Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday - September 21, 2017. Fall decor from the past....

 How priceless is your unfailing love,
 O God!  People take refuge in the
 shadow of your wings.
Psalm 6:7 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you ready to greet tomorrow is the big day.

  I am so ready for some cooler 
weather but that won't be happening 
here in Florida for at least another 
month probably.  I have been busy
this week getting ready for Fall,
and having a lot of fun doing it.
Will show you next week.

Thought I would show you some
pics from Fall's past today....

So on with my post.......

I am thankful...

that we were back at our church
after 3 weeks of being away, 2 wks.
at my daughters and 1 week due to 
the it was great to
 be back at our home church of
36 years......

that our furry grandaughter dog 
Rosie is off all her meds now, and
is doing just fine. We are all very
happy about that.........

#3 and 4
so thankful... that Jose has passed
 us by and Dee and Jerry as well, and
also thankful that it looks like Marie
 is gonna take a similar path only
 further out in the ocean, which is
great for us, but feeling horrible
for all those in the islands that got
hit many places and
things to pray for these days!!

for the fun of Fall decorating and
having a house to decorate after
last week.  Have really been
enjoying it as I haven't done much
decorating since Spring.......
and it is sort of therapeutic after
seeing all the pictures of mass
destruction on TV.....and a
neighborhood full of debri left
over from Irma.

for My paternal grandmother,
 Nellie whose birthday would 
be tomorrow the 22nd, I have
very fond memories of her,
as she was always so good to
 me.....she has been in Heaven 
with Jesus for about 28

for one of my dearest friends,
Vicki, whose birthday is the
22nd of Sept., as well...
She is truly like a sister and 
just one of the best friends I
have ever had for almost 35
years now.......Just wish we
lived closer...
Happy Birthday Vicki,
Love You Gal.....

for a new cookie find at our
local Publix market.  They are
cream cheese pumpkin cookies
and they are yummy and are really
great with a cuppa Joe........
Unfortunately the Meyer lemon
ones I mentioned last week are 
out of season until next hoo!  lol

that I am about finished with my
 Fall decorating, so will be hopefully
packing up the spring/summer stuff
 and packing away the Fall containers
Now just time to enjoy it...
  whoo hoo!

for a really good movie we watched
 that is based on a true story.  It is 
called "The case for Christ" and we 
rented it off of Amazon in case you
 are interested in watching it.

to hear everyone in our area has
their power back, it took a week
or more for some of them, and
thankful for the men who do all
that hard work to get it back on.
Our next door neighbor is one
of them.
God Bless them all!

for all the rescue teams, those in the 
military, christian ministries and 
fema and anybody that is actively 
involved in helping those in the
 worst hit areas.  I read where 80%
 of the relief aid is coming from
 Christian ministries, I think that
is so Wonderful!!

If you are wondering where to
give.....Samaritans purse is a
really great place to give........

Thanks for joining me for another
week at Cozy Place......

Always glad to have you come

Love, Hugs and
and end of Summer 


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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Scripture Sunday

Happy Sunday Morning 
Sweet Friends,

After going through Hurricane Irma
 at the risk of life and limb to myself
and my family, and to so many others 
here in Floridait really made me think
 about how very blessed we are to know
 Jesus, and to know our eternal destination
 will be heaven.  I also know there are 
many who don't have that assurance and
don't know Jesus, but would maybe like
 to know Him. So the thought of how
many people could have died here in 
Florida and also knowing the hardship
 many people are facing gave me a very
 strong desire to share some scriptures 
that would be helpful to anyone who is
desirous of a relatonship with Jesus.

It is a group of Bible verses that 
will help you understand how to
 start a personal relationship 
with Jesus Christ!

For all have sinned and fall short
 of the Glory of God.
Romans 3:23

We have all done things that are 
wrong, like lying, stealing, cheating, 
cursing, gossiping, hatred, discord 
and the list could go on and on, 
but most importantly God calls 
these wrong things SIN.  

So we have to be willing to admit 

that we are a sinner. We aren't
sinners because we sin,  we were
born with a sin nature......

The Wages of Sin is death...
Romans 6:23A

We will all die physically one day,
but there is also a spiritual death
which alienates us from God for
eternity, and the bible talks about
a place where lost people will be
in torment forever, unless they
accept the truth of what scripture
teaches about Jesus.

Understand that according to a Holy
God we all deserve death for our sin.

 For God so loved the world that 
he gave his one and only Son,
 that whoever believes in him shall
 not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16 

But the gift of God is eternal life
thru Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 6:23b

This eternal life is a free gift from 
God to you and to me, it is called 
Salvation. You can not earn this gift,
 because it is not based on anything
 that we can do, but is based on what
Jesus has already done, but we must
make the choice to believe and
recieve God's free gift.

