Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - September 4, 2014

Last of summer scenes from Cozy Place

Sing to him, sing praise to him,
tell of all his wonderful acts,
Glory  in his holy name, let the
hearts of those who seek the
 Lord rejoice.

Psalm 105:2-3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a lovely and fun
 Labor Day weekend........and 
a good week so far.......

We had a very quiet but really lovely
an fun  Labor day weekend.  We got
 take out from Outback  and watched a
 silly movie on Friday night.  Something 
about clouds with Meatballs,  but cute
 and very unserious!!  lol  it is a kiddie
 movie!! For some reason I was in the
 mood for that........which is usually...
 not the case! lol

Saturday we had our yummy pumpkin
pancakes, just hung out and talked for
awhile, then went thru mail that had
gotten backed up, (you know the stuff
that comes that you don't know what
to do with, and your waiting for hubby
to decide about) so hubby and I took
 care of all that, and I was thrilled!!
As it has been bugging me for awhile. 

see this lil basket it was completely
stuffed full of mail on both sides, and
 there was an overflow pile as well,
 but this is how it looks now.

nice and neat once again!  yeah!
Does anyone else dislike paper as 
much as I do???

After that it was
 overcast, so we decided to do some
 work outside. So we got steps 2 thru 5
 done on our mailbox area.
  Dug the old post and mailbox out,  put
 the new post in and attached the new
 mailbox, and dug up a lot of the ground
around it.........which was step 5, and we
 have more digging to do,  but we are pro-
gressing so that is the important thing.
  Hoping we might get a little more done
 tonight.  We also got a nice pittisporum 
bush to put out there, and put the street
numbers on.  So far,  it is looking pretty pics tho,  too hot!!

and we did get to work out there last
night,  so we are over 75% done with
the digging (step 5), so hopefully, next
time we will get that finished and get
our bush planted.  Not an earth shatter-
ingly wonderful DIY selfer,  but it will
definitely help enhance the yard and
 the neighborhood. 
After working we got showers and then
watched a movie and took it easy the
rest of the night.

Sunday was our usual..... church then
frozen yogurt run, nap and then we
watched a few of our Pastors on TV, then
 went to see a new movie that just came
 out called " When the game stands tall"
 at 9:45.  It was a very good movie.  
Then we went to Denny's at midnight,
just for the fun of it, and a french dip 
was calling my name for some reason,
 but they didn't have it, so
we wound up getting a sandwich called
the "Super Bird", it is just a turkey sand-
wich with cheese, lettuce and tomato.....
but we were shocked that they still have it
 and that they still call it the same name. 
 We figured out that the last time we had 
one was when we lived in South Florida
 before I was even pregnant with my son,
  who is gonna be 37 in a few months.
Isn't that crazy...........cause not much
stays the same these days!!

Monday we sorta started Fall cleaning,
and we started with our computer/ work
 room. It looks so fresh and nice, so I am
 ecstatic about that. Want to redo this room
 and have the stuff to do it,  but am still 
trying to make up my mind on the
arrangement of the room,  which is hard
cause I want to keep the futon and we
had moved a table in here to use as a
work table,  and they are both long, so
my only option is to switch their places,
but not sure if it will look good, and just
 really hasn't been that big a priority.

So our Labor day did involve labor but
a lot of fun as well. Good eating and
card playing too.

This all got me inspired so I have been
Fall cleaning, and today I am hopefully
gonna start my Fall decorating.  That
is the plan anyway!

I started this post yesterday,  but our
lil darling woke up a lot sooner than she
normally does,  so never got to finish it,
so thought oh well........... it is written
so will just combine it with
 Thankful Thursday. Some of my Thankfuls 
might seem a repeat with what you already
 read but hey, I truly am thankful for them.

So on we go..............

I am thankful 

for Labor Day weekend with my hubby,
always nice to have that extra day.

for our progress on our mailbox project.

for how hubbies help with Fall cleaning
really helped inspire me with the rest of
the cleaning and decorating.

that I have Fall decorations to put out
and make the house feel cozy and like
Fall, since it doesn't feel like Fall outside
 at all.

With paint daubs affect
for and Love those scents of Fall,  like 
pumpkin and apple pies, and spice and 
pumpkin candles...........

for the promise and excitement of Fall.......
with a few birthdays and our anniversary,
and we usually start our Christmas shopping
in late Oct. or early Nov., then there is one
of our fav holidays, Thanksgiving to come 
during this Fun season of the year.

Have been sitting in the living room to read
 lately, and just enjoyed the view from here
 for a change.

hamburgers, fries and coke.  One of my
all time fav meals every since I was a child.
Just doesn't seem right to have a burger
without a coke for sure,  and I don't drink
coke often,  and only drink decaf. lol
but it sure is good when I do...........
for my van, she will be 2 years old soon,
and I love her as much as the day we
bought her,  and she has been wonder-
ful for our trips to Asheville.

same pic in colored pencil
that my lil buddy across the street was
here yesterday with his grandmother
and she was saying how well he is
doing in school, and he said he might 
just have straight A's on his report
card, So happy to hear he is really
working hard at school, cause there
was a time he wasn't do too well.
We have tried to encourage him.

that my friend with the broken foot
had her brother and SiL visit her to
help out,  and she was so happy they
are here.

Realized I never did show you my new 
curtains in the dining room, thought I might
 tweak them some more, but so far, I haven't! 

that my daughter and her hubby had
a relaxing and  fun time away at the
 beach over labor day weekend. They love
 the beach and she has missed that living
in North Carolina. Course, don't think she

has missed it quite as much as she
thought she would, since the weather is
so nice and they get to spend so much
more time outside than here in Florida.

that I tried an experiment yesterday for
 iced coffee, and it was yum yum yummy,
and super simple.  Make coffee ahead
of time and put in fridge so it is already
 cold, then add ice to a glass, fill in 3/4
of the way with coffee, then add 1/4
of the way with Baileys cream brulee
creamer and enjoy!

With photocopy affect

Well, there you have it,  
another week at Cozy Place.

Thanks heaps for stopping by

 to visit, am always happy to 
hear from you.

Love, Hugs and
Last or Summer Blessings!



Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Since I've been retired, most of my days are Labor Day, ha!
@2. I know you are excited in getting it finished.
#3. Two sets of hands are surely better than one!
#4. I can't believe Fall is just around the corner!
#5. Yes! I will say that too! The pumpkin pancakes started fall for me, LOL!
#6. I think the last quarter of the year is the best of all of the year!
#7. With a Wendy's chocolate Frosty!
#8. 2 years already! I know you are really enjoying her! When I go in my garage, I pat my 11 year old Nissan Titan on the fender, singing, "You are so beautiful to me." Ha!
#9. Such good news to hear!
#10. I am so glad they could come and help her out. I'm sure she appreciates every moment.
#11. How wonderful that they have time with each other!
#12. I'll have to try that. I wonder how it would be with hot chocolate done the same way?
I love you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

You have been busy! Me hamburgers, fries, and Coke!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Carol said...

Wow, you have been very busy, Nellie! I really like the new curtains in your dining room. It's still hot here, too, but that hasn't stopped me from adding some Fall inside. I love's definitely my favorite season. All the rich colors and smells just give you such a warm-fuzzy feeling of contentment.

I always enjoy your Thankful list. I keep "Gratitude" journals and fill in 5 things I am grateful for, each night before I go to bed. It truly gives me a sense of peace.