Friday, June 6, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - June 5, 2014

Without faith it is impossible to please God,
 because anyone who comes to him must believe that he
 exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

Morning Greetings
 Sweet Friends.............

Hope this finds you all well

and happy this fine Friday

I know I am late but it was for a good reason,
I was having

Since I am late I will just let the post do the

I am thankful

for the great time we all had while DeeAnna
was here for 4 1/3 days.  We really did have
a good time.  Unfortunately, even tho she went
to the beach with Scott and Megan there just
wasn't much sun the whole time,  but at least
she didn't get burned..........she was really 
looking forward to some sunshine,  but she
said she really didn't care, think mostly she
 was just happy to see everyone.

that her hubby, Jerry shares her with us like
this, cause I know it is hard for him to be home
 by himself, course, he was on call this weekend
 and working and he has Rosie,(her lil dog, and
 she has really become his lil dog)  but don't think
 she takes the place of DeeAnna, for
So thanks Jerry,  we love and miss you too!

#3 & 4
that DeeAnna's new friend in Asheville
was unhurt and unharmed by an emergency
plane landing Sunday. Something happened
with the landing gear and they had to dump
all their fuel, and land on a long runway, and
fortunately it was a successful landing.
Have to say.... I was doing a lot of praying
on Monday since Dee was flying home that
evening.  Fortunately, it only takes and hour
and 15 mins., and she lets us know as soon
as she got there.  so very thankful for that

for delays and interruptions because I believe
they many times are God's protection over us
or the arrangement of divine appts. by HIM.

for something new I learned to do this week
with my card package.  If you knew how computer
illiterate I was 9 years ago,  you would know what
a big deal that is for

for ethnic foods,  they are so enjoyable and add
 spice to life.  My favs are Mexican, Italian and
 Cuban.   I like some German and chinese too,
  but am picky about which

that Dee has 2 possible real estate clients, both
referrals from folks she knows.

with posterized affect

a fun night out with hubby, looking for things to
put in my give away to celebrate my 5 yr. 
blogaversary.  Found a few things...........Will be
 announcing it soon, just want to get a couple
 more stay tuned............

we tried a new restaurant tonight called "Cheddars",
we had heard it wasn't too good,  but we enjoyed it,
wasn't fantastic.... but enjoyable, and it had a nice
atmosphere and the server was super and the 
price was really good.  So we will definitely go
back again.

This is a side track.

Below is the real kitty that those lil figurines represent.
Susan bought those for me cause they reminded her
of Molly.  Well, a few days ago I looked out on the porch
 to see where she was,  and this is what I saw.  She was
 in a deep sleep,  I have never seen her sleep in this
 position before,  so it just cracked us up.
I sneaked out with my camera and typically if I just turn
 the key in the lock she wakes up,  but I did it as quietly as
 I could but then when I opened the door it squeaked quite 
a bit and thought oh no, she is gonna wake up,  but went
 right over to her and took these pics and she was just
 dead to the world. She has just recently taken to sleep-
ing on the swing.  I have put her up there many times
and she always gets down,  but the last time hubby
and I were sitting out there she wanted affection so
she got up there with us..........and guess she found
out it was pretty
It is really great seeing her feel so much better and
that she is sleeping so peacefully and not itching
and scratching and chewing on herself all the time.
She is becoming quite a character these days!!  lol

that I found the perfect color ribbon I needed for a card
 I am doing,  it is sort of unusual like a watermelon color
 pink,  and at first I didn't think Michael's had anything
 that worked and was about to go to JoAnn's and just 
decided to ask the lady if they had ribbon anywhere
 else in the store and it was right there on top of a sale
 bin in the front of the store.  3 yards for $1.00.
Made me Happy!!   lol
Can't wait to try it out..............

that I got my last permanent crown yesterday for
what I hope will be a longgggggg time.  It will
be at least till next March

Well,  there you have it another
 week of blessings from Cozy Place.  
There really are blessings all around
 us all the time,  we just have to 
be looking for them.........

Have a simply Beautiful Weekend,

 my friends.

Love,  Hugs, and 
Kitty Cat Blessings to ya,



Sister Susie Says said...

#1. You have such a beautiful, wonderful, loving, joyful daughter as do I in her being my niece!
#2. I am so blessed to have him as my "nephew-in-law!"
#3/#4. I am so thankful for our loving GOD who blesses us and our family and friends.
#5. This is the blessing of patience on our part!
#6. I find out how illiterate I am every time a program upgrades! I don't know why they can't keep the same format!
#7. Oh how I know! Your Cuban food is delicious! I'm finishing mine tonight! Thank you ever so much for dropping it off yesterday!
#8. The LORD's blessings on her, her referrals, and those referring!
#9. You got me started on January 2, 2010! This coming January will be my 5 year mark! I'm so overjoyed that you shared blogging with me!!!
#10. Sounds kind of cheesy, ha! I just love when we can catch our pets in memorable posses!
#11. Great price! Now only if we could find those prices at the food store! It seems every week their items on "sale" have gone up again!
#12. Let us pray it will be longer than that!
Love to you all, Susan

Donna Heber said...

Hi Nellie,

Thinking of you! Just adore your sweet precious kitty Molly. I can just see you tip toeing out the door to take the photo. Hugs, Donna