Ask God to forgive you for all the

wrong/sinful things you have done
in your lifetime and then ask God
to make you His child, so that
you can know Him personally.

God demonstrates His own love
for us, in the while we were yet
sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

Jesus died on the cross for us to
pay sin's penalty for all of humanity
and that includes me and you. He
bought us out of slavery to sin and
death!  The only condition is that 
we believe in Him, and what He
has done for us, understanding that
we are now joined with Him and that
He is our life.  He did all of this
because He loves us so much. His
love is what saves us, not religion
or church membership or our own
goodness........cause we can never
be good enough on our own....

Whoever will call on the name of the
Lord, will be saved.
Romans 10:13

Call out to God in the name of 

If you confess with your mouth Jesus
as Lord, and believe in your heart
that God raised Jesus from the dead,
you shall be saved; for with the heart
man believes, resulting in righteous-
ness, and with the mouth he confesses,
resulting in salvation.
Romans 10:9-10

If you believe that God is knocking
on the door o your heart as Him
to come into your heart.

Behold I stand at the door and knock,
if anyone hears My voice and opens
the door, I will come in to him.
Revelation 3:20A

Is Jesus knocking on your hearts
door???  If so, hope you will take
the steps you read here, as it is
probably the most important step
you will ever take, and it will be
the best thing you have ever done
for your life.  Walking with God
is not always easy, but it is a very
blessed I have known the
Lord since I was a teenager and
have been walking with him for
over 50 years, and would not
change a thing...........

If you have any further questions 

Please feel free to email me at

Love and Blessings Galore,


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thankful Thursday September 14, 2017, more Fall flowers

 “Every word of God is flawless;
 he is a shield to those 
who take refuge in him.
Proverbs 30:5  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a good 
week. This week has been much 
better than last week for sure.....much 
more relaxed and we are incredibly
 thankful to have Power!
This is definitely new for we
are typically without at least 5 -7 days.

Just can't quit saying.....that we are
 incredibly grateful to have us and our
 family and friends go thru this horrific
storm and come out of it okay. From
what we have seen so far, our area
doesn't seem to have taken as hard
of hit, thank goodness!  Course, we
have only see a few areas....mostly
tree debris, have only seen 1 tarp
on a house.....but know there are lot
 of people without power still. Have
 to say I am a lil disappointed as we 
really wanted to be able to help some-
one else out this time, since we have 
power and in the past we haven't and
 someone has always helped us out, 
 but I have called, emailed and asked
 and gone to homes of total strangers,
where there was no power but no 
takers, and they say they have every-
thing they need or there power comes
back on and I think most people are so
 thankful and relieved that we weren't 
killed or injured or our houses didn't
 take a hit that they have a great attitude 
even tho they have NO power. So...
that is amazing and makes me so
proud of our community.

The first part of this week was 
quite crazy, but it has been quite
serene the rest of the week.
Thank Heavens!

Well, gonna get on with my
 Thankful list..............

Thought I would add some
more Fall flowers....

I am thankful

I was able to prepare a number
of meals prior to the storm just
in case the Lord decided not to
answer our prayers about the
power, but he meats did
not go to waste, and I haven't 
had to worry about heating them
on the grill, and they have been
quite handy, as we have been 
exhausted after this whole ordeal.

#2 and #3
that we came thru the storm
well, with a peace in our hearts 
and no damage to our home and
very lil damage to the yard, and
and our power stayed on which
has never happened in the 36 yrs.
we have lived here (know I said
it before but we are just totally
amazed by it) and it was the 
same for everyone in the

that they send you tornado
alerts on the cell phone, so
you can take shelter. We had
quite a few as Irma was

for our sweet neighbor who
came over and helped us cut
up all the big limbs that fell 
off our big maple tree.

that we got most of the clean
up done today (Tuesday)
 Our front yard had debris  from
 all our trees everywhere.  So
 have to do more tomorrow,
 but want take near as much

that so far everyone we know
about has done well in the
storm with very lil damage.

for all who prayed for us and
for Florida, and for all those
who contacted us afterwards
to make sure we were okay.
What a blessing!
Many Many thanks!

that our grocery stores opened
up again today,  (Wednesday).
Although, we heard there were
a lot of empty shelves, as they
had to throw out a lot of stuff.

for a fun time with lil darling

for some Meyer Lemon cookies
 hubby discovered and brought
 home from our local Publix 
grocery store before the storm.
  They are so delicious..........

to be in A/C around the clock,
when we would typically be
burning up in these 90 degree
temps, for warm showers, instead
of ice cold ones, not having to
get our food out of a cooler, and
 being able to see without flash-
lights or candles and that once the
 storm was over, it was pretty much
 back to life as usual in some ways,
 altho I think we are a lot more con-
templative of what an awesome
God we serve..... and even more
appreciative than before, of all 
that we have, but also knowing
that we could live without it
if we needed is definitely
not the most important things
in life.

