one of them,  and as
 soon as I post this baby,  I will be
off to wrap or bag his gifts.

Bet you are probably busy doing

about the same things......

So I am gonna stop here ........

and just say.............

I am thankful

for an unexpected free milkshake from
McDonalds.  They had one leftover and
offered it to us.  Funny..... when we ordered
I was thinking it would be good to have a
 milk shake, cause we only have yogurt 
shakes, but thought you really don't need
Guess that was one of those desires
of my heart gifts from the Lord!!  lol

2 & 3
that Dee and Jerry closed on their new
town home last Friday and everything
went well,  and they are slowly getting
settled in..........about there,  so they
can really start enjoying it..............and
 that Rosie seems to love it already.
Cause she has moved a lot too in the
last 21/2
It is only about a block from where they
were living in the apartment.

that I got my Coastal decorating done
so quickly..........all in one day.

that I think I finally figured out what to do
for our Father's day table, and what we
are gonna have to eat, and when Scott,
Megan and the baby can come..............

that we know what our next Sunday school
series is gonna is called "The
Indestructable marriage"  by Jimmy Evans.
He is very passionate about helping people
have good marriages because early on in
 their marriage they almost divorced, but 
with God's help they have been married
47 years now,  I think it is............
very inspiring!!

that I got all my Father's day shopping all
 finished on Thursday,  that included the
grocery shopping too.

I found a couple of darling outfits for
the baby yesterday  at a great price.
Can't wait to see them on her.

that the rain we are having in the afternoons
help to bring these 90 + temps down.

that Megan is feeling better she was really
sick all night Tuesday and then very weak
on Wednesday, and as of Thursday still
not up to par,  course, anytime you have
 a stomach virus it takes a while to get
your strength back. 

for a neat story on saw on yahoo news in
the wee hours of the night.  A young man
named Nick who is handicapped and went
thru a program called E trac, it is designed
 to help people that have challenges of many
kinds, to have the skills to help them find a job.
Anyway, it showed him getting a call from
Walmart to become a greeter and he was
grinning from ear to ear and so excited.
It was just so heartwarming and made me
so happy for him that it put a smile on my
face too...........

I just finished our Father's day table and
was very happy with the results.  Think
Jimmy and Scott will really like it.......
Wasn't quite sure how I was gonna pull
off what I wanted to do, but asking the
Lord always helps.......cause ideas just
pop right into my head............

that I finally gathered all the goodies for
My Blog Followers Giveaway.  I will
 announce it next Tuesday Lord willing!!  
So we sure to come by next week.......

(These were all pics from Vacation at the Beach 2013)

Well, Glad you came by 
and hope you have a
 swimmingly good weekend.

Love,  Hugs and 
Happy Father's Day
Blessings to your hubbies
and to you too!!


Now go spoil all the Dads
 in your Family!!


Rebecca said...

I love your enthusiasm for changing things around, making special days "special", etc. You have a lot of energy! I'm sure the dads in your family will have a wonderful Dinner & Day.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. What a great example of our LORD knowing our ever thought!
#2 & #3. I've often thought how nice it must be when you don't have to be responsible for all of the yard work! But, then I think, "I like my quiet culdesac!" LOL
#4. You must have had no interruptions!
#5. You stay busy, busy! At my Dr. Appt., Dr. Quinn asked me what I have been doing to keep myself busy with my days? I told him I walk my dogs in the yard (mainly to keep Xena from going under the fence, ha!) I forgot to tell him about my bike!
#6. I wonder if churches have ever thought about classes for people who been single all their life (even into older age?)
#7. I've got to shop for some cream cheese, powdered sugar, and spray butter :-)
#8. I think it is more fun to shop for them than ourselves!
#9. It has surely made my grass go to seed! I hope Tom is okay. I noticed he mowed Lillian's yard.
#10. I noticed (with friends) the viruses now a days are harsh! I'm so glad I'm not around all the kids in the classroom anymore, however, that may have been what kept up my immunity.
#11. Wal-Mart has been so good in so many ways!
#12. Isn't it so amazing how our LORD communicates with us!!
#13. I hope it will include your beautiful cards!
Love you, Nellie, Happy Father's Day , Jim!