Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - First Christmas Tablescape

Hello Sweet Friends,

How are you???  Enjoying the Fun
and excitement for the Christmas
Season?  I sure hope so!

I did something I have been wanting to do
 for a long time, actually 2 somethings! 
 One was I wanted to do a tablescape with this
 tablecloth which became my Christmas tree skirt, 
because at the time I had no napkins or could find
 no napkins to match it, and the 2nd thing was to 
make some arrangement with real cranberries.  

So............let's get started

I was only playing,  figured before I put the
tablecloth around the tree,  I would create
a nice tablescape,  and of course.....

you must have a centerpiece and some candles.
This was just some faux pine boughs, pinecones,
cranberries and ribbons.  This candle is called
Cranberry woods and is from bath and body
shop.  It has the nicest fragrance, really lovely.

Recognize some things leftover from the reception???
The clear glass containers, candles and ribbon.

Just thought this was an interesting shot of the
candles thru the glass.  I adore these green
glasses because they are pretty.... but mostly
because they belonged to an elderly neighbor
lady we had about 36 yrs. ago. We just loved
her, and watched out for her once her hubby 
passed away as she had no children of her own,
 and when she passed away her sisters gave them
 to me as a remembrance. Mrs. Early told me she
had gotten them at a restaurant in New Orleans
when she was young.

Years after I bought the tablecloth I found green napkins 
at Walmart, and lo and behold they were the exact same
 pattern as the tablecloth,  but since it is my christmas
tree skirt I have never used it as a tablecloth, until
this play vignette.

Just laid them across the plate and tucked them in
at each end.  Then added a pinecone and some
cranberries to each plate.

Since I have never used fresh cranberries before I 
wasn't quite sure how long they would last so I tried
to look it up online and I found where a florist used
them as a base for flowers,  so of course, they used
water,  so I did that too,  and it has been over a week
and they are still looking great!

Didn't realize until I saw this picture that it looked
almost like a snowman's face. Wasn't trying to
create whimsy,  it just happened! lol
Too bad, I didn't realize it before cause
I could have made the other cranberries
into a mouth!! 

I actually just grabbed some cranberries and put
them on the plate and let them land where they landed.
This shot looks like Mr. snowman is peeking at you!

This is done in photoshop's colored pencil

This is done in their posterized affect!
Both are favorites!

With the lights out!

I always take too many pictures, because sometimes
I wind up getting some bad ones or miss something,
 and have to go back and take more, or just miss out!
But.........then I have a hard time picking the pics,
so I wind up with lots..........Sorry about that!
all was not lost on my playing, I just changed the
tablecloth and put this one under the tree, and
replaced it with a solid burgundy and the same
centerpiece,  and we have enjoyed it very much!

Hope you are having a delightful day!
I am feeling very well today,  my back 
has finally healed and I feel great,  and
 so thankful that I can get on with life.... 
a lil quicker than I have
been able to the last few days. lol

I am linking up to Susan over at between 
naps on the porch,  and if you want to
 check out tons of lovely and creative
 tablescapes, just click here.  You can
 get some really great ideas for your own
 Christmas tablescape.  I still have another
 one I need to create for Christmas dinner,
so I will be looking for inspiration, as well.

Love, Hugs,  and 
Cranberry Blessings!



  1. While it is very interesting to see tablescapes, I'm afraid I don't spend nearly the creative effort on it that you do. I HAVE tried in the past, but just can't quite come up with the variety that y'all do! Sometimes I feel guilty....mostly I just feel admiration for you and others LIKE you :)

    Glad you're feeling better.

  2. It does look like a snowman! I actually have several things that I've used for both tablecloths and treeskirts! I think anything goes for a treeskirt if it is the right color! I love, love the green goblets. I'm really into colored glassware and interesting flatware these days (not that I have any colored glassware, but I keep looking at it)!

    Hope things are coming together at your house. We are preparing to visit our daughter in a few days, so I have had to get things done. Other than my Christmas cards, I think I'm ready. I didn't get the entertaining done that I'd hoped, but something had to give!

  3. Terrific rich colors, the burgundy and sage green. Simple use of cranberries and pinecones is an inspired idea. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  4. I CAN see Mr. Snowman's face in the plate!!! That's funny how that just happened by accident!!! Good eye on matching up the green napkins with the same design as the tablecloth/tree skirt! It turned out great!

  5. Nellie, this is a darling table.. Love that your tree skirt is on the table! The napkins are perfect match and make it all look very festive.. Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  6. How clever, the snowman's face, for using your pinecones and cranberries. The tree skirt as a tablecloth is lovely and the color is beautiful with all your centerpiece greenery. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  7. So pretty. I just love ribbon and how you got it to look so pretty. The cranberries added a beautiful touch too. I have seen that done before. Not only are you creative but you must have good patience too......

    Thanks for sharing and Have a Merry Christmas!
    Love Janet

  8. Thanks for sharing.. What a pretty table. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate it.

  9. The table cloth is BEAUTIFUL! Is there one big enough for you table? I have always love your green goblets! It always looks like they have crystals around the bottom and one big crystal at the base of the glass!

  10. Oh I do love the shade of green in your pretty goblets. Such a pretty table you've set. Thanks for your sweet visit too.


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