Well, that is it for our week
at Cozy Place..........

Glad you could come by.
always nice to know you
were here.

Keep your light shining

Love, Hugs, and
Hurricane Recuperation


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Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope none of you are still in the
path of Hurricane Irma,  but I am
sure there are some of you,  but
hopefully it won't be as intense
for you.

Just wanted to let you know we
came through Hurricane Irma
with no damage other than frayed
nerves from hurricane tracking 
frustration and lack of sleep and
 a bunch of big broken limbs off our
 Maple tree, that fell in our yard. 
as you can see in the pictures.
 So thankful they did not fall on
 the house!

Our tree looks pretty sad right now, 
but think we will be able to have her
trimmed up at the right time and she
will look nice again hopefully.  So
glad we had it trimmed up a few
years ago or we might have had
some possible damage to the

My SIL Susan did fine in the storm
as well,  other than some soffiting
the blew up into the roof line, but
that is a fairly easy fix that hubby
can do when he gets to it.

our son and his family did well too, 
but it looks like his yard is demolished.
I am hoping it want look as bad as
they think, once all the debri is cleared
away.  I remember how I felt when 
Hurricane Charlie demolished our
backyard, it just makes you sick,
all that hard work down the tubes,
but the fact, everyone is okay is
the most important thing, it takes
time but it does regrow and look
good again.

We still have tropical storm gusts 
at times, and they are getting to be 
less and less thank heavens, and
 this time we do have our electricity,
and honestly, that is a miracle, as 
that has never happened before in
our 36+ years of living
 we lose power in all of our storms.
  This time we prayed that we would
 retain power so that we might be able
 to help someone else, as we have been
 helped so many times in the past. 
 So we are excited and have already
offered for some people to come
here once it is safe. 

 It was a very long, agonizing and
 exhausting week and a very long
 night as Irma passed by us and
then scared us a bit with her last
minute change in track,  so we 
 didn't get a lot of sleep, due to that
and all the prior tornado warnings
on the front end as she arrived,
and we are so grateful the storm
has passed us, and now we think 
the worst of the storm has passed
 Dee and Jerry finally, so we can
 totally relax and enjoy it's passage.
What a crazy storm and crazy
ride it has been....... Doubt
we will every forget her...or
Hurricane Charlie ever.   lol

Now we can turn our attention to
hopefully praying Hurricane Jose
out to sea.......and praying for
all those in Houston, La. and
now here in Florida as they
recover from these horrific

Mostly we praise our Heavenly
Father for his gracious love, peace
 and protection thru this storm,
and for all our family, friends
and blog friends who prayed 
for us during this time. We felt
them and know God answered.

Love, Hugs and 
Hurricane Blessings
to all who are still
experiencing Irma,


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thankful Thursday September 7, 2017 and more Fall Flowers

God is our refuge and strength, 
an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Not much time so I am gonna just
jump right

Flowers are all compliments of

 I am thankful we made it back home
 safe and sound from Charleston late
 Tuesday Evening.  A good drive, 
 no rain and no bad traffic......

#2 and 3
I am thankful, that our sweet Rosie girl,
(that is my daughter's lil chijuajua that I
wrote about last Thursday) was acting 
like her old self again before we left 
and got a good report at the Drs.
today.  (Thursday)

I am thankful for those of you who
prayed for her, and that God was
gracious in answering our prayers
for Rosie.........

I am thankful that I found a necklace 
that has great sentimental value to me,
 as it was my paternal Grandmother's
 whom I am named after. It is a
 signature necklace with Nellie on it.
It had been lost for probably close to 
2 years. and just recently I said to my
 husband I sure wish the Lord would
help me find my necklace as I have
 really missed it, (as I wore it a lot).
Then when I got the suitcases out to
pack for our trip, I found it in a zippered
 compartment of the suitcase.  I felt like 
an angel must have put it there, as we
have used these suitcases probably at 
least 4-5 times since I lost it. So as you
 can imagine I was beyond thrilled
that God answered that casual wish,
and desire of my heart!!  He is a
good good Father.........

I am thankful that the Lord put it on
my heart to do our Hurricane shopping
before we came home from Charleston.
As it was pretty crowded there already
and we were hearing that the shelves
were emptied out in some places in
Florida. and it was true for where
we lived.  

I am thankful that we are about as
ready as we can be for the Hurricane,
still a few more things to do but we
still have time. Hubby is boarding
up some of the windows as I am that is done so
we can cross that off our list.  lol
I am hoping we sleep thru this one
just like we did Matthew......

I am thankful that our church 
cancelled services for Sunday
 as I am sure we will be start-
ing to feel the affects of the
hurricane as it is suppose to
be in our area around 8 P.M.

