Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - December 8, 2011

Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.
How awesome is the Lord Most High
the great King over all the earth!
Psalm 47:1-2

Hello, Hello, Hellooooo!

Hope you didn't think I dropped off the earth
 or anything!!  lol  Just been busy doing much
 the same as you, I'd bet, if I were a betting 
woman, which I'm

Just been decorating my lil heart out, visiting
 and shopping.  All good things................

I have really enjoyed decorating my new white 
living room for Christmas.  I had hubby put
extra white lights that don't blink on our tree 
this year,  and think once he is done with that,
  I am gonna throw on tons of white plastic snow
 and call it a tree........................ 
I threaten this every year...........but think
this might actually be the year!!  lol
Hey..... It works for our church,  and the trees
are gorgeous,  so why not at home!

So how are you this Most 
Wonderful Time of the Year???? 
 Doing well, I hope,  if not,  please 
let us know so we can pray for you.
We all need prayers some time!

I feel like it has been ages since I have posted, it
has actually been a full week now.............
So will let you know a lil about what has been
going on this week.

I am thankful
that I have finished my Christmas Shopping!!
Whoo Hoo!!

Not that I didn't enjoy it,  cause I really love
 Christmas shopping,  cause I thoroughly enjoy
 buying  gifts for people!
But now I can concentrate on finishing my
decorating and the food!

I am thankful
that we got to go see all our newly weds
this week,  and their Christmas trees and
decorations.  They all did a wonderful job and 
their apts. look so homey and Christmasy!
Love that!!
They are all so adorable to watch.......

I am thankful
for one young lady at Burger King, out of quite
 a few people who acted excited and responded
 normally, when I wished her a Merry Christmas!
She excitedly answered back with
 Merry Christmas to you too!
All the rest said yea, or you too, very
 unenthusiastically, I might add! 
 I find that very sad.......................
But praise the Lord for this young lady who
probably understands the real meaning of
Christmas, and that it really is Christmas
not Happy Holidays. 

I am thankful
that it has gotten cool enough to put our
heavier duvet cover on the bed, I love the
feel of it and it is so cozy and warm.
It makes the bed feel delicious...........

and really I am just thankful to have a bed
to sleep in..........many times I think what
would it be like to have to sleep on the floor
of a mud hut, or in a hammock in a thatched
hut,  or in  a tent in Haiti, or on a park bench
or under an overpass,  Don't know about you
but none of that sounds the least bit appealing
to me!!  
So do I get a hearty AMEN on that one!!  lol

I am thankful
for pumpkin pie from Sam's.  It is my
favorite breakfast food this time of the year.
Hey, can't beat all that beta carotene,  and
I never eat the crust,  so that makes it much

I am thankful
for a neat christmas movie we got to
watch this past week,  called Christmas
with a capital "C".  It was really quite
good.  We love watching Christmas
movies,  and there are plenty of them.

I am thankful
that I got a great idea for my wardrobe off
the Nate Berkus show yesterday.  So I tried
it today and  made 2 new looking outfits.
They had a lady with just a shift type dress
and put a button up type sweater over it,
and I thought I have 2 dresses like that,
and I have a black sweater, so tried it and
it looked great with one of the dresses, and I
 also had a black sweater with white polkadots
 Jim gave me for Christmas last year,  and
it looked great with the other one,  course,
I have to have cold enough weather to wear
them now!!  lol

Love these shows that give you ideas for
all sorts of things,  they are great!!

I am thankful
for a new DVD series we got, taken from a book you
have heard me mention before,  but it is so great it
 bears repeating.  The book and DVD series is called
"Lost in the Middle, and the grace of God"
by Paul David Tripp.
Honestly, I think every Christian should read it.
and the DVD series is awesome too, so far, we just
 got it, so we have only watched about 3 segments.
It was our Christmas present to ourselves, and
what a great gift!!

I am thankful
for the encouraging phone conversation I had
with a lady at Paul Tripp ministries.  What a 
nice lady,  and what a wonderful time we had
conversing,  and sharing about God's goodness.
Wish she lived near here,  I think we would be
fast friends,  cause we are sure on the same
wave length!!  Isn't it neat how you just click
with some people...............

I am thankful
that I get to spend the afternoon with my 
daughter and the evening with a dear friend
of over 28 years.
Both bring joy to my heart!

Only the time goes too quickly!!  

I am thankful
for online shopping.  I did a lot more of that
this year,  and most of my packages are in,
just waiting on a few more.  Sweet!'

