Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Christmas Brunch and dinner 2011 - Hope you all had a nice Christmas!

Hello there...... Sweet Friends,

Feels like ages since I have posted and heard
from many of you,  course, I know why???
All for the same reasons you haven't heard

So how was your Christmas???
Wonderful, and Delightful,  I hope!

Have to say ours was really Wonderful, and
we made a full day of it!!  Scott,  Megan and
Susan all arrived about 10:30,  and we snacked
a bit,  got some coffee,  then opened gifts,  had
 brunch, and yakked until 3:00 when Dee and 
Jerry arrived. (they were at Jerry's  parents in the 
morning for brunch,  and had a nice time there).  
We had to open gifts with them pretty quickly
once they got here, since Scott and Megan had
 to leave at 4 P.M.,  to go to her Uncle's house
 for dinner.
We had dinner here, then we played "Win,
 lose or draw" for awhile,  then watched the 
Disney animated "Christmas Carol" movie.
  It was great, and so was our day,
A day full of joy,  as always!!

Hubby and I have just been lounging around
the last few days, so nice not to have anything
we have to do............Yeah!!

Well,  guess I had better start posting some

Decided to use a Winter village scene for a centerpiece 
since it  went with the whimsicalness of the lil gloves.

Had seen mittens a few years ago at cracker barrel that you
put your silverware in, and thought they were so cute,  but they
were $3.00 each, and more than I wanted to spend,  then this
year I found these lil kids gloves at Michaels for $1 a pair,
so I got enough for 8 people and it was only $4.00 vs
$24.00 for the glad I waited!!

I always say "Good things come to those who wait!!  lol

I found these adorable lil Christmas trees and the cat and dog
at Sears this year, half price too,  so they made a nice addition
to my snow scene.  They are all ornaments, but fortunately,
they all  stand on their own as well.

Just love the shape of the trees.......
Hubby says they look like the trees on the grinch story

The gloves came in red and green stripe.

Cut lil spode salt and peppers, the other
side has misteltoe on it.   Meant to turn one to
 the other side so you could see, and forgot!

I found these village stores about 3 or 4 years ago at old time
 pottery.  They are actually boxes that you can wrap a gift in,
  but I liked using them this way instead.

Got this sled at old time pottery probably about 8 years ago,
and it was perfect for the center of my dining room table.
It is much bigger than the pic makes it look.

A view from above!

I used green and red plaid napkins,  not easy to see with
everything piled on top!! lol

similiar pic,  but posterized, my fav affect!

A view down the table in the early morning, can
you see out the window!! 

This is a view from the window toward the 
living room area.

Notice the red chargers my friend gave me several
months back,  they looked so nice with the white dishes.

Just a lil embellishment for the back of the
chair,  bows leftover from the reception,
might as well use them!!  lol

I adore these lil mugs, I have about 6 of them, and they
just make me smile everytime I look at them.

Posterized affect!

Finally realized oh yea, this is breakfast we will be
having coffee,  so we need mugs!!  lol

With a "Cut Out" affect

All the above pics were our brunch pictures,
now I will show you just a few dinner

I used my spode Christmas dishes for din din,  these belonged
to my late Mother-in-law.  So festive!

Fortunately,  since the tablecloth didn't get mussed at
brunch I was able to just use the same centerpiece for both.
I had a plan B just in case..............................

done with a "colored pencil" affect!

I just thought this was an interesting picture,  you can see
the lil village house thru the glass and then you can see the
reflection of the Christmas tree from the goblet on the knife. 
That is the cool thing about just never know
what my show up....good or bad!!  lol

Decided to use the green napkins with a 
chocolate brown ribbon tie,  actually think
it pulls out the brown in the tree. 

and love this lil Christmas tree plate,
I used it for the butter!

Know there is way too many pictures
 but it is because I am having fun doing
 affects, and hard choosing too.  Anyway, 
 hope you had fun taking it in..................

I am linking up to Susan over at 
Between Naps on the porch and
  if you want to see more creative 
tablescapes, just click here.

Thanks for your visit,  and for all your
 nice comments................looking forward
 to hearing from you now that Christmas
is over..........................

Have a Great Day!

Love, Hugs,  and
After Christmas Blessings,


  1. Everything looks lovely and am so glad you had a lovely Chri

  2. You're thrill in entertaining is evident, Nellie. (I would run out of ideas real quick!)

  3. Oh, how beautiful in person!! I just loved the little gloves. The food was GRRRREAT (like Tony the Tiger says, ha!)

    I just love my bullet! I read the whole book and went out today and got my Pumpkin Coffer to grind, fruits and ice to make my smoothies, however it's too cold today to make one :-(

    Beautiful tables, Nellie!
    Love to you all,

  4. Hi! Just sent you an email! Love the table setting. Especially the idea of using the mittens! Christmas Day with your children sounds really lovely! Glad you had a nice time and are able to just be lazy for a few days! We're enjoying having Olivia home! Enjoy!

  5. I was thinking the same thing as your husband as I was looking at your pictures! How fun! I love the idea of gloves to hold the flatware! How clever and appropiate! Best wishes for the coming year! Hugs!

  6. I think you left me the sweetest little note I've ever received! I feel like we're best friends already!!! I adore how many pictures you post, a girl after my own heart!!! I'm excited to be your newest follower!!!

    XO,Aimee from

    PS Your mitten idea is GENIUS!!! Love it! Come visit me again soon, I need sweet friends like you in my life!!! :)

  7. Hello Nellie!
    I love your table, and what a great idea with the mitten!
    happy 2012, many blessings!


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