I am thankful that I know
Jesus and know my finally
destination should we not
come thru the storm.  I don't
think he is done with us yet,
so really think we will be
just fine.............but you
never know..........

I am thankful that as a family
we have all decided on our
plans.  We really considered
staying in S.C.,  but Dee and
hubby live very close to the
water, and we knew they would
be evacuated anyway, and then
who knew on Tuesday where
it was gonna go or how long
it would take, and we pretty much
still don't know exactly.  The rest 
of us are gonna stay put....and of
course, we are praying and hoping
 that the Lord will send Irma
 out to sea................

I am thankful that I am all
unpacked and have washed
everything so our clothes
are all taken care of in case
we are without electricity
for awhile,  which it will
be an absolute miracle if we
are not.............

I am thankful for the prayers
of God's people cause I truly
believe that was what saved us
from hurricane Matthew this 
time, last year.........

Well..... it has been a crazy week at
Cozy Place with Rosie being sick
and preparing for this monster
Hurricane.  I feel exhausted after
all the prepping
going to get a shower and crash
on the sofa and watch some TV.

Well, thanks for coming by
and will let you know how things
go once the storm passes and we
get power back.....just hoping it
isn't too too long.......

Take Care and Pray for us Floridians,
Georgians, and Carolinians....
We will all surely appreciate it and
love you for it............

Love,  Hugs and Big
Hurricane Blessings,


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Monday, September 4, 2017

Thankful Thursday August 31, 2017, With Fall Flowers

Greetings Sweet Friends,

I am super late with this post, but
 it was about done on Thursday
morning when I started having
trouble with my lap top and could
not finish until now, so figured
I would go ahead and post it....

Hope this finds you doing well
 and having a grateful heart what
 ever your circumstances especially
 when we take a look at what Texas
and Louisiana. are  going through.
My heart and my prayers have been 
with those in Texas all week, and
 now with Louisiana as well.  

Just added some Fall looking 
flowers for your enjoyment
and gonna get these 
thankfuls posted.  

I am thankful

#1 and 2
for a safe trip to Charleston
South Carolina........and for
 being with Dee and Jerry all
 week and for all the fun we had.

#3 and 4
for all the rest I have gotten
 and that I am feeling considerably
better and not as exhausted.

for playing in the pool and
getting the best tan I have
had in years, and hoping it
will greatly improve my Vit
D levels.......

#6 and 7
for the absolutely gorgeous
 weather here our first 3 days, 
 it was so cool and breezy that
 we were outside all day long,
we drank coffee and sat out
their to visit, played in the pool,
 ate out there, and played cards
 out there and it was like bliss
for all of us after being shut up 
in the house for most of the very 
hot summer............we found out 
it was compliments of a tropical
disturbance right off the coast
by us, which thankfully didn't
 turn into anything till it got
 way off the coast.

for a fun girls time getting a 
pedicure and a free 10 min.
shoulder massage.  Then for
 a fun trip to Home Goods and
Tj maxx and that we found a 
number of cute outfits to put
up for Christmas for lil darling. 
 They seem to have the cutest
childrens clothing here.

that Dee and Jerry did not wind
 up going to the Dominican Republic
like they were suppose to because 
their lil dog Rosie wound up having
 a seizure just hours before they were
 to leave, they tried to reschedule
 but couldn't so they cancelled their
trip as this was the first time any
thing like this every happened
and it was pretty traumatic, and 
now we feel like the Lord was
protecting them since hurricane
Irma is right near there.

Rosie was doing better on wed. but
 on Friday she started having some 
other problems that we feel must have 
stemmed from the seizure, so if you 
feel so led please pray for her to recover
 completely, we would sure appreciate it,
as she is a really sweet lil dog an has
 been in the family for 13 yrs, or so.....

for the inspiration and encourage-
ment of watching those in Texas
come together in love and unity,
and for all of those that have come
to their aid. It has been a beautiful 
thing to see the way these dear
 people are holding up under such
 terrible circumstances,They have
 been truly amazing and inspiring.

that those that we knew in Texas
all fared the storm and are doing 
well. One friend had water about
5 ft. from her door.....but all of the
sudden the next few days the 
water miraculously receded. PTL

for President Trump and his 
Administration, Fema, Red Cross,
and many faith and church based
ministries, the military, police, first
responders, and just many many
people who have given to and are
 helping the victims of hurricane
 Harvey. You are all truly hero's,
and we thank you for your loving
and giving hearts.  May God
just pour out His blessings upon
you all as well as all the victims
of this terrible storm.

Well,here is to another
week at cozy place.

Thanks for your visit 
and do feel free to share
something you are thankful
for as well.

Have a good Labor

Day weekend and don't forget
 to pray for all those that are
 displaced in Texas.

Keep your light shining 

Love, Hugs and
First of September Blessings,


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