Friday, June 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday June 22, 2017, Photo affects on Fathers day table pics

Give thanks to the Lord, 
for he is good; 
 his love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1

Summer Greetings
Sweet Friends,

Wow, it is offically Summer but 
seems like it has been Summer 
for quite awhile already....

Hope your are enjoying your
 summer,  think we are more 
enduring than enjoying!!  lol
  It was 100 degrees here the last
 few days and muggy as all
get's the time of
year when you open the door
early in the morning even, and
it is like opening the oven
 door!!   Feels yukky!

Not been a super productive
week here,  just doing paper
work, bill paying, emailing
and office type work... it is
productive...but you just can't 
see it....I prefer the productive
 work you can
As it tends to spur me on, and 
makes me feel more like I have
 accomplished something.

Pictures today are with photo
affects.....took too many pics
of the Father's Day table, so
put affects on them for the
fun of it.  I could have sworn
I did not take as many pics
Well on with my Thankful

I am thankful

that a "bomb" threat at the Port
of Charleston last Friday the 16th.
turned out to be just that... a threat.
I am so thankful for that for all the
normal reasons, but also for our own
 personal reasons as some of you
 probably know, but others don't that
 our daughter and son-in-love live 
in charleston, not too far away from
 there and could have been in danger.
Scary stuff!  So thankful for the 
Lord's protection over the kids,
Charleston and S. Carolina. 
Today it is so important to pray for
 the safety for our families, friends 
and country is really.... 
 a necessity.  I truly believe the only 
reason we have not had more of
 those type of  situations is because
 the Lord is protecting the U.S
because of the prayers of his
 people.......God answers prayer.

Equalized/Posterized affect

that I was able to sort of pace
myself and do a little bit towards
Fathers day everyday from Thurs.
on,  makes it so much easier
when I do that!

for a fairly new candy called
"Take Five".  It is really delish.
Pretzels with peanut butter 
and chocolate.  Yummo!

Diffuse Glow affect

that we got a call on Monday and
we might finally be able to move
 ahead with selling my Mom's house
 after 12 years......but still have to
get more info....very excited as this
 has been a long time in coming.

for banana is a family
favorite that we all enjoy.  Made
it for Father's Day. It has already
become one of lil darlings favs

Posterized Affect

for a really nice day on Father's Day.
Scott, Megan, and Brooklyn came
 over and my SIL Susan as well. The
 guys enjoyed it very much. They even
 did a lil wii playing, and to our amaze-
ment lil darling did a pretty good job
 with it too, especially did good on
 table tennis. It was a  very nice

Gradient Map affect

for all the heartwarming thoughts
I have had about my Dad lately,
cause of Father's Day!  My Dad
has been in heaven for about 23
years now....and so glad I will
see him again one day.

Note Paper affect

that my daughter finished her
real estate course, that she had to
do to be able to do real estate in
S. C., as she got her original
 liscense in N. C.....It was 3 week-
ends in a row, so she is happy to 
be done, to say the least and
she already has a few referrals.

Photocopy affect

for a new book my daughter got
hubby for Father's Day.  It is called
"Everyday is Saturday" and it is
about retirement. Hint Hint, from
We are only 2 chapters in but 
think it is gonna be a good book.

Paint Daubs affect

for Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls for 
Saturday's, Father's day breakfast. 
We only have them on special
 ocassions, which makes them
even more....
 yummy and delicious.....

Colored Pencil affect

that a lil girl here in Florida was
 found after they sent out an amber 
alert. So she is safely back at home.
Such a great outcome.......wish they
all ended that way............

Equalized affect

that by the end of the week
 we have finally gotten all
the info we need to be able to
make a good decision about
 my Mom's house now..........


Happy you came by.....

If you would like to see the normal
pics of our Fathers day table.
Just click here

Have a Fabulous rest of the week
Keep you light shining brightly!

Equalized Omni affect

Love,  Hugs and
Official Summer Blessings,

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Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Amen! I daily pray for our family members, the country, and our President, VP, their cabinet members, Congressmen, Supreme Court Judges, the military Chiefs of Staff and the citizens of America.
#2. You did a great job (as you always do!) I thank out LORD for your love and fellowship and I appreciate all the things you do for family and friends!
#3. Yes! Thank you for sharing one with me! It is yummy!
#4. Praise the LORD, answer to prayers! I have been praying specially for a long time and now can be more specific!
#5. Yes, and "bananas are so good for you (if you get what I mean, lol!)
#6. YES, IT WAS! Brooklyn like our game of "Boom bop pa boom," ha!
#7. I know what you mean! I always think of my dad too. He's been with the LORD now for 26 years! I can't believe it has been that long already!
#8. Fantastic! Great for her! I pray the LORD greatly blesses her!
#9. Yahoo! What a blessing retirement is. I'm on my 7th year as of June 1st.
#10. They are definitely tasty (from past visits!)
#11. Another blessed answer to prayers!
When I started reading your blog, I thought, "What is that all over my screen!" I even wiped my screen thinking I had dust on it, lol! Then I realized it was the new layout you had, lol! Love you all, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
That is too funny about you wiping your
Love the background but wasn't too thrilled with the smudgy look where the writing

We have definitely seen quite a few answers to prayer this week, which is always very exciting. Thanks for your prayers for can never have too many prayers!

Congrats on your 6 years of retirement....that is one thing about getting older that is great is that we have more time to spend in prayer for so many things. When we are working and/ orraising children and so busy with things....even tho you pray you don't have near as much time to spend as we do that is quite a blessing!

Thanks for coming by as always, and for your encouraging comments.

Love, Nellie