I am thankful
that I believe in a God who is in all ways
for me,  His ear is inclined to my prayers,
He is interested in anything that interests
me or is bothering me,  He will listen to me
pour out my heart to Him in Joy or Sorrow,
and comforts me when I need comforting,
He gives me wisdom and understanding and
 discipline and conviction when I need those
 too, and He loves me with an everlasting
 love,  and Best of all,  He never leaves 
me or forsakes me, and is truly the best
 friend I have ever had..........................
and His name is Jesus!

Now who couldn't love a God like that!!!
No wonder we love celebrating His birthday
so very much!!

Well,  that is my list of Thankfuls for the week,
hope you have plenty of your own,  and if not,
just look around you,  want take too long to
find someone that has worst problems than
you do.....................

Thanks so much for coming by,  it is always
a blessing to read your comments.

Hope you have a Wonderland of Faith and
Fun this Christmas Season!

Love, Hugs
and Christmas Blessings 
to you and yours,


  1. Hi Nellie

    I love your thankfuls. It just puts a warm feeling in my heart and makes me thankful for mine too.
    I am not quite done with my shopping but will be soon. I am working on Christmas cards. Not sure if I am doing a Christmas letter or not.
    I love this time of the season. It makes most people happier.
    The weather has really turned cold. I like to be cozy too. It makes it hard to get up in the morning.
    I will be back to blogging after the first of the year. I really miss it and miss you!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hearing all the good stuff going on in your life is very encouraging, Nellie!

    I've been greatly encouraged/blessed by Paul David Tripp's tweets (I "follow" him on Twitter). Sometime I'll have to look into the video set you mentioned.

  3. Hi sweetie.
    as always I enjoyed viewing your pretty photos and reading your grateful list..

    The season has me a bit rushed but I make time several times a day to make my grateful list and give thanks for my blessings and miracles..

    Since last we talked my leg has acted up a few times but its soooooo much better and I've been sleeping- I am very grateful for that.. I had a good friend remind me that if I had gotten on a ladder and fallen, I coulve been hurt permanently- so my leg issue is actually a Miracle that stopped me from harm.
    God often sends me angels and I appreciate them..
    Enjoy every moment with your family and friends and know that I am there with ya'll in spirit and always wishing you every happiness and joy this world has to offer...
    much love and blessings to You and Yours

  4. I haven't started any shopping yet! Well, just a few gifts for my sister and my best friend who is also my hairdresser. Money is a little tight this year and I keep waiting for some extra money to show up, but so far I think the money went to someone else's account! HA!!! I wish we could just celebrate without having to spend the money on gifts. Just have all the fun without shopping and worrying about what gifts to buy. Just one year! Your pictures look really pretty. Hope you're going to post pictures of the white living room with the snow! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. #1. I've got to get busy with mine. I will be cutting back due to retirement this year. I have been doing well, praise the LORD, but the new year brings me onto a new budget!
    #2. I've not done any this year. It's only me (and the dogs!) I don't need to come back and find they have had fun with the "new toys!" Ha!
    #3. It's a shame that most have no idea of our happiness even when we try to share it with them. As the Bible says, "It is as foolishness to them." For, they can't understand.
    #4. AMEN!
    #5. I love the pecan pie! Yum, yum!
    #6. There are so many on cable. I'm glad they show them more than once so that you can see them all.
    #7. I love that polyester! I have some outfits I have had for 20 years! Using different vests over the items makes me have a "different" outfit.
    #8. I have recently gotten dvd's from Charles Stanley that are great!
    #9. I have found the "click" is because of the Holy Spirit!
    #10. Sylvia and I met this last Wednesday for brunch! We have set every 2nd Tuesday each month to meet at different places!
    #11. I have bought some things in the past on-line. I still am leary of doing it too much. Just as I still am not confident to do on-line banking.
    #12. Since I have retired, my Bible reading and daily prayer has gotten much longer! Many times I find myself in conversation with the Scriptures! What a time I have with the LORD!
    I love you all very much,

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  7. Great ideas, Nellie! I love making handmade things to give. I do "Mixes in a Jar" sometimes for neighbor gifts. Love to make those -- so fun! I'm glad ya'll are in a better place this year.

  8. So happy you have all your shopping done and so early. Nice when this most special time of year isn't full of hectic and rush to steal from what we are celebrating! Nellie, you are always a breath of fresh air...such a pleasure! Ditto on #12...we are so blessed!!!


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